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nice theme, just purchased it

hi. Realy nice theme. 2 questions. 1) What happen when I clicking “FOLLOW” button under picture? 2) Can I change function on this button? Tnx.

Hi there,

1) For registered users games that they are following are added to their profile so they can quickly find the game again (like a bookmark). It acts in a similar way for guests as you can display the items you’re following in a widget in the sidebar.

2) If you modify the code of course, but there’s no theme options to modify the button’s function.


Theme seem nice but i have a few questions.

1. Translation file is giving error 2.Theme saying there is a new update but i just downloaded it . How can i download newest version ? there any pre edited translations ?

Hi there,

All support questions should be posted on my support forum. The reason for this is that the comments section is not easily searchable by other users. Visit where we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

You can’t use the support forum until you’ve bought, but I have a pre-sale question. So hopefully you can answer that in here.

I am looking for a music competition web site where the following needs to happen:

[1] click facebook like to view competition rules and participate [2] upload music file, picture representing your music and information that describes your music [3] click share or tweet or google +1 to promote your entry to get votes [4] Get your friends to rate and vote [5] anyone on the site can rate and vote [6] Top 20 entries deemed best by public vote will be judged by top judges to then select a winner.

It looks like your theme can do all this, but I’m just checking before purchasing.

Many thanks…

Hi there,

1) I would imagine this is possible, but this is not a feature the theme offers, this is something you will need to implement yourself.

2) Yes, you can create posts, upload files to them, add descriptions and images to them.

3) This theme allows you to share posts via, Google +1, Twitter and Facebook, any additional functionality is something you will need to look into yourself.

4) You’ll need to be more specific on this one.

5) You can choose who rates what, so yes everyone can rate/vote.

6) You can display the top 20 user voted posts, as for the judging part this is a very specific request and is not something the theme provides.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the feedback.

Because it’s a competition I’m hoping to get 1000 entries and have tens of thousands votes. It’s too much to handle manually (unless I had a huge staff which I don’t). So most of this has to be fully automated.

Each applicant has to be able to upload his own music entry and promote it to his friends.

I’m guessing the promoting to friends and clicking like and tweet is just a WP plugin, but I was just explaining what I needed so you could understand it better. :)

With point 2, I did mean that the person putting in the entry can upload their own pic, text and music entry. Is that possible as well or does the blog owner have to do that? I’d like this to be as automated as possible so it doesn’t require too much handling behind the scenes.

With point 4 – I just meant that the public can vote and give rankings. So if the public can do it, their friends can do it. (again, promotion to their friends will probably be through a WP plugin)

Sorry for the questions – I think your site will do this, but I just need to know for sure.

Hi there,

1 and 2) The theme does not support this functionality by default but you can use certain WordPress plugins to achieve this. Use the Capability Manager to give users permissions to create reviews and upload items via the admin panel. Use a plugin like TDO Mini Forms to create a form on the front-end of the website so users do not need to access the backend to create reviews.

4) Yes, users can vote and therefore their friends.


I would like the link hover state to stay on the main navigation, when you are hovering over a sub cat.

How can I do this using jQuery / CSS ?


Hi there,

All support questions should be posted on my support forum. The reason for this is that the comments section is not easily searchable by other users. Visit where we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

Hi there,

I’ve read some comments here about this theme and shared hosting, can you tell me if the demo ( is in a shared hosting? Do you think i’ll have any problems using it in a shared hosting with 3k+ members (most of the time about 10 users online, but it can go to 50 users online at the same time), i know its hard to tell without knowing the server specs, i’m on a cloudlinux server, i can go up to 1GB ram, use 25% of CPU and 20 Entry Processes (thats all i know). I don’t plan in using buddypress.

Thanks fo your time.

Best Regards.

Hi there,

My demo is hosted on a VPS , the main reason being is that I host my own site and all my other demos on the same server. I would recommend that anyone with 3000+ with 10-50 on at time use a VPS or dedicated server. Although 1GB ram is pretty good, I imagine it is shared between multiple users so you’re never going to have that much available to you.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the feedback! :)

Hi, everything all works great although just need some enlightening on these areas:

1) How can I set the thumbnail resizing for the related items – I want them larger but not affect the thumbnails shown on the pages for example

2) I’m trying to recreate the wide and short thumbnails you have on the widget area (review sidebar) however have failed to do so. Setting the px doesn’t change it at all.

3) Is there any chance I can remove the dates on review posts shown on the homepage (not the single post view)

Many thanks!

Hi there,

The support is now working, sorry about that I was having some server problems yesterday. Post your questions over at the support forum and I’ll answer that as soon as possible.

Sorry for a silly question but I tried using a background image plugin and the built-in one and it wouldn’t replace it!

Also In the mean time as I haven’t uploade the image of my logo how can I remove the score logo?

(Support was down when I tried to post this

Hello, First of all it s very nice theme to purchase,

Now my question: is it possible to add multiple votings? Like

Click to vote *

Click to vote II *

Click to vote III *

Click to vote IV *

Click to vote IV **

Thank you..

Hi there,

The theme does not support multiple votings currently.

Actually i found how to.

i will give you an explanation after i get home ..

A good suggestion to be put on the theme: put in the reviews, grade of parts of the game, such as graphics, sound, gameplay and more. Question: why in the Gears of War 3’s review page, the theme is green and with a new background?

Hi there,

This suggestion has been noted and will likely be included in a future update. The Gears of War page is an example of a custom style sheet you can apply to individual pages.


I’ve been having problems logging in the support forum and I receive no email to reset my password – I’m using an FTP client to overwrite the theme files to update from 1.6.1 to 1.8.1 – however it says it overwrites it and yet I check and it still shows 1.6.1 – are the download files available now updated? because it doesn’t seem like I’m downloading the updated files..

please reply back.

Hi there,

It is likely you entered your email incorrectly or the login email was sent to you junk folder.

If you email me via my ThemeForest contact form at I will email you back with your username and password for the support forum.

I bought this WordPress theme yesterday for my website (, I love the theme! It’s kind of hard to setup and get going but once you play with it a bit it’s amazing! I got everything working just how I want it, in about 5-7 hours total.

Few things that I would like added or fixed:

  • Add a Google+ social link button.
  • Make the social links open in a new window.
  • Go into more detail in the help files, such as how to setup, configure AND use it. You go over how to get things started not how to use them, in which case I had to waste time searching on Google.

If you look at the class of the Google+ button on my website it says ‘digg-icon’ how can I hard code this out? What files can do I need to edit, or will that break the theme?

Do you mind if I add a link to your website to my footer or sidebar? (i.e Theme designed by GhostPool)

You can reply to the comment or email me at:

Hi there,

1) Are you referring to a social icon below the header or a Share Google +1 button, as this is already included with the theme.

2) This can be done from your end with a simple code change (visit the support forum for support).

3) Could you be more specific? When you say you had to search for answers on Google it makes it sound like you need help with general WordPress issues. My job is to help you set up the theme itself, we are instructed not to tell you how to use WordPress’s own features.

As for the Google+ button issue please ask this on the support forum with a link to the website.

Of course, I would love the credit. Thank you. :)

I would like to use the buddypress pages of this theme with widgets, there are options?

Hi there,

There are no sidebars (for widgets) on BuddyPress pages, but these can easily be added with a few small code changes which I can show you if you decide to purchase the theme.

Finally I think I found a review site!!!! and there is two themes compatible with buddypress!!!!!

So the question is which one is better? is the only difference that the score theme has scores instead of stars showing?

Also I have some questions:

1) I like the score better because of the banner at the header, could I also add the right banners like in review theme?

2) the follow under the image can be change to some other text? I need in Spanish.

3) In case I need more than one follow (like “I want it” “I have it” can I duplicate it or do I need to use an extra plugin like

4) can the products a user is following be shown on their buddypress profile page?

5) I assume products can only be add by administrator, right?

6) As I won’t reviewing any product can I just show the users rating instead of both users and site?

7) can I use social login plugins for registering users via facebook/twitter?

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

The Score theme is a much more polished theme with more options. The main advantage of ReviewIt is it supports multi rating by default, however Score may support this soon.

1) This is not a built in option you would need to edit the code in ReviewIt.

2) Yes.

3) The follow button already uses the Favourite Posts plugin, I would think you can’t use it twice on the same post.

4) Yes, they already do.

5) Unless you allow members this capability using the Capability Manager WordPress plugin.

6) Yes, you can choose to display both, one or none at all of the ratings.

7) I’m sure you can, these have not be tested with the theme though.

change start ratings after vote?

I didn’t notice this until someone brought it up to me but they clicked a star rating accidentally and now it doesn’t allow the user to change their rating.

Does anyone know how to enable this in the GD Star Rating Plugin? I looked at their help site but it’s extremely frustrating and I couldn’t find my answer.

Thanks Rick

Hi there,

All support questions should be posted on my support forum. The reason for this is that the comments section is not easily searchable by other users. Visit where we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

OK far too many comments above to find out if this has already been answered so here goes:

Is this theme aimed solely at people who want to review goods themselves or can it be a purely consumer run review site where the public write and review everything and all I’d have to do it authorise the reviews before making them public?

Many thanks! :)


Hi there,

Users can review products via the comment form. You can restrict registered users to one comment per review (which can be moderated before it’s published on the site) and have them only vote when posting a comment (kind of like iTunes). Additionally, you can have registered users post review posts.

Right OK, so registered users can create the main (big) reviews then?

Yes you can use the Wordpress plugin capability manager to allow users to create their own user posts.

I’d like to alter this theme for my camera review site. But I have a few questions for you :-

1. Can I disable buddypress and other social features since I don’t need them ?

2. Which major part of the theme can I delete to make it load faster (or shared-hosting friendly) ?

Thank you.

Hi there,

1) Yes of course. :) This theme runs just fine without BuddyPress – just don’t install the BuddyPress plugin.

2) That’s a difficult question to answer. Everything in the theme is needed otherwise it wouldn’t be there, it all depends on what you as the user does not want to use. Your better off using a cache plugin to increase the page load speed.

Thank you. I’m going to buy it now.