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I purchased this theme through my membership at another Wordpress theme site but I can’t find any of the slider options. I purchased this with my FWPThemes membership… how do I find the purchase code in order to access the support forums? I sent an e-mail a couple days ago using your Author Profile page here about this but didn’t get a response.


Hi there,

This website is a scam – FWPThemes. It distributes our themes illegally and has already been reported to the authorities. Hope you can get your money back (demand a chargeback from your CC company if needed!). Our themes are exclusively sold only here on ThemeForest, needless to say you will need to purchase a license from here if you need to use our theme and take advantage of our support.

Thank you for the insight. I apologize for being part of a scam such as this…. it was not my intention. I’ll be doing a chargeback if nothing else.

Great, I submitted a DMCA notice and our theme was taken down from there, let us know if you need our further support in any way! :)

minify does not work with MaxCDN please help…


What does that have to do with the theme? :)


relisys Purchased

Hi. My contact page Google Map stopped showing.

Where the map should be, it says: Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.

I looked at the console and this is what it shows.

Please tell me what to do to fix this.


Hi there! Obviously Google changed their Google Maps to require an API key now for new domains. Check this article:

Basically create your API key and add it in your contact.php template like so: Change this:

To this:

where YOUR_API_KEY is obviously the key you generated!

Hi, I have created another template Portfolio How do I set it displays only from a specific category?


Can we disable the prettyphoto on featured images in blog posts? Prefer regular image without link to larger version.

Yes, you can remove the “mfp_popup_gal” class in the link to the image in your single.php (or override it in your child theme). :)

Thanks. There was no mfp_popup_gal class in single.php, so I just removed the anchor and the prettyphoto class from around single-feat-right. Works now, thanks.


palosas Purchased

hi! the shop page is missing and I really need it!!! HELP!

Hi there,

It’s the default Shop page with a slider on top, check your Savia Theme Options -> WooCommerce -> Static Content on top of your Shop page (great for adding sliders)

Will anything break if I replace UberMenu with another menu plugin?

Hi there,

Does Ubermenu work for you in the first place for you and what are you trying to substitute it with? URL please?

UberMenu works, but the markup and js it creates is excessive for our needs. I haven’t looked at specific substitutes yet. We def don’t need the megamenu features, just the dropdown functionality. Can I PM or email you the url?

Sure, use the profile page form and explain your case! :)

In the HTML of the theme there are 2 navigation menus – one for desktop and one for mobile, and the redundant markup is excessive. There are integration location options in the UberMenu Control Panel – do you have any documentation on settings for limiting the markup to one instance of a nav with Savia?

According to UberMenu Support, the theme can and should should be configured for one nav in markup.



When I replace the theme’s mobile menu, I see no mobile nav, although I do see the nav markup in the source

Hi, replied to you in the forum. Let’s keep the comm. there. :)

Thanks – issue sorted!

Is it possible to add a link/button to text using the ‘Image Side Text Section’ shortcode?

Hi there,

You should be able to add a button shortcode or a link to the image_featured_text section of the shortcode, yes! Give it a try! :)

Made a new shortcode, thanks!

I notice that when I disable breadcrumbs, they are still in source, but with display:none. If I want to remove the breadcrumb markup, should I remove it from template files?


Yes, it’s the first function in your \includes\boc_custom.php

Awesome, thank you.

Hi, I want to add the link for header email? How to do that through header.php

Hi there,

You can override your header.php in your Child theme, then edit it to add the links to the email (not very advisable as spambots may track it) by wrapping it in an anchor tag. So replace this:

<?php echo $header_email;?>

with this:

<a href="mailto:<?php echo antispambot(esc_html($header_email)); ?>"><?php echo antispambot(esc_html($header_email)); ?></a>

BigWorld Purchased

Hi there. Will you be releasing an update soon? Thanks much.

Hi there,

Anything you need in particular? :)