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That look awesome. I love the idea.

Thanks a lot, Dany!

This one is gorgeous Tanya, i love it, my favorite one, it will sell good for sure :)

Thank you, dear, I am going to write you quite for a long time, shame on me:((( Hope tonight!

Realy great, but not responsive, maybe in future? i will buy it!

Thank you! Partially responsive:)), may be I shall add light mobile version, in the meantime it scales up to 800px (tightly) not less.

That would be realy great!!! Thanks!

hey virtuti, great idea and very nice work! do you plan a wp-version?

greetings olli

Thank you, Olli! No, WP will not be done.

Nice idea :) Good luck with sales.

Thank you, Bedros!

Another lovely design. Good luck

Thank you, Charlie!

Great work, Tanya! Clean, focused and very smart! Love it :)

Hello Ivan, thank you so much! Glad to hear from you by the way.

Hi- Any update on whether you plan to do a mobile version? This theme is great, but I need it to work on mobile devices/pads as well.

Hello, no, currently I have no time/intention to rewrite it for mobiles. May be later (hope so!), but I do not want to promise anything now. Thank you for your interest!

I really like this design. Your work truly stands above the rest. I’m considering purchasing this to create a webpage for my good friends’ wedding (save the date). Is it possible to easily make the text content box on a page a larger width and height? Thanks!

Hello, thank you very much for kind words!

Regarding your question, yes, sure, you can do that, why not. Currently the white box with content is set to 580px + paddings, so you will need to increase its width via css. Accordingly you will need to recalculate inner elements (arithmetics is really simple here). But with height you will need to be very accurate: I set the height to 360px on purpose and it is glued to the bottom of the page. There are screen resolutions which are 768px and even 600px high, so considering the height of grey bottom pass with navigation and logo there is almost no room for increasing the height. Anyway, calculation is simple and you make it via css file. Wish you the best!


In the slider, when a user clicks the red arrow button, the screen slides and the background image stays the same (only the position of the image has been changed).

Is there an easy way to reconfigure the slider, so that it can have more images in it? instead of one image?

Thanks in advance for your response!

Hello, thank you! Sure, you can assign another picture to every block and have as many backgrounds as a number of sliding blocks.

Tanya, What is the size of the image you used as a background? Thanks

OK I found it 1920×1200!

Hi Tanya, just purchased this template and i love it! Nice work! One question i have: I need to add more text into the white boxes. But at a certain point the scroller stops and does not show the complete text. The bottom parts of the text are not showing. I tried everything CSS wise but without success. Any idea? Greetz from Ibiza.

Hello Alex, thank you! Should not be, scroll is infinite. Which box, all of them or some specific one? Does your code corresponds exactly to mine? Could not be you missed to close some div or anything like that?

I really liked this template, and love the way it looks on my pc and ipad. However, this template will not work at all on an android, if this is important to you test it first so you are prepared.

Thank you. Tested of course. All what I had noticed about browsing on Galaxy tablet (Android) I mentioned in description. Actually I do my works mostly for desktops, anyway this one I tested… But note: I have only Galaxy 10.1 device to test, cannot guarantee anything about other devices.

Hi There

just purchased and when I downloaded it failed it is stating it is missing the stylesheet


Hello, thank you! I am afraid you are trying to upload html to Wordpress, aren’t you?

Please disregard this was posted on the wrong account Thanks

Ah, ok, thank you for notifying!

Hello: I would like to purchase this beautiful flyer but never done anything outside of WordPress theme. Please tell me what I will need to do to create a few slides. I am proficient in Photoshop, graphic design, Illustrator. Just not sure how to go about using this theme to create the same as your demo. Do I need to do any coding? Thanks and good luck.

Hello Peter, if you do not know html/css/js, likely it will be difficult (or impossible) for you to accomplish the editing/changes/modifications etc by yourself, even following the instructions, even the precisest ones. You will pay in vain. Knowledge of WP dashboard is useless in this case, Photoshop too. That is why I still recommend you to hire somebody and pay for ready work rather for the instructions which in the end may turn into useless bunch of words and unfamiliar terms. Or second way is to learn these three languages. Or just use it as it is replacing only images and texts, without any modifications.

I could say “well, excellent, pay me, I do need money and I’ll supply you with instructions” but I realise very well that you will stay disappointed in the end. And I do not want to give you false hopes that after getting a list of instructions from me you will get a shiny website identical to the one you imagine for now in your mind. Without knowledge of those three languages it will not happen, you will just waste your money. And my work will not be constructive but also wasted–those instructions will not be useful for you. This is my frank insight–I could earn but I prefer to be frank.

Hi Tanya: Thanks for your advice. Let me just clarify one last thing though and I will head your advice. ”...Or just use it as it is replacing only images and texts, without any modifications”. I am not talking about changing any format that the theme provide, only insert my own image and text for each slide that you have. Furthermore, as a web flyer I also want it to be simple and I like what you already set up. Six tabs, 1 main image, some smaller images within each tab. The text to go with them. Same format, different text and images. Is it still too much for a non-techkie? Peter

Hello Peter, if you are able to pick up from the code and change lines with “human text” like:

<span class="text">the annual festival for fantasy <span class="red"><span class="amp">&</span></span> eccentric<br /></span><span class="big">arts</span>

or image URL like:

<figure><img src="images/figure3.png" alt="" /></figure>

you are good to go. Example above are html markup, same thing concerns CSS (example:

#content-inner1, #content-inner4{ background:url(images/bg.jpg) top center no-repeat; background-size: cover; }

Hallo virtuti!

I have buyed the Scarlet Citadelbright Scrollable Event Web Flyer and want to ask you, if I could buy the pictures in the preview also? I would be very thankful, if you could answer me as soon as possible!

Thanks in advance and kind regards, Michaela

Hello and thank you very much! No, these pictures are not for sale (these are my graphic works (Virtuti-D) used for my demonstration website-flyer). You will need to use your own suitable for thematics and subject of content of your flyer. Thanks!