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I just purchased this theme and when I try to install it on wordpress it says “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

Can you look into this issue please

Thanks Very much to but our theme.

Dont Worry, First Download “installable WordPress Theme From Download Tab”

Then Try to upload it to your server, you will be download main theme file. don’t worry if you need any help, contact me on skype – wp.smart


Hey also the pagination on the template doesn’t work. When I try to access another page it reloads and still shows the first page

Can you send me to your site link, i can help you

How do I add in the widget/feature for the big post + 4 small posts you have in your example?

I’ve tried setting it up, but nothing shows. Should I try another category?

Importing your demo data works nice, but I can’t replicate it.

I’ve added you on Skype :)

Sorry, I’ve figured out the issue:

You must first enable “Show/Hide Home Page Widgets” before you can get Header Post widget to work. This “widget” isn’t present in the widget list.

There are a lot of speeling mistakes in this theme!

Hi im Sorry for my mistakes and my late, im not at home these days, but i not forget your question, i will add you on skype soon :)

Me again :)

I just posted a new post but the Theme Header Post does not pick up the post.

Fixed :)

Hi WPSmart,

The Header Post Carousel doesn’t display the most recent post.

However, I want to display the most recent post.

To do this, I’ve added a Sticky Post but now I want the “Recent Post” to also skip displaying the first post.

Can you please advise?

Also, I PM you with my site details. Please update :)

Hey WPSmart,

I found another bug, wondering if you can help me fix:

In category pages, there is ”—>” under each new post.

Hi WPSmart,

Any updates on this? It’s been over a month since my first post :(

Please send data example for me, my email: nvt.smith@gmail.com Thank so much!

Check your Inbox, Demo XML file send,

Thanks :)

Hi, can you please send me the demo version so i can replicate it. Ive bought the theme but I cant make it look nearly as good as the demo. Thanks. Can you email to me at adnanshirik@gmail.com

Can you please pm your site url? i can check it and help you to fix it :)


Thanks for replying. I fixed it. It was nothing to do with the theme. I just made a pretty dumb mistake and forgot to tick the ‘allow comments box’ in the post editor section. Thanks anyways though.

you welcome, if you need any help, please reply me

Thanks :)

Hello there. I am ver much interested in your SCOUPMAG theme and would like to know if you can help to install this demo content on my site and i can afterward change texts and images to suit my site’s mission. Please reply ASAP. Thank you.


Thanks Very much for interest our theme, do you need your site as theme demo, sure i can help you, first buy theme send send pm with your login details. i can setup your site as theme demo :)


Hi, I just Bought the template but i´m having problems. If I open the page in Chrome looks well, but in Safari it is all heavy and the design it isn´t as I wanted, the assets appears in other places.

Hi, the link is www.skies.mx/index

i checked your site using Safari but i cant find any error. if you still have this issue please pm me screen shot

Thanks :)

Hi, maybe it is the region. But still looking all the assets in the wrong place. If you can pass me your email I can send you a screen. If don´t get this wright I will have to ask my money back.

Where is the support for the people who purchase the theme?

go to my profile and send pm,


I had purchased and tried to setup. But i can’t set widget and setting same your Demo.

Can you help me ?


sure i can help you..please pm your details

Thanks :)

Hello – Just purchased and installed theme and cannot find a way to turn off the featured image at the top of the post. I would like each post to have the title and article at the top and then I will manually place featured image below 1st paragraph. All the other themes that I use (6 sites) have an option for enabling/disabling featured image in post. Can you tell me where it is located?

Thanks, Greg


Scoupemag theme have not option for turn on and off featured image . but if you need hide featured post in all post pages i can help you to remove it manually


Thanks for the quick response – but on reviewing the theme there are a number of options that I need that aren’t out of the box with this theme. I think I’m just going to find another theme that better fits my needs and not use Scoupemag.

Also – you might want to review your Theme Option pages – they are filled with misspellings – carousel is spelled at least 5 different ways.

Hi could you please send me the demo files and some instructions on how to install them? would be great, thanks


Theme demo content File send :)


Hi WPSmart,

I posted some issues 2 months back and have yet to receive a response. Can you please help?


we will check it and fix it soon

thanks :)


Any updates? It’s been almost 3 months.

Bought your theme, please send me your demo xml file to sveinbi@internet.is

Thanks :)

Please check your inbox, demo content send again :)


Thanks :)

You welcome :)

I want this theme. I would need help with installation and customisation. How much would that cost? Specifically; I want to transfer my present site; www.mustaphamugisa.com using joomla to wp on this theme.

Other features I need help with are: Redesign or development of www.mustaphamugisa.com into a robust interactive and ecommerce website; with the following specifications:

2. You will be required to make the following: • social network optimization • registration form or next step for each product or end of article e.g. click here to subscribe to our newsletter or to download • page for selling and displaying digital products – downloads and audio i.e. well-designed landing page • Mailing list integration – I use Mail Chimp. You will need to integrate it to mail chimp and put subscription clearly on front page for people to subscribe to newsletters • Design a good logo for Mustapha Barnabas Mugisa; tagline Your Success Partner. And place it on the website.

3. Please note • There will be video (via You Tube channel –free to watch) and video CDs and audio CDs which will be paid and downloadable • user can login in site and can download the same or chose PDF documents • user will also receive an email Regarding the download and purchases • User may choose to buy annual or bi-annual membership plan and gain unlimited download OR user may be product by product in which case they don’t enjoy discount • also you provide login with FB and twitter and linked and if possible, google. • Provide for payment via PayPal, off line payment or via bank transfer.

4. For the membership management—where a member logs in and can access different resources depending on their membership plan.

5. An on-line shop 6. Discussion forum.

Specifically; I will need you to transfer some content from my old site to the new site, www.mustaphamugisa.com which uses joomla. I will be available to provide any support needed


Thanks very much for your interest. we offer free theme installation for our theme users, but i cant guarantee about other requirement, because these days our team too busy, you can buy this theme and you can buy wordpress customization service from envato studio site.

first contact wordpress customization service provider from envato studio site. (https://studio.envato.com/) then you can buy theme :)

if you need any help, please contact me, i can help you :)


hi, popular posts widget doesn’t work, How cai i fix it?

thank you

ok thank you.. i’ll wait for your answer.. mainwhile you could look at this website.. on the right, you’ll find the widget. http://www.doveposso.it/

Hi i checked your site. popular widget used most view post’s in your blog. and your site is working well


uhm, the first post has 2040 views, the second 5072 and the third 300. so, it’s not working good…. it should be sorted…


Is this theme still working?


Yes Theme still working. and tested on new wordpress vertions


Please send date example for me, my email: eduardo.ascencio@gmail.com, Thank so much!


Im Sorry For Late Reply, Please check your Inbox, Theme demo content already Send to This email


This theme is not optimized for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus. Could you provide the necessary coding along with where to put it?



Thanks For Report this issue, We Will check it and Reply you soon


Hello, I have issue with the responsiveness of the theme, also when I change the curasal to slider, it shows old news rather than the latest news. Please how can I go about this.

I will check this, And reply you