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Hi, I see the prices pages looks very good. I am about to buy but the sign up button on the prices pages does not take you anywhere. Is that up to us to find a plugin to either click on “sign up” that takes you to a reservation plugin?? Or do you know any? I will buy in a heart beat :)


thanks for the interest. For the sign-up button you just need to add your url to the button. :) that’s about it.


Hi, in the description of the template is a booking system mentioned, what does this mean? – reservation system for clients?

regards, Andreas

Hi Andreas,

What I mean by that is I’ve included the styling for pbbooking – booking system which is a client booking system. Read more:

The reservation system is not included with the package but once you purchase it and install it will have same styling as the template.

regards, Joel

Is this theme also available in wordpress?

Hi Libardo,

Thanks for the interest. No, at the moment, Wordpress version is not available.

regards, J


I bought the template and working on it right now. I just can’t figure out how to edit the map in the contacts. Where can i find the settings to specify the data for my location?

Thanks in advance!! Best regards Sniffles7

Hi Sniffles7,

Thanks for purchasing my item.

Navigate to extensions > module manager > filter/search for ‘Google Map’ > edit and set your coordinates. For more administrative settings of the plugin, navigate to extensions > plugin manager > filter/search for ‘google’ > edit the google maps plugin

Hope that helps. Next question, kindly ask in the forums.

regards, Joel

We want to make the main content area non transparent and give it a dark grey color. I can set the trans to 1.0 but the color is rgb 0,0,0 and I do not see where to change that.

The inspect element points to the page not to a CSS file.

Does this come from the database or a config file or something?


please open sauna_j25/layouts/template.config.php then seeach for the following code and change the rgb value to your preferred color:

$css[] .= sprintf('#mid-block, .header-divide,     .content-texture, .sheet, #bottom-block, #newsletter { background-color: rgba(0,0,0, %s); }', $this['config']->get('bg_opacity'));

Next question, kindly ask in the forums. Send me a quick message with the word ‘SUPPORT’ via my profile to activate your account.

regards, Joel

Hi there

I’m done with my Joomla site based on the Sauna theme :-)

The only weird thing is in Google Chrome… i have two modules on the front page. One custom HTML module and one is a link to an article.

In the modules text, there always appear automatically generated links on single words showing some advertising stuff. Any idea why this happens?

Thanks Sniffles

Hi Sniffles,

Glad to hear you’ve made good progress on that. Could you provide a link to your site?

regards, J

To get support, send me a quick message via my profile page with the word ‘SUPPORT’ to activate your account on my forums.

regards, Joel

Hi I have recently purchased this theme but am having some difficulties with the gallery. For the Lightbox gallery I want to link straight to a folder rather than having to type in every url for each image. To try and get around this I tried to use another Lightbox that has this feature “Art Sexy Lightbox Lite Edition”. When I tried to use this alternative it didn’t work properly and kept opening the images within the window and not within a Lightbox. Could you tell me if the Lightbox included in this template can point to a folder rather than typing each url and if so how? Failing this I will have to try and find another extension.

Many Thanks Luke

Hi Luke,

Please send me a quick message via my profile with the word ‘SUPPORT’ to activate your account on my forums where I handle all support queries.

The functionality you described is not included in the lite version of widgetkit. To link directly to a folder, you need an image gallery management extension. I’d suggest having a look at the commercial version of widgetkit:

regards, Joel

Hi Joel,

Thanks I’ll have a look at it.

Many Thanks Luke

You’re welcome, Luke :)

Hey do you know why my pics won’t display when I see them in the correct location.


Let me know how it goes.

regards, J

I got it now, Joel. Some how when I uploaded it the images got messed up. I reloaded all of them and now it works.

Glad you got it working.

Next question, kindly ask in the forums.

regards, Joel

hi,I cant edit contact form,how can I edit mail adress settings that comes on the form?

Hi mummy,

Go to Joomla admin panel > components > contacts > edit the default contact item i.e. John Q. Public and edit the details on the contact details tab.

please send me a quick message with the word ‘SUPPORT’ via my profile page to activate your account.

regards, Joel

Is multi-language support included?

Yes. Joomla supports multi-lingual features that you can install right from the admin panel > extensions > extensions manager > install languages. The template admin options description has only English translation.

regards, Joel

would this theme support and work perfectly with joomla 3.0?

Not at the moment but hopefully in the next few weeks.


i have installed the theme to joomla but cant install the extensions or anything else comes up with this JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find XML setup file im a complete novice, any place i can get a bit of help. thanks


Which extension are you trying to install? If you are new to Joomla I’d suggest using the quickstart installation labelled which has a full installation of Joomla + the demo data + all the extensions that you need to replicate my live demo.

Please also see the online documentation for more info on how to install the quickstart:

regards, Joel

Hi, I have recently bough Sauna theme and I have some question. How I can change slide picture and picture’s description on home page, home variation 1.

Thanks sir


To change the slider settings pls go to components > widgetkit > slideshows tab > select the home slider to edit then change the images and captions as per your preferences.


Thank you for your quickly response, I have revised content and adjusted new pictures by following from your recommendation.

Thank you again.

You’re welcome. :)

Next question kindly ask in the forums. To activate your account kindly send me a quick message with the word ‘SUPPORT’ via my profile.

Have a good day. regards, Joel

Hi Beautifull template…. Before buy it I would like to ask few questions…. 1 – Is this template upgradable to future version of warp? ( I mean can I change only the warp folder with the newest one? ) 2 – Can I do the same with others plugins (like widgetkit and zoo)? 3 – To costumize the template do I have to make a new style for custom css sheet as I do usually when I work with yootheme templates, or you suggest something different for this one? Thanks

Hi emanuelechiari,

Thanks for the interest.

1. Yes it is. You only need to reserve the warp/config folder which has a custom color picker for the template settings.

2. Yes you can.

3. You can create your own profile and customize it to your own liking or set all your customization in custom.css.

regards, Joel

Theme is awesome!!!

I don’t use joomla or wordpress. Need HTML5 theme, is that coming for this version or any possibilities ?

Hi vetrich,

Thanks for the compliment. I’m afraid, I don’t have any plans to make HTML5 version of my themes. :(

regards, Joel

Yeah i can understand. I have already made up my website, not joomla or anything, its own customized coding. Even if i buy from you, i cannot use that joomla code. I may use your font style, page layout style, color theme – may look similar to your theme.

so I only need images and psd file or permission to use the color theme and page layout. what shall we do for it.

The psd files are included with the Sauna Joomla template.

regards, Joel

How do I change the language of this frame?


Navigate to extensions > module manager > filter for ‘About our Company’ > edit the module and set the title to your language.

regards, Joel

Ok Why is my site load time around 30 Seconds? I have Ipage hosting, What can I do to speed this up. Even the admin panel has a long load.

When I use wordpress or even a different joomla template, the load times are 5 sec… Is there something im missing with this template? thats the site.

In template settings, you can enable compression and set the option to ‘Combination + Minify + Data URIs + Gzip’.

regards, Joel