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Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:


Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:


Nice work gud luck


Congratulations! :-) Excellent work and design. I wish you big sales.


is there a video preview available within the portfolio section – ie: can I use that to show video files & images?

Ive downloaded the new theme version 1.1 that you supplied (which is meant to have video preview) – it doesnt work on my side, it tries to load video for 10seconds and says ‘cant find video or plugin’ ... perhaps there is a small error in the new coding you added?

worked it out – video only works if you upload the theme onto a server – doesnt work if testing locally.

Great:) We have just replied you on the email that you need to run it on live server or localhost on your local machine. You can use XAMPP for example.

Does the email within the theme work? I see it has validation, but, I dont see anywhere in the purchased template to define email recipient or subject fields.

These files was added in the latest update.

the location of the custom.js seems to be the issue – I moved it into the root directory and now works. I have emailed you in this regards – might be something you want to refine.

Thanks. We have emailed you about it.

Looks very nice! Is there also a multi-page version of it? And with an extended portfolio-page?

Hi, these pages are not available.

Hello, Do i need a special program to edit it? And also, can i post it in any server? Thanks

Hi, you can edit in Notepad++ or PSPad, but you need a basic knowledge of HTML. Yes, it should work on any server.

hello the “contact me ” section is not working. when i send an email it sends nowhere

Hello, did you add your address to “email.php”?

Yes I did

$to = ‘info@noza.co’; $subject = ‘Contacto desde noza.co’;

Are sending an email from live server? It doesnt work on localhost