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Clean and Nice work! GLWS! :)

Good work bro, ;)

Thanks bro :)

wow great work.. keep continue

Thanks friend :)

Very nice, glws ;)


Are you able to add the ability to add static pages?



Hi, First of all thanks for using this theme. This theme is ready for ghost 0.4. Please check the “Static navigation configure” section in the documentation to add the static page link. This theme supports static page link in the footer. You have to add your static page url in the

file located in

If you need any more help please let me know. I will be happy to help you. Thanks! :)

Hi! This looks really good. Is it customizable?

Thanks kionap. This theme is customize-able. The less file is included in the download.

Hey. Awesome Skin and very good to customize. But I have some questions. My Blog: http://abzischer.de/

- I have a feature-media tag on my second post like you wrote in the docu but it doesnt appear on my startpage.

- In the standard ghost theme they make difference between landscape and portrait format. Can you help me to implement this at your theme cause now the portrait format is a way too big. Maybe can you help me to masonry the portrait format to let them switch next to each other. Or you have another idea to present them nicely.

- Do you have maybe an idea which lightbox I can easy install and use if i want to?

- Subtitle for images doesnt work. Do you have an idea why?

Hope you can help me and sorry for my bad english.

Hi, thanks for using this theme. I have checked your blog and feature media is working fine.

For lightbox you can use any jQuery lightbox plugin. https://plugins.jquery.com/magnific-popup/ is one of them which is easy to implement.

Subtitle is not implemented in this theme and also not a ghost’s native feature. This thread on ghost forum may help you https://ghost.org/forum/bugs-suggestions/601-suggestion-image-video-captioning/

I hardly understand landscape and portrait issue can you please elaborate it?

Don’t say sorry for your English, also my mother tong is not English :)

Feel free to ask if you need further help.

Hey, thanks for your response!

I found out that I have to put feature-media in the top of the post, that it will work on the startpage. Maybe implement this on the docu.

Thanks for your lightbox and subtitle advise I will try it out now.

I mean the format of the photos with landscape and portrait. If a portrait pic have width 100% its just too big and looks terrible + you see its scaling. I fixed it now with hardcoding in the blog entry and gave the first portrait pic a class with float left less width and margin right and the second portrait pic a class with float left and same width. Defined the css of course in the less file but in the native theme the top format (portrait) and the bright format (landscape) have some different style. Would be nice if they have this in your theme so i dont need to hardcode for 30 pictures always the div container.

But anyway it just a nice feature if you can add this or maybe i’ll find something for it. Im really happy with your theme and the good customaze abitlity!!!

Best regards and good selling :)

It’s good to hear that you figure out the problems. I will keep in mind your suggestion and will try to implement in future update. Thanks!

How do i make changes to the theme color? I edited the Main.css file to switch out all the red and the only colors that changed were the footer and header colors but text did not change at all I’m still getting that red.

The easiest way to change the color is to edit the main.less file.

Just change the color in variables it’s around line number 104. Then compile the less file using any less compiler and it will rebuild the style.css file.

If any more problem please feel free to send me a message through the contact form on my profile page here. I will do my best to solve your problem. Thanks!

Hi! Do you have a feature to search thru tags/ categories? We love the design and are evaluating to buy it, but we need a way to filter posts thru tags easily.


Hi, This theme has no search feature but filter through tag is very easy. If you click on a tag then you can see a list of posts tagged by that tag.

If you need any more assistance feel free to send me a message through my profile page.

Great! Thanks for your response! :)

Hey, great theme however when i change the size of the browser it doesn’t change automatically and I need to refresh the page manually.

This issue hurts the theme experience.

I have purchased the theme on a different account. Please help!

Hello, Thanks for reporting the issue. I will fix it and update the theme soon.

By the way, always please try to send me a message through the contact form on my profile page here. And use the same account on which you have purchased. It helps the author to track efficiently.

Please don’t worry and have patience. The fin and update will be very soon. Thanks again!