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Is there a way to make it where certain modules only show up on the mobile version, and ones that only show up on the computer version?

Hi ,

You could use the following css classes. The CSS classes hidden-desktop, em>hidden-tablet and hidden-phone can be used to hide content in desktops, tablets (ipad) and mobiles respectively. Just use them to hide content for the specific device. Example code

<div classs="hidden-phone">This DIV element and its text are hidden on phones.</div>

regards, Joel

Works perfect! Thanks!

You’re welcome :)

Is this template utf-8 compatible? If no, then how can i fix it? Thank You!


Yes it is. (If you mean the encoding defined in the head) you can check it by viewing the code generated on my demo site, which has this line:

<meta charset="utf-8" />

regards, Joel

For support, please send me a quick message via my profile page with the word ‘SUPPORT’ to activate your account on my forums.

kind regards, Joel

Just Fyi. It would be nice to be able to set the Color-block background to none…

Thanks. I’ll add that in the next update :)

Don’t know if you had tried this out, but you can use the mod-transparent module class suffix to get a transparent block. Is that what you were referring to?

Hello, I really loved this template, great job. I’m having a little problem, hope you can help me. Social Icons are only showing in 1 page, how can I make them show in every article? My site is

Tanks a lot

Hi foxvor,

Really nice work you’ve done there. I’m impressed. :) For the social icons (I believe you are referring to the ones appearing on the articles) they are configured to appear on blog layout only, and not on every article.

If you’d want to add social icons to every article, you may want to check out a 3rd party plugin on

regards, Joel

Hi. I like the design but it has far too many features for what I need. Is there a way i can get a simplified version please?

I am a professional masseuse. Im looking to be able to add my own logo/company name, a page where I can write about me, a page about my services, a page where i can add clients feedback, a page of images, a page of prices, a contact page and a pull down menu where I can add other masseuses and their details

Hope you can help

Hi nuxes,

Thanks for your interest on my item.

At the moment, I’m afraid I may not be available to do the customization for you. The best I could recommend is, find a Joomla web designer who could turn off the settings you don’t need in the theme since most of what you don’t want is a matter of disabling them in the administrator back-end, and nothing sophisticated.

regards, Joel


I would like to install new fonts (some of the caracters that we use in Slovenia are not supported in the fonts that are installed in the template). How do I do that?

regards, Klemen

Hi Klemen,

please see this link on how to add additional fonts to the template:

Next question, kindly ask in the forums.

regards, Joel

I am pretty sure I read PBBooking was style ready on this template, The calendar is not looking so good. fix? I will sign up with your support site soon, so i don’t have to keep commenting


Yep you’re right the styling is included. I’ve just installed it to test and all looks ok on my side. Kindly log in to the forums and attach your css/extensions.css on a new topic then we can take it from there.

regards, Joel

Would love to once excepted. Thanks!


I’ve activated your account now. Past midnight here, so I’ll check on it in the morning.


Hello. Really like the template. Is it safe to say you can change the cursor back to the standard version and not the black version? Thanks

Sure it is possible. Via the template admin settings :)

Is there a way I can only change the testimonials font? not the overall heading font?

Yes you can. Add this to custom.css then set the font as it seems fit:

blockquote, blockquote p {
font-size: 25px !important;


Hi Arrowthemes,

I have almost 90% done on Sauna theme, but I still get some trouble about Gallery; the small picture can’t display in IE browser. It seem the picture is always loading.

Please kindly check by following this step; Page > Gallery

About IE browser Version 9

It work well if you use Firefox or Chrome browser.

Thank you for your kindly help.

Hi Pattama,

Sorry but it seems you created a ticket in the wrong support forum. Here’s my support forum:

Please send me a quick message via this page ( with the word ‘SUPPORT’ to activate your account on my forum.

regards, Joel

Hi Joel, I verified my email; but I have kept await for your confirmation. Please kindly check.

Hey pattama,

I did activate your account (the one you registered with your hotmail address). Seems you had registered two other accounts, if I’m not mistaken.

Let me know if you need any further help.

regards, Joel

Sorry for additional question, how I can change the link at social icons at page-footer.

Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter


Hey pattama,

To get to the template settings, log in to your Joomla backend, navigate to Extensions > Template Manager then click on the Sauna_j25 template to access the template settings.

regards, Joel

Yes, I went the right place as you informed; but I can’t see “Social tap”. What I see are Template Master Files and Stylesheets.

Am I missing something?


When you click on the template to edit, you should be able to see the admin options as shown here:

Then click on the third tab ‘Social’ to edit the social icons. If you can’t still figure it out, kindly post in the forums and I can try post a screenshot with more information

regards, Joel

Hi! i’m very interested in this template but just wondering if comes with a light style?


Thanks for the interest.

I’ve not included a light theme in the package but I guess it’s not hard to realize that with a few tweaks, based on this example:

regards, Joel

Hey Genshim,

I eventually decided to add the light version of the theme to the next update – to be released in the next couple of days ;)

regards, Joel

Hi there,

Wondering if you have any intention of upgrading this to work with Joomla 3.0? I am hoping to start building a new site soon but as development will take a few months wanted to start with the latest version of Joomla instead of 2.5. Thanks in advance

Hi Recedo,

Yes I am. Some really nice updates coming as well + Joomla 3.0 quickstart. This is what I’m currently working on now and hopefully should be ready by morrow, latest Wednesday. ;)

regards, Joel

hi, is there any way i can get help downloading..i am getting error message…Warning JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find XML setup file

are you all on holiday weekends?

Sorry I don’t work on weekends

Hi, I did activate your account on the forums. If you do have any questions, kindly open a new thread on the forum and we can take it from there.

regards, Joel

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing the new updated version, any preview of when it should be out? Thanks and congrats

But I don’t think that would make it for the Mon/Tue release…btw you can select and change the colors from a color picker in the backend so it would be easier for you to do it and pick the colors you want ;)

regards, Joel

Hi Joel, any idea of when the new version will be released?

Hi, I’m really positive its going to be this week. You could check back in the next two days or so.

regards, Joel

Any news on the joomla 3.0 update????

Hi Marjolenintje18,

I know I’ve ran over my previous target of having it ready this week, (sorry about that) let me do the best I can to have it ready by next week Mon/Tue.

Thanks for your patience.

regards, Joel

Thanks Joel!!!!

Is today going to be the release? its Tuesday.

Sorry for wearing your patience out. I don’t think it will be ready by today, but I’m really close – couple of things to wrap up and submit it for review. Worst case, give it some 48 hrs and you’ll have it.

regards, Joel

2 days have passed and I’m really sorry that I’m not so close to finalize as I thought I would be, but I’m getting closer. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Rather than promise another deadline, I’d suggest I give it my utmost dedication and time so that I can have it ready in the STP (shortest time possible)

regards, Joel

Thanks for the update.

Hi Joel, great job ;)

there is some problems with the galleries and internet expl, can you help me? the previews do not load..


Sorry for the delay. I’ve activated your account now.

regards, Joel

Thank you Joel!

You’re welcome. ;)

Hi its possible to change the color to purple and the green icons in purple? BR

Yep, that is possible. You can do so via the template settings. The next version (due next week) also comes with a light variation.

regards, Joel