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I’ve two small adaptations that I need help on. The first is how can I change the background color of the checkbox in the contact form and/or the color of the checkmark? Ideally, I would like to have a checkbox with a white background and a black checkmark. Secondly, how can I ensure that only one checkbox can be marked at a time? Currently, visitors can mark the first checkbox and then also mark the second checkbox without the first mark disappearing. This doesn’t seem correct.

p.s.- my site is active, so I can send you the link privately if you like. Thanks.

...anyone home??? I will get my private developer to fix this bug I mentioned above, but you should update this on the next version.

I hired my private developer to make the changes to the checkbox, which cost me $120 via oDesk. This is something that you really need to fix for the future…along with your response time.

Hi, I am thinking about purchasing the item but in order to do so, I need to know if all characters can be formatted (changed). For instance, I live in Costa Rica and need the invitation/save-the-date to be in spanish so in order to do so, I need to know that I can customize it as a spanish version. Help

Hello, I have to say that I love this design so much, but you should double check the files you gave us. I can`t install this theme to my website and it keeps saying that “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” Please help, thanks.


This is not a WordPress Theme and you’re trying to install it on WordPress.



OK, thanks for your reply, so what kind of website this theme can use for?

I have known how to use it from the old comments :)

hey! hope you’re doing great. I intend to use this amazing template on an existing domain for my wedding invitation website. Can you tell me the server requirements for this template. Thanks! Cheers!


Thank you very much. There are no special requirements. The only issue that may occur is the mail sending with the contact form. Make sure that your server configuration allows you to send mails using php mail function.



PeHaa, Love the theme. Very clean.

I bought for my own engagement, and my fiancee is having me add a blog via Wordpress in a subdirectory. I’m pretty new at HTML stuffs. I tried adding a link to the blog, and it displays, but the navigation doesn’t work unless I right-click to open. Can you help me out why that might be the case and where I need to make changes to have the link function properly?

Thanks, JF

Hi Jeremy,

Thank you very much. You just have to add the blog link without the ‘to-scroll’ class, i.e.
<a target="_blank" href="">Blog</a>

Lots of love for you and your fiancee,



Thanks! It seems so simple. I truly appreciate you taking the time to help.

Hello, I am trying to install this theme on my WordPress. Version 4.2.2. But the installation faild because the “style.css” is missing. This the log installation :

“The archive it does not reach Could Be Installed . Missing File style.css themed EC. The installation of a theme of Failed .”

Could you fix it ? Please. Best Regards

Hi, Unfortunately this is not a WordPress theme and will not work with WordPress. It’s just a static html site.



Hi, I like this landing page. But there are some questions.

1. How to put the “gallery” on the page? I do not use the Menu Toolbar.

2. I find the form does not work, where the data is stored?

3. Can I change the “mail box” to “phone numbers”? And can only be filled “number”?

Hi, I tried to connect, the login/password worked but the listing of files was empty. You should probably send me the server name also, I used

Anyway, I can see that the var reg … modification is still not done, please modify
var reg = /^([A-Za-z0-9_\-\.])+\@([A-Za-z0-9_\-\.])+\.([A-Za-z]{2,4})$/;
 var reg = /^[\d\s\-\+\(\)]+$/;

Best, PeHaa THEMES

I think i was modifeid save_the_date_.js for var reg = /\.">\@([A-Za-z0-9_\\.])\.([A-Za-z]{2,4})$/; to var reg = /[\d\s\-\\(\)]$/;

And i was resend ftp account.


I did some modifications and it seems to work now. For one of the tests I replaced your email by mine and I successfully received an email.

Best, PeHaa THEMES


I need some help regarding the rendering of the “save the date template” on mobile devices. In a normal browser the site renders perfect but when you view it on a mobile device it bleeds over the footer section. Can you please tell me what to change in the css to correct the problem.

Test site url:

Regards Nic


you need to modify the line 382 in your red.css file and change
max-height: 1200px;
to some higher number, like
max-height: 1600px;



Hello, I love your theme Save the date. Here’s my actual website, but still needs some work (photos & text modifications).

I’m trying to figure out a way to have a full width section Google Map that adds up under the ceremony section instead of the actual mini map. I like the idea of it to collapse when you click on the link to see the map, but if it’s not possible, a fixed and constant map would be great too. My idea looks like this: but I would like it to be in black and white, and collapsible as it is already on your template.

Thanks in advance for your help.

And a final request, the background image pattern does not show on Safari only (sections about & registry), but works on any mobile device or any other browsers. How can we fix that? Once again, thanks a lot !

We’ve checked it on a desktop Safari (both retina and standard) and it works fine – what’s your OS and Safari version?

Safari 9.1, OS 10.11.4

I also have a problem with my contact form. When the first check box is checked (which means the person will attend), everything works fine and the email is sent as expected, with all its expected content. But when we select and check the second box (meaning we will not attend), nothing happens when the pressing the submit button. I’ve been working 12h on this… Please help!

Thanks, at what line should I put this in my code and where do I include the label line too?


you can add it right above the if (reception) ... part. In the css that we sent you we added the line with the label.error styling – you should probably change the styling for something that match your design.

Best, PeHaa THEMES

Thanks so much!

Hi again, how can I modify the map height in function of the screen resolution? I was able to modify the width, but not the height because map < div line that I have no idea how to modify and when I do so, the height remains the same and does not change in function of the screen resolution. Thanks in advance!

It’s not in function of the window height, but more in function of the screen resolution. For example, a smaller height map div on a mobile device would be more appropriate than on a full desktop view. I was able to modify the width like I said, bu not the height and your code does not work :(



There was a missing closing “}” at the end of your red.css, that’s why adding new styles didn’t work propertly – please check it now: If you don’t like the viewport width approach you can replace it with some media queries like for example:
.my_map > div {height:300px}
@media only screen and (min-width: 1024px) {
.my_map > div {height:600px}

Best, PeHaa THEMES


I am interested in purchasing this for my upcoming wedding. How is it used? Do I need to have a website and install this theme to it? I am new to HTML so please understand my ignorance.


Thank you very much for your interest in our themes.

Yes. You’ll need a hosting and a domain name. With the ftp access you’ll have to upload the template files once modified. You’ll have to modify the html files in some code editior or a simple text editor.

Please note that we also have a WordPress wedding site template – in that case you install WordPress, the theme (, upload the wedding demo and modify it with the page builder not touching to code.

Best, PeHaa THEMES

Hello! I need some help about the customization of “save the date” theme:

1- I did not find where I can change the color of each text in the page …

2- I would like to leave this half-circle more larger… 3- I am also unable to leave the text box menu and elsewhere, increased to fit more text …

4- how i can translate my theme?

5- The send button dont works, what i do?


I translated almost all that I need, but I do not find the line to translate a word in particular:

I need to change this word “IN” to “EM”...

Thank u, for support!


the “in” is in the javascript file (yes, we should change it), you could change it yourself, but your page links the its minified version. We changed in to em and minified the file for you – download this file , unzip it and replace the javascript/save_the_date-ck.js file with the new one.

Best, PeHaa THEMES


It works great! :D

Thanks for all support.