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Great work, GLWS :)

Wow! Great work.. :)

Awesome, Looks great, GLWS :)

Thx for the good Job ! I just have a question, how can i put html in the Main Description of SP Simple Portfolio Item ?

Hello publima,

Please open a support ticket at http://createdbycocoon.com/support and we will help you out.

Thank you!

Love this template!!!

Just wondering is it possible to create a full screen slider on this template? So the menu will be on the left, and the full screen slider will be on the right. Thanks!

Hi, yes this is definitely possible with some custom modifications. We can always make any customizations for you for a small fee if needed. Hope this helps.

Submitted a support ticket on 18-03-2017. No answer, no response at all. I paid for a template WITH support. I understand that someone can be busy and that I’m probably not the only one needing support but this is frustrating and very unprofessional.

Hi there, we are so sorry that this has happened! It is possible that the ticket has become incorrectly assigned in our system and unchecked. Please let us know your Ticket ID number here and we will have one of our team look into it immediately. Please accept our apologies, we hope to have your issue resolved soon.

–Your Cocoon Team

I also submitted a ticket about a week ago – no answer until today. I really have to finish my website now. Please look for TICKET ID 798 in your system and get back to me. Unfortunately I’m not able to access the ticket anymore.

Hi, we’ll get on this ticket today, within the next 24 hours. Thanks for your patience!

I can not recommend this team…they are no reaction to severals tickets on his page, Facebook chat, or e-mail…..YOU ARE LOST IN SPACE :-(

Hello, we’re sorry to hear this. Please could you let us know your Ticket ID here so I can forward this to our support team to expedite your ticket for an immediate response? Thanks and kind regards.

to be honest….you have no overview about your pending tickets?

Hi home306, please check your ticket for our latest response today. We have raised your ticket to high level priority. Thank you.

Hello.. the link to masonry-gallery looks the same, is there an example that the images have not the same height and width

Hi, we provide a Standard, Masonry, and Grid gallery layout. Thanks.

Good afternoon! Will this topic work for Joomla version 3.8.1?

Last update may 2016? 49$?

hi please when i upload the scarsdale.zip this message appear Warning JInstaller: :Install: File does not exist /home/bakrmuja/public_html/tmp/install_5b36a3fb79631/scarsdale/features/ Template Install: Could not copy files from the files source. × Error Error installing template

can you help me please ??

Hi Same Problem as hsbaghdad, is this compatible with Joomla! 3.8.11?


BIG Problems, with this Template, don’t buy it, wenn you make Update -> 3.6, Helix Framework dosn’t work, same for SP Simple Portfolio, the Problem ist that you can use this Template, but without this 2 Modules/Plugins, in this case is this template not usefull.

Hi there… is this template still up-to-date? Can see last update was in 2016. And is it possible to make the PHOTO GRID on the frontpage more than once? I mean, when clicking on a photo – instead of activating a article – it goes to another PHTOT GRID with new options? Thanks…

Hi Cocoon Team… Can’t get the quick install to work. Everything works fine until install. The install bar goes somewhere around 20% and then goes back to OVERVIEW. If I press install again, same thing. Tried another joomla template of mine – works fine. Tried uploading several times. Same problem.

Same problem if I choose one of the other sample data…

Hi John,

Please try clearing your browser cache and cookies and then try the Quickstart Install again. If you are still having problems, please make sure that all the files transferred correctly from the “files” folder to your server.

If the problem continues then please create a ticket here https://createdbycocoon.com/support – and please include temporary FTP details so that we can check this for you.


Your Cocoon Team

Hi, a week without answer to my ticket. Scarsdale comes with old versions of everything including framework, SP Page Builder and other extensions. Moreover the template is done in a way that you cannot modify layout without changing the php files. I’ve tried it from many sides but I can’t it. So I would kindly request a refund. Regards.

I did sent you an email on Feb 24th. No answer.

Hi freestef, please can you email us again at info@createdbycocoon.com – kindly reference the Ticket # on our site, and the Purchase Code that you received when you acquired the item.

We’ll be looking out for your email. Thanks so much!

Email sent.