Discussion on Savoy - Minimalist AJAX WooCommerce Theme

Discussion on Savoy - Minimalist AJAX WooCommerce Theme

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Akmal1998 Purchased

It’s really amazing theme! I have already bought several licenses for different projects. Love it))

Now I am trying to delete Woocommerce stars rating on single product page, but this action don’t work:

remove_action( ‘woocommerce_single_product_summary’, ‘woocommerce_template_single_rating’, 10 );

Do you know, how to delete it? I want to move it to another place on the page, so using CSS “display:none” don’t good idea for this situation.

Thanks. glad you like the theme :)

The code snippet below can be used to move the single product-page star rating:

add_action( 'woocommerce_before_single_product', function() {
    remove_action( 'woocommerce_single_product_summary', 'woocommerce_template_single_rating', 21 );
    add_action( 'woocommerce_single_product_summary', 'woocommerce_template_single_rating', 7 );
} );

kasen667 Purchased

Hello, is this theme using the premium plugin WPBakery Page Builder? If yes, where can we download the latest version to update it? Thanks.

Hello, Yes the WPBakery Page Builder plugin is included – you can update it via “Appearance > Install Plugins” in the WP admin (if no update is available, make sure to update the theme first).


kasen667 Purchased

great, thank you!


We are technical service team, and one of our client is using Savoy theme. For variable product, we noted there will be a lowPrice and highPrice if the price value of variation items are different, please check the screenshot to know what I mean: https://prnt.sc/GLh-DdBaO0IE

and it will also show as the following screenshot if we check it at google structured data: https://prnt.sc/DCyFS9t4GWah

According to google expert, they suggest both lowPrice and highPrice should be removed, otherwise, it will make google confused upon the price of a specific variation and caused an issue of price mismatch, and please check the post by Google expert at https://support.google.com/google-ads/thread/168342951?hl=en

So, would you please show a safe way upon how to remove the price range (lowPrice and highPrice)?

Great thanks.


The post you’re referring to says that “lowPrice” and “highPrice” can be removed from the Schema if there’s a mismatch with the “price” values, but this isn’t the case with your data.

Note that it’s the WooCommerce plugin that includes this Schema data, so if these price values caused confusion with Google they would have been removed by now.

If you still want to remove them you can contact us here. Thanks

its support RTL version ?

There’s no built-in RTL support currently, but we’re looking to add this in a later version

Hi! How i can set the porfolio page as home page? Because i made it in Reading Settings – Your homepage displays – A static page – portfolio but portfolio don’t show. i tried add you code (how add portfolio to main page) but doesn’t working

It’s work for me, but i have bug with ‘Portfolio’ page-builder element – i see this element when editing page, but can’t see when try add this element to single portfolio item as related posts with thumbnails.

How i can fix that? Or maybe you write me code to add related posts with thumbnails, titles on single portfolio page?

And this way to have portfolio as home page don’t have pagination

Could you open a support ticket here so we can help with this? Thanks


Looking to puchase your Savoy template.

The sidebar product category menu, does it support sub-categories, so it looks nice? Or would that have to be something we would need to change to work?

For instance:

1: Glasses 1.1 Wine 1.1.1 White wine 1.1.2 Red wine

1.2 Sprits 1.2.1 Whisky 1.2.2 Rum

Hope that makes sense? :)

Best regards Martin

Hi Martin, The sidebar category menu has support for sub-categories – they’re displayed with an indentation directly below their parent category (similar to a bullet-list). Cheers


ekstro Purchased

Hello. Is it possible to change the number of photos in Instagram? I would like to change from 6 columns to 4.

Hello. Yes, the “Instagram Gallery” page-builder element has a setting called “Images per Row” that can be used for this.

Hi, after updating the plugin WPZOOM, the Instagram Widget stopped working. Is this an error? Thanks

Hi, The Instagram widget should work with the latest WPZOOM plugin update (2.0.0) – have you connected your account via “Instagram Widget > Users” in the WP admin?

If you need more help with this you can message us via our profile page. Thanks


tailoong Purchased


I set hide empty categories. Why do I still show empty categories. Always show empty categories and Uncategorized.

Hi, Are you trying to hide empty categories from the shop menu? This setting is working on my end, but if you contact us here we can look into this. Thanks

Hi there,

I installed a plugin ‘WooCommerce Product Search’. However, the standard search was not replaced with the updated search. I also disabled your search but it didn’t work. Do you have any idea?

Hi, It’s not clear if/how this plugin replaces the default WooCommerce search-field, but if you message us via our profile page we can help troubleshoot this. Thanks

I am trying to use Grouped Products but when I create the item, I don’t even get a quantity option for each item. It just shows a + next to each item and links to the product rather than letting customers choose a quantity for each item. There is also no Add to Cart button. Am I missing something? Do you know if this is theme related, or something on my end?

A + button is shown for Variable grouped products since they have options (like Sizes) that must be selected before adding to the Cart (this will be the same with any WooCommerce theme). Cheers


aozuas Purchased

Please, I buy a copy of your template, but do I need to pay for Visual Composer WP Backery? Because they are asking me to pay.

There’s no need to buy a license for the WPBakery plugin – you can update it from “Appearance > Install Plugins” in the WP admin (if no update is showing, make sure to update the theme first).

This comment is currently being reviewed.


cqine Purchased

Hi, I just installed the latest version of Savoy and all the required plugins/example content. I would like to know how to edit the shop page(/shop) with elementor? I tried but it show some error info: “You must call ‘the_content’ function in the current template, in order for Elementor to work on this page.” Would please take a look at this? Thanks.


This message is shown when the default WooCommerce shop-page is opened with Elementor (it should be blank since it’s an archive/placeholder for the shop).

The content/slider displayed above the shop-catalog is added to the page named “Home” by default.

If you need more help with this you can message us here. Thanks

I’m showing the following template files as outdated after the latest Woocommerce update:

savoy/woocommerce/order/form-tracking.php version 3.6.0 is out of date. The core version is 6.5.0,

savoy/woocommerce/single-product/add-to-cart/variable.php version 3.5.5 is out of date. The core version is 6.1.0,

Can I just replace these two template files with the WC core files?

​Thank you.​

You can install the latest version of these WooCommerce template files by updating the theme (current version is 2.7.0). Cheers

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hi NordicMade team, savoy is an awesome theme. But I ran into a problem with the product-categories (masonry stlyle). They only show up on certain browsers and they are not displayed in Firefox for example. Also the slider elements on the index page do not work in Firefox. Your help would be appreciated. Cheers swiftgreyhound

Hi @swiftgreyhound, glad you like the theme. It sounds like there could be a JavaScript error on your site, if you message us via our profile page we can look into this. Thanks

Hi there, I have a question. How can I change the header font in boldness, size or colour? In the Custom Code, should I do it? Thank you.

Hi, You can do this from the “Theme Settings > Typography” and “Theme Settings > Styling” pages in the WP admin. Cheers

Thank you so much for your great assistance!

Does the plugin work with WP 6.0 or is an update planned?

The theme works with WP 6.0, so it’s safe to install this version.

i want change currency from dollar to rupees

You can change the currency via “WooCommerce > Settings > General” in the WP admin (see the “Currency options” section).


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