Discussion on Savoy - Minimalist AJAX WooCommerce Theme

Discussion on Savoy - Minimalist AJAX WooCommerce Theme

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Is it possible with Savoy to add to cart product variation straight from product category or shop page? Instead of linking to “select options” or “quick view” user would have possibility to quickly add to cart a variation(s). If it’s not possible, do you plan to implement such a feature?

Hello, I updated the theme, plugins, wordpress. Now, I get a critical error, if I activate woocommerce.

Hello, We haven’t had any reports of this from other users, so it’s most likely a local issue. If you message us via our profile page we can help troubleshoot. Thanks

It’s not a local issue for I installed the savoy theme on a test website with the same webhoster, which worked fine.

I also cannot change the theme on my website, I get the same critical error as with woocommerce. I deactevated all plugins, After activating only the woocommerce plugin makes the problem.

It sounds like your site’s server could have a low PHP timeout limit or low memory, like I mentioned you can message us via our profile page if you want us to look into this.


fieldrec Purchased

Hi, I need some help! Navigation seems to be partly broken: Categories, Tags and Filters keep spinning endlessly, never loading content. Single pages are loading normally. Thanks for any advice.

Hi, Could you message us from our profile page and include a URL to your site so we can look into this? Thanks

Hello, I love your theme, but I have a few questions before buying it. You offer “swatches and labels,” which is exactly what I need. However, is it possible to set a custom price based on a “variation-option”? I need different sizes to have different prices.

My second question pertains to the search functionality. Your live search looks promising, but can I add categories or tags to it, so that the search doesn’t rely solely on titles? For instance, I plan to have 40 or more brands (most likely through categories) and would like to incorporate them into the search.

Lastly, do the sidebar widgets have independent scrolling? For instance, if I have 40 categories, will these categories be displayed within a scrollable widget, or will the widget become excessively long?

Thank you!

Hello, glad you like the theme.

1. Yes it’s possible to set different prices for individual variation options.

2. Searching by Categories and/or Tags can be enabled with a few lines of code (we can help with this).

3. Yes there’s a setting available to enable a scrollbar for filter-widgets longer than a specific height.


Any plan to release Dark mood soon?

It’s already possible to change most colors via the theme’s settings panel, however there’s no plans to add a ‘switcher’ since it’s tricky to make it work well with content added by third-party plugins.


savgood Purchased

Hello, my site just crashed after the latest update. Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function wp_get_active_network_plugins() in XXXXX

Is it me or …?


savgood Purchased

Thanks for responding. I have sent a message to your profile.


savgood Purchased

Managed to resolve the issue. Apparently the theme update was incomplete with missing files. All good thanks so much.

Great, glad to hear it.


aozuas Purchased

Hi, how I set “|” as a menu separator?

Hi, You can use the code snippet below to change the category menu’s separator (add to the included child-theme’s ”../functions.php” file):

add_filter( 'nm_shop_categories_divider', function() {
    return '<span class="nm-shop-categories-divider">|</span>';
} );

aozuas Purchased

Didn’t work. Do I need to set on something in Theme Setting?


aozuas Purchased

SOLVED. I need to set in “Categories Menu”/”Layout” the option “Divided List”.

How to show shop “Filters Bar” when using Elementor to build shop page?

Hi @Tanvir741, Could you open a support ticket here so we can look into this? -make sure to provide a link to your site if it’s online. Thanks

Hi, How do I change the Twitter icon to X icon?

Hi, The new “X” logo has recently become available and will be added in the next theme update.


Koegin Purchased

Hi, I was wondering if I can get my sub categories the same as the categories? So that you also get an image with a title and how many products is in it. Hope to hear from you soon

Hi, Could you message us via our profile page so we can help with this? -make sure to include a link to your site if it’s online. Thanks


Koegin Purchased

I send an message on the profile page :)


jpvdmeer Purchased

The search engine only seems to search through the products. Is there any way to make it also search pages?

Since the search results are displayed in the shop-catalog there’s no simple way to include pages. An alternative would be to use the standard WordPress search result page, however this is less ideal for products.

When try update wp-bakery I get message “Download failed. A valid URL was not provided.”

I also tried downloading theme files from envato and can’t find plugin from files.

Try deleting the current WPBakery plugin before installing the latest version via “Appearance > Install Plugins” in the WP admin.

If you want to install the plugin manually you can find its installation file in the ”../savoy/includes/theme-plugins/” folder (the file is named “js_composer.zip”).

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme installation failed.

You have probably just tried to install the incorrect ZIP file – take a look at this page.

Hi, I am using all up to date plugins and theme and now I am getting this message:

Date: [22-Aug-2023 21:56:38 UTC] Type: PHP Warning Message: sprintf(): Too few arguments In: /home1/corru928/public_html/wp-content/themes/savoy/woocommerce/content-product_nm_results_bar.php on line 53

Will you update soon? How can I correct this problem?

Thanks, Aleph

Hi Aleph, I haven’t been able to reproduce this PHP warning (there hasn’t been any reports of it from other users either), could you message us via our profile page so we can look into this? Thanks

I still getting the error. So, just sent you a message via profile page. Thanks in advance.

Hi i’ve updated the theme and i now have an issue with the single product page not being shown properly (the whole page is small and croped) and the images on the shop page are not sharp. every where else on the page the pictures are sharp except on the shop page. can you advice please?

Hi, We haven’t had any reports of this issue (or experienced it ourselves), so this is most likely a local issue with your site. If you message us from our profile page we can help troubleshoot (make sure to include a link to your site if it’s online). Thanks

Hi, can we make a multilingual site with this theme?

Hi. Yes that’s possible, the WPML plugin is one of the most popular options for adding multi-language support.

Hello!! I love the theme. How can I translate “show more” button I can’t find the option in theme settings

Hello, glad you like the theme. You can translate this text by installing one of the included language files, or create a custom translation if your language isn’t available – more details are available in this guide.

Thanks! :)

How can i add “Additional information” on product page like on demo? i tried few things, but didnt work…

thank you for your answer… i know how it works, but it didnt wanna work, somehow i got it working, not sure what i did to get it back. But now for example when i go to atributes in order to set them or add new ones, if i choose color or image for example as type, i get two input fields for color/image. something is not quite right. it works, but its doubled there in settings.

I see, the WooCommerce attribute settings seem to be working as they should on my end, so this could be a plugin conflict. If you message us via our profile page we can look into it. Thanks

hey there, you were right, conflict with “Variation Swatches for WooCommerce”... i sent you msg about something else with higher priority if you get a chance.

Hi, it seems that when I have the Header > Menu – Login/My Account > Popup enabled, and try to checkout as a guest, the warning notices at the top of the page never show (ie Please fill in billing field, etc). Also whether logged in or not the ‘Your card number is incomplete.’ isn’t centered. Thanks

Hi, I haven’t been able to reproduce this so it’s most likely a local issue. If you message us via our profile page we can help troubleshoot. Thanks

Hi, submitted a ticket and waiting for your response. wasn’t sure if you received it.

Hi. Your ticket has been replied to, you can view it here. Cheers


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