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Nice style, congrats, wish you the best with sales :D

Thank you very much! :)

thanks :)

Great Design , Good luck with Sales Bro :)

Thank you :)

Good morning—

The style sheet is telling me that it is not included and therefore the theme can not upload. Can you help?



Good morning Wayne,

Thank you.

I guess you are trying to install this template as a Wordpress theme ? But this is not a Wordpress theme template so that wouldn’t work. This template works without any CMS.


Great template, clean and lovely..

btw, any chance you can add testimonial/wishes section to this template?


Thank you :)

As for adding new sections to this template – unfortunately, we’re not planning that in the nearest future.

another thing, where will the rsvp information sent to?

To an email address that you set (it’s explained in the documentation that comes with the theme).

Dear seller, what is necessary to use this theme? Just HTML and JS without any CMS backend?

Hi, exactly. No CMS backend.

I saw in the description that something in PHP would come together. Could you please confirm that? Also, should I need a DB or the content is statically defined on HTML?

It’s a static HTML page, no DB. There is some PHP just for the contact form.

Hi, I’m having problems adjusting the position of individual navigation links. How is the space between the primary navigation links defined? I’ve added two more pages to the primary navigation and need to restyle it. I know how to position the entire navigation container but not each navigation link. I understand how to change the position of each underlined effect that moves to its hovered position but cannot find anything specific on the navigation positioning.

Thank you for your time!


Hi PeHaa!

Lines 585-599 control the line hovering effect which I understand. My problem is only the navigation. I’ve added a few pages to the navigation and need to edit the positioning of the primary nav. I did not find any code up to 627 that would effect the navigation.

Is there any certain lines in the CSS which effect the positioning of the navigation. Sorry I made the question confusing.. All I’m trying to achieve is equal sized spacing between the primary navigation links.

The current version of my site is up so you can understand how my navigation positioning is off. Specially when the browser is down-sized. The spacing is better in firefox but really off in Safari/Chrome.

Thank You Again for Your Time!

Hi Bryce,

For the hovering effect you need to set the width of each link (in your case, indeed, 100px is to much).

I suggest you to decrease its width to 90px (line 571) as well as add font-size:.75em; and set “padding:1em 0;” instead of “padding: 0.75em 0;” (line 568).

The effect’s style would also need tweaking:

.nav-container a:nth-child(2):hover ~ .effect, .nav-container a:nth-child(2).active ~ .effect {
    left: 45px; }
  .nav-container a:nth-child(3):hover ~ .effect, .nav-container a:nth-child(3).active ~ .effect {
    left: 135px; }
  .nav-container a:nth-child(4):hover ~ .effect, .nav-container a:nth-child(4).active ~ .effect {
    left: 225px; }
  .nav-container a:nth-child(5):hover ~ .effect, .nav-container a:nth-child(5).active ~ .effect {
    left: 315px; }
  .nav-container a:nth-child(6):hover ~ .effect, .nav-container a:nth-child(6).active ~ .effect {
    left: 405px; }
  .nav-container a:nth-child(7):hover ~ .effect, .nav-container a:nth-child(7).active ~ .effect {
    left: 495px; }
  .nav-container a:nth-child( 8 ):hover ~ .effect, .nav-container a:nth-child( 8 ).active ~ .effect {
    left: 585px; }
  .nav-container a:nth-child(9):hover ~ .effect, .nav-container a:nth-child(9).active ~ .effect {
    left: 675px; }

I tested your site’s navigation with these settings and it works pretty well.



Thank you very very much! This did the fix. I really appreciate the help and actual code. You are amazing!

Thank You Again PeHaa!

Thanks for the wonderful theme! I’ve used it for my wedding site at ... One problem though, a lot of people have been telling me that the form doesn’t work for them. I’ve tried testing a lot but I can’t seem to reproduce the problem. Is there a way to disable the form validation? Maybe folks are mistyping and missing the error cues.


Thank you very much! What kind of problem do they have ? You could consider limiting the validation – but disabling it completely is not a good solution.


Im having the same problem as Rachitdayal … the form is simply not responding… any help with this? i sent you an email as well.. thanks!


Thank you for purchasing our theme. Please send us your site url.



thank you for this very nice template!

I have some questions regarding the embedded google maps functionality: - How can I set the default zoom level (I’d like to preset to be zoomed further out)? - The maps show up with no zoom controls and the streetview ragdoll icon is broken (on current chrome+win7). How can this be fixed?

Thanks for your help!


Thank you very much for purchasing Save the Date.

1) Please open save_the_date.js. In lines 106-110 you’ll find
map = new GMaps({
                el: map_container,
                lat: _lat,
                lng: _lng
just add the zoom parameter like that: (it’s 15 by default)
map = new GMaps({
                el: map_container,
                lat: _lat,
                lng: _lng,
        zoom: 20
Save the file, copy its content and paste (best if compressed, you may use some on-line tool) to save_the_date-ck.js 2) Yes, this is a bug, thank you for reporting it. Please add in the stylesheet you’re using
.my_map img {max-width:none}

Thanks again, Best, PeHaa THEMES

I noticed that not all of the slider images share the same parallax style. I would like to have all my slider images in the parallax style, so that the framing surrounding it passes through the image as the viewer scrolls down the page.


Thank you for purchasing Save the Date. Just add the class “fixed” to the

  • in the slider.

    Best, PeHaa THEMES

  • Hi there I’m trying to add a new field to the contact form and validate the field. It’s a math captcha field e.g. What is 9 X 2 ?. I can’t get the jquery addclass to work, I’m just trying to copy the other field code e.g. the email field. Can anyone help?

    How can I change the color of the countdown timer? I want the numbers to display in one color and the labels in another. I tried to make the change in the “red.css by inserting: #f88484;}” but that didn’t work. Any suggestions? Thanks.


    Please check this screenshot See the lines added color:red and color:green.

    Best, PeHaa THEMES

    Thanks, this helped a lot!

    Btw, it only works if the two titles match:

    .header h2 .timer span{ color: green;}

    I’ve another issue/challenge regarding the contact form. I’ve been testing it before I launch the site and it’s not working. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong, as I’ve followed all the instructions in your documentation, I’ve contacted the hosting company about the correct forwarding of my email address, and I even receive a ‘thank you’ once the test message is completed through the contact form. However, nothing arrives in my Inbox (not even spam). What am I doing incorrectly? I’ve sent you a message a few days ago, but am still waiting for a response. Please help! Thanks!


    We sent you 2 emails today. I guess you didn’t receive any.

    Everything seems right while sending an email – we’ve checked the server response, it’s ok. First, are you sure you checked your spam folder ? Next, check with you hosting provider – they should be able to monitor what happens.

    Your menu label “Trauung & Hotels” is very long, the menu underline effects works with menu items of the same width, setting it large enough for T&H makes the menu too wide. Maybe try to find sth shorter to replace T&H, other solution might be to make separate menu items targeting the same section “Trauung”, “Hotels”.

    Not sure what you meant by your last comment “if the two titles match” ?

    Best, PeHaa THEMES

    I never received any of those messages from you, sorry. For sure, I checked my spam folder and nothing was there. I also contacted my hosting service and they said I need to set-up an email account to handle contact forms and not simply use my email address, which seems strange (is that true?). Separating the two menu items is fine, but there should be the option to just increase width. For the rest, I’ve sent you another message via your profile, so let’s continue this via private message. Thank you!


    Yes, some hosting providers requires that the mail domain is the same as your site domain, otherwise the mails are broken. It that’s the case – you’d have to follow their instructions and set-up a new email account.

    TWO issues as of right now. The first would be the timer doesn’t reflect the wedding date although I followed the directions given in the documentation. The second issue is the RSVP form does not send to email… I used my own email address to test it and it did not work, although I followed the instructions. My hosting provider is “” Thank you for your time.

    I ended up substituting the timer with another code. For the RSVP, I realized it wasn’t working because there is ’#’ where ‘send.php’ should be in the index.html ‘RSVP’ section.

    <form action=”#” method=”post”> WRONG <form action=”send.php” method=”post”> FIXED

    Okay, fixed the rest of the problem like this:

    <script src=”javascript/libraries-ck.js”></script> <!- custom js class -> <script src=”javascript/save_the_date-ck.js”></script>

    <script src=””></script> <!- custom js class -> <script src=””></script>

    I’ve been tired and slow lately… but I noticed other users had the same problem so I thought I would share to save the sellers the trouble.


    Is it ok for Joomla?


    No, “Save the Date” is a static page template.


    PeHaa THEMES

    Hi PeHaa!

    I’m having trouble with the countdown timer in the Save the Date theme. Is there any way to control the time with AM & PM. When I try to add an afternoon time it shortens the time thinking the time is in the morning. I went through javascript/save_the_date-ck.js but couldn’t find anything related to this. I’ve also tried adding javascript with it but haven’t had any success. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You for Your Time


    Thank you for purchasing “Save the Date”. You can use the 24 hours base. If you set
    weddingDate: "2014/11/30, 11:00",
    weddingDate: "2014/11/30, 23:00",
    there is 12 hours of difference.

    Best, PeHaa THEMES

    Hi PeHaa!

    Thank you very much for the information. I didn’t realize I should of been using military time. You’re the best!

    Thank you for such outstanding support!!!

    Great template! Easy to use etc.. Having issues with a small tweak.. Is there any way to make the guest drop down work when either box is checked?



    Thank you very much.

    You’ll have to modify the .js file. Note that the template uses the compressed save_the_date-ck.js You can modify the uncompressed version, compress (with or alike) it and paste the code to save_the_date-ck.js

    You ‘ll have to modify the lines 224-228
    $("#check-reception:checked, #check-ceremony:checked").parent().parent().next("#guests").show();
            $("#check-reception, #check-ceremony").change(function () {
                        if ( $(this).is(':checked') && ! $(this).parent().siblings().find('input[type="checkbox"]').is(':checked') ) {
                        if ( ! $(this).is(':checked') && ! $(this).parent().siblings().find('input[type="checkbox"]').is(':checked') ) {
    and then below (initially line 241) change
    reception = $("#check-reception").is(':checked'),
    reception = $("input[type='checkbox']").is(':checked'),


    PeHaa THEMES

    I’m trying to use the RSVP, but I’m not getting any email.

    Could you help me please?


    <form action="send.php" method="post">
                                <h3>Quais eventos você esta confirmando?</h3>
                                <div class="checkbox">
                                    <input type="checkbox" name="check-ceremony" id="check-ceremony" >
                                    <label for="check-ceremony">Eu (nós) iremos para Cerimônia.</label>
                                <div class="checkbox">
                                    <input type="checkbox" name="check-reception" id="check-reception" >
                                    <label for="check-reception">Eu (nós) iremos para festa.</label>
                            <fieldset id="guests">
                                <h3>Quantos convidados?</h3>
                                <input type="text"  id="adults" name="adults" placeholder="Quantidade de aduldos confirmados?*">
                                <input type="text"  id="children" name="children" placeholder="Quantidade de crianças confirmadas?">
                                <h3>Informações Pessoais:</h3>
                                <input type="text" id="name" name="name" placeholder="Seu nome*">
                                <input type="email" id="email" name="email" placeholder="Seu e-mail*">
                                <textarea name="message" class="form-message" id="message" placeholder="Gostaria de deixar uma mensagem?"></textarea>
                            <input type="submit" class="submit" id="send" value="Enviar">


    $YourEmailAddress = ""; //enter your e-mail address here, ex. $YourEmailAddress = ""; 
    //  SEND
    // ----------------------------------------------------------------
    // Do not edit beyond this point if you are not familiar with php
    // ----------------------------------------------------------------
    $post = (!empty($_POST)) ? true : false;
    if($post) {
        $ceremony =  (isset($_POST['check-ceremony'])) ? "I (we) will" : "I (we) will not";
        $reception =  (isset($_POST['check-reception'])) ? "I (we) will " : "I (we) will not";
        $email = trim($_POST['email']);
        $name = trim($_POST['name']);
        $adults = (!empty($_POST['adults'])) ? trim($_POST['adults'])  : "0" ;
        $children = (!empty($_POST['children'])) ? trim($_POST['children'])  : "0";
        $message = stripslashes($_POST['message']);
        $message_text = "From: $email";
        $message_text.= " - ".$name."<br />";    
        $message_text.= $ceremony. " be attending the ceremony.<br />";
        $message_text.= $reception. " be attending the reception.<br />";
        if (isset($_POST['check-reception'])) {
        $message_text.= "Number of guests (adults) : $adults <br />";
        $message_text.= "Number of guests (children) : $children <br /><br />";
        $message_text.= $message;
      $mail = mail($YourEmailAddress,"RSVP ", $message_text, "from: $from <$YourEmailAddress>\nReply-To: $YourEmailAddress \nContent-type: text/html");            
                    if ($mail)
                    echo 'success';
                    echo 'error';                    


    Hey Pehaa, i found something about in the help of my host.

    Attention! The mail () function has some peculiarities related to the message header so we recommend that the header follow the pattern below:
    LocawebRevenda Windows
    A quebra de linha para utilizar no cabeçalho deve ser "\r\n" 
    // O remetente deve ser um e-mail do seu domínio conforme determina a RFC 822.
    // O return-path deve ser ser o mesmo e-mail do remetente.
    $headers = "MIME-Version: 1.1\r\n";
    $headers .= "Content-type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1\r\n";
    $headers .= "From:\r\n"; // remetente
    $headers .= "Return-Path:\r\n"; // return-path
    $envio = mail("", "Assunto", "Texto", $headers);
     echo "Mensagem enviada com sucesso";
     echo "A mensagem não pode ser enviada";

    Here were i found!

    I know that is in portuguese but i gonna marry in 80 day hehe, and i need to fix just this.

    Help me please!

    Thank you very much!

    Pehaa, forget abou this.

    I make what the manual sad and now its working!

    Thanks anyway for the attention.



    Hi Marvinzen,

    Glad it’s working. Have a wonderful married life :)

    PeHaa THEMES

    Hi, I’ve just purchased, it looks very good… i have some questions… 1- My site is in Turkish language, how can i solve the font problems for the letters Ü, ?, ?, ?, Ç, Ö and the others?

    2- How can i change the word “in” which is at the begining of the timer?

    to be continued :)


    Thank you for purchasing Save the Date.

    You might need to replace the default font by the one that supports all Turkish character. You can check it for each google font.

    To replace the “in” you have to modify the javascript/save_the_date-ck.js (you have it uncompressed version in javascript/save_the_date.js). If you edit the uncompressed file replace the “in” in line 187 (setCountDown function), save, compress and paste into save_the_date-ck.js).


    PeHaa THEMES