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Hi, my customer buy this template. All works fine, cool template. I have only one issue with the video ….. I uploaded my video but do not scale when the size of broswer change. Is centered at right down and image not scale. How can i fix?

Please go to and open a support ticket. Thank you.

Coffeecream say that….... Sorry, that purchase code is for a different Envato product. ......

ops i buy wrong theme ….

Hi, I’m going to buy this template (I’ve already had the WP version). I’m going to use the white version but in the demo in mobile version, you can’t see the three lines in the menu because css is not right with button class navbar-toggle. Can you fixed it?

Hello, sorry for the delay. you just need to add this to your css file:

.navbar-toggle .icon-bar {
    background: #333;

Hi, is there a simple way to stop the banner video from playing on repeat?

Also, it would be super if you created an audio button layered over the video, to turn the audio on. Autoplay is fine, but better if the audio is turned off and the viewer can then decide to turn it on…

This is a background video, so all the player tools have been removed. To include the buttons including the volume it would have to be normal player. To stop the movie repeating it’s enough to remove “loop” from the code below.

<video id="bgvid" loop autoplay>

Cool, thanks very much for that. If I want to include some buttons myself, like volume, do you know some tutorial somewhere I can read? Thanks!

You can try this or this.

Hello, im new on this can you help me or point me how to install Scent – Model Agency Site Theme? do i need to upload all the file ? or is just one folder from theme folder?

Thank you!

You have bought HTML template, not a Wordpress theme, so there is nothing to install. You can edit your HTML and CSS files and just upload it to the server. At least basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is required to work with HTML templates.

Scent WordpressTheme is also available under this link:


mocadmin Purchased

I just purchased your model agency template. I need to know how to decrease the height of the banner video but not the width. Where is this command?

Hi there!

Please all your other questions to the same email or just simply reply email you’ve got from us. If you still no one replied your email, please give me a ticket number and I’ll check it out ASAP.

We have a queue of all customers and we reply in order of incoming emails, so please be patient and I promise all email will be replied. Thank you.


mocadmin Purchased

How exactly am I suppose to give you a ticket number, when I haven’t heard from anyone?

Please give your email address then or your name, so I can find your ticket in our database. Thank you.