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Can you explain the difference between these 2 pages..

Except the title it’s the same page ! it’s quite disturbing for navigation .. we do not really know where you are!

I supposed that xbox-360 is the default page on the reviews menu ! But theoreticaly the main review should be a full list (xbox+ps3+pc) ! is a sub category of displays all the content from the sub cats (PC/PS3/XBox). On your own site you may have different content in the sub categories, I only have limited content in the demo.

Is it possible to show all slider-images in the same size (160px x 120px); the first one in the row is always sized 350px x 270px ?? Haven’t found a way to change this….

Kind regards

Sure, I’ll show you how. But all support questions should be posted on my support forum. The reason for this is that the comments section is not easily searchable by other users. Visit where we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

Hi GP !

The score support forum is NOT writable with a normal user account …

This is the reason that there are 0 threads so far …

Hi there,

Not sure why that happened, but I’ve deleted the board and created it again and users should now be able to access it and post topics.

Unfortunately the score support forum is not accessible (0 posts)......... :S

Hi there,

Not sure why that happened, but I’ve deleted the board and created it again and users should now be able to access it and post topics.

I can not view the forum, what should I set?? there are all the pages ….

Hi there,

Have you register an account and logged in? I’ve tested the forum and it is accessible by logged in users.

No, I mean that in the template do not see this forum, we have installed bbPress buddy and do not see anything but what to do ….

Hi there,

Please see:

If that doesn’t resolve your issue you will need to visit, since this isn’t really theme related. While Score supports bbPress and BuddyPress, it’s not my place to provide support for setting up these external plugins.

No I meant that on your help support website… I know how to use everything else on the theme I just have one issue witht he “score” system it self with the Slider… I can’t get it to show the ratings.

The Score section on the support site is now accessible for you to post your topic.

However, you can just add a score for your slider items just like you do with posts as explained in the help file here:

Hi, i’m new in this site, but i want to buy this theme by PayPal. Do you accept to pay without card? There are other forms to pay?

Hi there,

I’m just a seller here, I don’t actually handle the payments or have any control over it. You will need to contact ThemeForest themselves about this:

anyway to increase the page width to 960px and change background?

Hi there,

The theme comes with options to change the background. To change the page width you’ll need to modify the theme files.

one quick question before I buy the theme is that possible to change the background ?

thank you :D

Hi there,

Yes, the theme comes with this option. :)

Thanks to help me. But i have a other question: I want to make a big site of games with this theme. It’s possible to make the page with the colors and backgrounds of each video game? I want to put menus with each name of video games. The person click at the name of the vídeo game and access the page o everything about that video game, with the colors and backgrounds different. It’s possible?

Hi there,

Yes it is possible to have unique styling (colours, background etc.) for each video game page as the theme comes with an option to add a different style sheet for each page.


Do you think it’s possible to implement your Powerful Review System – Utilizes GD Star Rating WordPress plugin in another theme without difficulties ?

Hi there,

The GD Star Rating plugin can work with almost any theme, however the extra level of integration of this plugin in my theme will probably require a developer adding this to another theme for you.

On the home page is displayed only the reviews? I would like to put all the content of posts + reviews on the home page. There are options for this? There are Related Items on all posts?

Hi there,

You can display any posts you want on the homepage not just reviews.

You can choose to display the related items on all posts or just review posts.

Hello Dan, two things that i’m seeing on the live preview for your amazing template, one is missing from, i mean the login/register in the lightbox popup i think it’s better.

Other thing is that in a videogaming site it’s very important to describe the rating with 5 (more or less) parameter that will go in the final score

You have to bear in mind the theme is only $40, if you were to have someone design this theme for you personally it would cost nearly a thousand dollars. As I say, if enough people request a feature I will consider adding it to the theme, but you cannot expect me to add a feature requested by a single user just because they want it. I know plenty of people who prefer not having the login box load up in a pop-up box, in fact I think they are in the majority. Please don’t think I’m not listening, I am, but also remember that I’m not working for you.

Yes you can disable the slider just like in ReviewIt. :)

Yeah Dan i know that you’re not working for me, i’ve sent you a request, if this will be accepted from your side i;ll be happy, if not, for me it’s the same.

It’s too much complicated to do the login pop up in, maybe using the same code in

I can certainly point you in the right direction on how to load the login form in a pop-up instead, but I generally do not provide support for any customizations above 1 or 2 lines of code otherwise my whole day would be spent helping people with customizations, no mater how simple they are. I’m dealing with 20-60 support questions a day, bug fixes and work on new themes so I don’t have a lot of time and as the buyer it’s your job to look into the customizations you want for the theme just like most other users understand.

Hello, I’d like this theme had to separate for pages for each video game consoles. If the user want to know news, reviews and more about Xbox 360, he will go to a menu with the url for the page (like: And each page of video games had an automatic slideshow and the posts it below for that video game console. It has as you add it to this template? There are possible create pages to show categories and posts?

Hi there,

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking, but the theme does not have an automatic slide show within pages/posts/categories. You will need to modify the theme yourself to achieve this.

Hi GP,

Thought I would let you know that update 1.4 doesn’t update properly. It looses all below features and only shows the top bar with Logo.

Hi there,

It’s unlikely to be an issue with the update itself as myself and many other users are using v1.4 without this issue.

Head over to the support forum to post your question with a URL to your site: Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

when i try and install this theme it takes forever and then eventually says upload faiiled, try again.. and i have tried multiple times

and im still having no luck

how do i fix this

Hi there,

It’s likely the theme’s file size exceeds the upload limit set by your host. In that case as the help file explains you will need to upload the theme via an FTP client. For more info see:

Hi, I’m really surprised, I wanted a theme with review system (editor+users) and buddypress for a movies site, I think this could fit and I’m very interested, but I have some questions:

- Does it have a Blog page template?

- Does it have pagination on homepage list of posts and for comments?

- Can you set the slider automatically for a category posts or a tag? Or is it just manual?

- Does it have an option to show tags, category and such info on posts?

That’s all for the moment, if it have those options I think I’ll buy it, thanks!

Hi there,

1) Not exactly. Just create a blog category and use this as your blog page.

2) Yes.

3) You can set it to automatically display posts from a category or manually if you want.

4) It has the option to show category info on posts, and tags can be easily added.

Hi GhostPool, just about to buy this theme but i am just wondering what theme you are using for bb press.

Thanks, appledev.

Hi there,

The bbPress forum used with this theme comes with BuddyPress, it does not use an external theme it uses Score’s own styling.