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First of all Welcome to Themeforest! This is a Very unique concept. My sincerly compliments and good luck with your sales ;)

Thank you for the compliments! I appreciate it :)

Unique theme and welcome to themeforest :)

Thanks! I’m feelin’ the love :P

Congratulations Great work. Good luck dude!


Wow! Great work! Good luck dude! ;)

Very nice theme. Good luck :)

This looks amazing! Very nice work! Questions: (a) how many different background images can be used? (b) Can colors be customized?

Awesome, thank you! Purchased. :-)

Awesome! If you need any further assistance please keep in touch! And p.s. I’d love to see how your tumblog turns out with this theme.

OK thank you. ;-) I do have one more suggestion: Add an (optional) link to your theme sales page at the bottom. Eg, “Scattered Tumblr theme by…...”

hello, when I paste the html I get that http://photo-reportage.taziamine.com/

Hello there! You might have opened the html file in Word or a rich-text editor, you should open the index.txt file in notepad and copy and paste it from there.

It’s always easier to show than to tell, so I made this installation video for you to show you how it’s done.


I hope this helps!

very impressive! good luck with sales!;

Nice job