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Hey there

Is it possible change the head and footer section back grounds to my own image?

Hi there,

Please submit all your support questions at

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

HI There

No probs, thanks for replying.

Hi there…

Incredible theme for wordpress! Ready to purchase and have a question: are you able to do private comments to users rather having them open to the public?

Thanks much!

Hi there,

If you use the BuddyPress plugin with the theme you can send private messages to users.

thanks for the reply!!

Hey guys, amazing work, I’m thrilled by the theme, yet I have a few questions if you dont mind my asking.

I’ve seen that your theme has a very nice game overview page and, even better, a follow button. Does the overview work on tags and categories or is there some kind of database plug-in involved?

Sorry if my question is unclear, hope you understand it. :)

Hi there,

I’m not work what you mean by does it work on tags and categories. The overview page layout is used on review pages only.

Hello, can you update the deprecated functions! Thanks

“register_sidebar_widget to wp_register_sidebar_widget”

“register_widget_control to wp_register_widget_control”


register_sidebar_widget('GP Items You Follow', 'wpfp_users_favorites_widget_view'); register_widget_control('GP Items You Follow', 'wpfp_users_favorites_widget_control');

Hi there,

This will be updated thank you.

Please submit all your support questions at

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

This is the first premium theme I’ve bought as a relatively new user to Wordpress, and I have to say I’m glad I did! The theme’s functions are very well thought-out for a news/review site, and it is relatively easy to use and pick up for a beginner like me. I look forward to taking advantage of its flexibility as my knowledge of WP and this theme grows.

What shouldn’t be overlooked is the author’s incredible support, which I totally was not expecting. Very responsive, effective and patient. Highly recommend purchasing this theme.

I really appreciate the comments Xedi and have added them to the item page. :)

Hi there,

How can I create a new Group?

Hi there,

Really this is a BuddyPress question, however if you haven’t done so already please submit all your support questions at

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

Hi there,

How can I change the slider banner for a full banner?

As I say all support questions should be asked at

Hello, how to remove the gray colored wordpress “login” bar at the top? (you can see it in the demo) ? Also I don’t understand your support forum It says 5 $ a month? Where and how to ask the questions?

Hi there,

This login bar is added by WordPress no matter what theme you use, you can remove it from your Profile settings.

The support site is completely free. The $5 a month message only applies to people like me who want to create a support site. Make sure you visit and not

Is it possible to adjust the themes skin to other colors besides the blue and black?

Hi there,

The theme does not come with styling options, but you can easily adjust the theme skin using CSS.


I plan to use this template to make a blog-centric site that is very community-focused. Does this theme allow us to enable registered users to submit blogs? I want to be able to feature user submissions on the front page of the site.

Thank you.

Hi there,

You can use the free Capability Manager plugin to allow users to create posts via the backend which can then be displayed on the front page of the site.

My register and login process isn’t working properly. The register page says “login” at the top. and promises to send a password to users but never does. this makes the whole site pointless. please help. Thanks.

I’m afraid you’ll need to get the purchase code to confirm your purchase like everyone else has. I can’t just take your word that you purchased the theme unfortunately.

Surely it’s just a case of logging into your other account to get the code.

No worries I get it. I’m doing some digging. Sorry have multiple company accounts. I’ll respond soon hopefully but under another account. Thanks for you patience though.

No problem. :)

I’m finally purchasing this theme next week, but I have some last few questions:

1) Can we change the background?

2) For reviews, can we change the color of the score or are the colors set to a certain number range? I want to color-code the reviews. (Blue = 9.0+, Green = 8.0+, Yellow = 7.0+, etc)

3) Can we adjust video sizes?

4) In a review/article, can we add pages within the article? That way if there’s a long article, we can break it up between pages rather than have one extremely long page.

5) Oh and the blue section in-between the header and the body of the theme, can we change how thin that section is? Or change the size of the featured articles/reviews? Or can we get rid of it altogether?

Thank you.

Hi there,

1) Yes definitely.

2) You can change the colours based on your own define ranges from the theme options.

3) Yes.

4) Yes you can break articles up across many pages.

5) You can easily remove it, there’s no options to change the size so you would need to use CSS to adjust the styling.

Thank you for the quick response! Great job on the theme and I will actually be buying it later today. Keep up the good work man.

How does the “Follow” button work in reviews? Does it save the item to a profile page? If so, does it save it in Buddypress profile? Also, is the “Follow” list public or private to other members?

Can the “Follow” button be used on blog posts as well?

I wish you had registration open on the demo so we can look around as an actual member.

Overall, this looks like a 10 out of 10 theme. Love it!

Hi there,

The Follow buttons saves the games you follow on your non-BuddyPress profile page and to the Follow widget in the sidebar.

The Follow list is private.

You could integrate into blog posts but you would need to edit the template files.

Unfortunately if I provided member access the demo content would be spammed by visitors, which happened in the past.

Hey man, I bought and have been tinkering with the theme. Sorry for the harassment lol but I have one more question.

I loaded the demo content to easily get those 3 footer columns you have in your demo. How do I actually add videos, reviews, and stories to those widgets? Or how do I set it up to where it adds them automatically, if it actually does?

Hi there,

Please submit all your support questions at

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

Can site visitors rate reviews without logging in?

The demo seems to do something but doesn’t increase the number of votes…

Hi there,

Yes you can allow logged in users, logged out users or both to vote.

The demo is set to allow anyone to vote, but the caching plugin is not updating the number of votes or restricting users from voting again. I’ve now enabled cache support from the GD Star Rating plugin so you cannot vote again (currently the number of votes is not updated unless clearing the cache).

With Score, do I have to give a good and bad with a review, or can the space beside the score be used for something else? Also, is user score required or can I leave it off?

Hi there,

Both good and bad points should be entered, but you can easily modify this to display something else (I can help you with this on the support site if you decide to purchase the theme).

The user score is not required.

Hello im looking to buy this theme but i have a few inquiries first.

1. can you move the navigation links? 2. Instead of having latest games on the home page,can we setup a custom page for the home page?

Hi there,

1) You will need to edit the template files to do this.

2) Yes you can choose to display a custom page as the homepage.

Hope that answers your questions. :)

Hello. When was this last updated? Does everything work fluidly with bbpress/Buddpress updated?

Hi there,

The theme was last updated on November 14, 2013 as it says on the item page. :) The theme will work with the latest versions of bbPress and BuddyPress. There is an issue with the notification pages in v1.9 of BuddyPress, but this is a BP bug not a theme bug.

Hi, I have a pre-purchase question, you know in your live demo, there are two filters, 1) Order By ‘Date’,’Title’, ‘Site Score’, 2) Order by “Descending” or “Ascending”

Is there a way for me to set a filter based on ‘categories’? and in that categories, there are sub-categories?


Hi there, I’ve got 2 open support tickets open. One is about 2 days old, and the other is about 17 hours. Please help cause I’m stuck and I need to press on with delivering it on time. Thanks.

Apologies for the delay, I was not able to answer questions yesterday. Just making my way through the support tickets now. :)

Cheers mate, i’ll go and check it out right now. :)

so im taking it this does not wqork with phpbb ??? everytime i try to install the pl;ugin on wordpress i get an error code and it breaks my website

i want a full refund this them is not good im not happy one bit!

im vary upset at the ticket wait time aswell i will be filing a claim on my paypal to get a full refund!

I will be reporting you to Envato. By contacting PayPal rather than Envato for a refund it shows you know you won’t be able to get a refund because you have no legitimate reason to request one.

Firstly, theme authors are not obligated to offer ANY support however I still do, so complaining about the wait time is not a valid reason. If you posted your question on the support site before Saturday it would have already been answered instead you decided to be rude and draw things out over into the weekend when I do not answer questions.

Secondly, if a theme doesn’t work with a third party plugin I will look into the issue, but there’s no guarantee every plugin will work with a theme and it’s certainly not a valid reason to get a refund.

Hey there,

Just purchased Score theme and love it. Only thing is, I cannot get the to the review score selection. When I make a post the “Review” type, it will not allow me to select numerical values for my review scores. There is no place for me to input an actual score. Any thoughts?

Hi there,

If you haven’t done so already please submit your support questions at where I will answer them shortly. :)

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

I already opened a ticket. Figured I would do both, just in case.

No problem, ticket answered. :)