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Hi! Do you have an instructional document that shows us how to set up our page like the demo? Where might I find this? Thank you.

Hi, there’s a .xml file in the /sampledata/ folder, you can import it in Tools > Import > WordPress.

I was psyched to see that you have approached the sticky header menu correctly, but then I kept scrolling and realize that you never update the menu to identify the current section. This keeps me from purchasing an otherwise beautiful theme.

Hi. I’m not sure exactly what you’re looking for. You want to highlight the current active menu item?

Is it possible to change the text color in contact form 7 ? Now i don’t see the input because the text is white and the label is also white. Is there a css code available? Thank you !

Hi, sorry for the very late reply, please post your URL

I’m having an issue with the slider. I have a few images in the slider but the slider itself isn’t centered on the page. I looked through the other comments to make sure that it wasn’t missing something but I didn’t see anything.

Also have an issue with the site on mobile devices. The slider turns the images sideways and is pushed off the page.

Thanks for the help

Hi, sorry for the very late reply, please post your URL

Hi there, Just wanted to find out is the sample data available with all the vector files, psd files and the pictures? please confirm. Cos I have purchased a theme last time they did not provide all the file as you seen the preview. However, I have purchased some before they gave all the sample data including pds, vector files and pictures which helps me to customise the theme easily by replacing the pictures.

Hi, the theme comes with sample data and I can send PSD upon purchase, but no vector files are provided. Sorry for the late reply.

Hi, how to import demo data ? thx tonino

Hi, sorry for the late reply. There should be a /sampledata/ folder and a .xml file that can be imported in tools > import > WordPress


Thank you for beautiful theme. I installed the theme properly. Can you tell me is there any demo install? If yes, how can I do it?

Thank you for your support and have an amazing day, Huesnue

Hi, sorry for the late reply. There should be a /sampledata/ folder and a .xml file that can be imported in tools > import > WordPress

Hi, I am wondering if there is a way to add other pages to this theme? Like sales pages for products.

3f0816e5-2ad9-4f48-b1b2-f6404e8912c0 – 23 Oct 2016 REGULAR LICENSE

Hi. You can add any number of pages to the theme, there’s no limit. You can create your own menu in Appearance > menus and if you want a separate page(not in the one page menu), just add it as an external link

Hi Support, how can I change the number of menu items in the main menu, it will only display 6 if home included, otherwise only 5, including Contact. I don’t want to create submenus and there is enough space for 6 short menu-item titles in the menubar. Best regards

found solution by using custom menu


mBorup Purchased

Hi Is it possible to add a new font to SCRN? Thanks in advance.

Best of all Michael Borup

Hi. Only if you custom add it via @font-face in style.css


hello there – is this the support mail-adress?

i am waiting for response – thank you Am 19.12.2016 um 22:56 schrieb Stephanie Offner <>:

helo, i just bought the theme SCRN – it is very quick and simple and good to work on.

but how can i change:

1. color of the font go the Quota Slider (AUTHOR) on background style : dark : at the moment it is brown? – it should be light grey… (see screenshot – dark grey) Bildschirmfoto 2016-12-19 um 21.56.00.png

2. how can i change color of the 2 lines around the header – for example in a dark grey? or change the text-color and lines to white color? (see screenshot – green) Bildschirmfoto 2016-12-19 um 22.34.27.png

3. i would like to put in some green field with text is a button the only way ? because there is no need of a link (see screenshot – green awesome button ) Bildschirmfoto 2016-12-19 um 22.37.12.png

4. how can i modify the text better – make column , make unnumbered lists… (see screenshot – unnumbered list – html text in a page) Bildschirmfoto 2016-12-19 um 22.39.04.png

5. how can i change the size of the pictures after the menu – make it smaller – or delete them? (see screenshot – picture, who we are) Bildschirmfoto 2016-12-19 um 22.41.25.png

6. how can i change the impress ? (© 2017 All Rights Reserved, designed by TeoThemes)

7. how can i make a line: green and fat? doset work like this – it is still light grey (see screenshot – clear-box) Bildschirmfoto 2016-12-19 um 22.47.55.png

8. front picture: how can i move the text (WE BUILD BUSINESSES) to the bottom – and ad some other text-lines? can i ad buttons – and move the social-buttons to the bottom? Bildschirmfoto 2016-12-19 um 22.46.33.png

9. can I ad some other grafiks

the website is: but you will need a user role to see the site in progress… or i disable the ”under Construction”

thank you for a feedback

mfg Stephanie Offner / Austria +43 699 1406 88 43

mfg Stephanie Offner +43 699 1406 88 43

can i ad visual composer for extra graphic?



I’m trying to create new linked pages to the homepage and I can only seem to create pages that have the dark background with white text. In an older version on this theme I was able to create pages that had the same white background and dark text that the main home page has. Can you please let me know how I can set or choose white background when I create new pages?

Many thanks, Eric Mark Olson

Hi, the pages individually have a static dark background with white text, all of them. This is how it was since the theme was created. I can change the background to white with dark text, but it will be like that for all the pages and posts. The option to have dark background or white is only for the homepage pages

Hi, we have a problem with filterable portfolio. We did the site in the folder wp and it worked perfectly. When we moved it to the main root directory, the gallery “docenti” will not open anymore. The curriculum link does not work. if you want to check the working site you can find it here Can we help urgently us please?

In order to bypass the problem, we temporarily renamed “index.php” in the root directory into “_indexORI.php” and added a new index.html redirecting to the /wp old but working directory. So if you need to test the failure go to We really appreciate if could help as soon as possible!

I am disappointed. I bought a theme with 6 months of support but no one ever answers …it does not seem very professional indeed…

Hi, sorry for the late reply. It should work even with that index.php, you need to go to Settings>Permalinks in the dashboard and reset the permalinks(e.g. get to the standard permalinks and then switch back to any other)

Hello there , where can i get support? is the the right mail-adress


Hi there,

I need the option to have Instagram in the social buttons in the contact section.

I need it urgently as the client has requested it. A speedy response would be really appreciated.

Many thanks

Natalie Barbara

Hi, please send me your request + a WordPress and a FTP account via the contact form on my profile and I’ll add it


inamra2 Purchased

Can I add more than 5 images in the slideshow ? Currently , I can only add up to 5 background images.

Hi, please send me your request + a WordPress and a FTP account via the contact form on my profile

Hi. I wanted to create a new page with content that’s now listed on the main page. So i created one and when i visit the link, for example: – there is no header image. Can i fix that somehow?