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hi there! , great theme !

i have a problem with a template, when i am using Team Members or Gallery and want to have 3 columns in a line, i select the option 3 COLUMNS and i only get 2 in a line.

but on the main page is ok. Its when a page is separately running that the problem occurs here is the link with the problem

thank you

also i would like to have a featured image on the individual page blog, i checked the previous comments of this issue and it seems that the solution is not in public view, Thank you in Advance

Hi, you can send me a WordPress admin account and your problem via the contact form on my profile and I’ll fix it

sorry for posting my issue twice, thank you for the reply

Can you change the font type, color, and size for the Simple Portfolio and not affect the rest of the site fonts? Thank you.

I’d like to change the Portfolio Title and the Portfolio Description separately.

Hi, please post your inquire using the account you used to purchase the theme

Hi there, apologies in advance for the noob question but where can I find the documentation for this theme? Looked in the documentation folder and all I see is an Index.htm file and an Assets folder which opens up into a number of other folders. None contain a Readme.* file.. I’m sure I’m overlooking something very simple but cannot for the life of me find it :-/

Thank you! ~Andy

Hi. index.html is the file you should open in a browser for the documentation, I’m very sorry for the very late reply


trann123 Purchased

Hi, I’m getting this whenever I install the theme. Check it, here’s my website:

Hi, I’m very sorry for the late reply, can you let me know again what’s the error you’re getting? Right now there’s no website installed on that website

My contact form is not working. And when I try to change the email address in the “customize” area, it doesn’t save. When I send a test email to the contact form, it is not received.

Hi, did you try using the contact form 7 integration?

Yes and that worked. Thanks for the reply!

You’re welcome. Sorry for the late reply. will check the form on the demo and see if there’s any issue with it

Hi, I created a menu. After that, I just got single pages. After deleting the menu, there are still just single pages. Can you help me to rebuilt the one-page? Thanks!

I fixed it. Thanks.

Hi, sorry for the late reply and glad you managed to fix the problem


I just installed your theme and I am trying to make this a blog only page (main homepage has an external link to the blog). How do I remove the header menu (Home, Blog, Contact) and the contact form so that the page immediately starts with the blog and has nothing else on it? And is there any way to change the number of blog posts per page to something different than three posts?


Hi, please post your URL. You can change the number of posts in SEttings > Reading > Blog pages show at most


philippw Purchased

Visual Composer save-button not working

Hi. Can you try disabling your other 3rd party plugins? Sorry for the late reply

Hello. I just purchased this theme and it does not work remotely as advertised. I don’t mean to be critical, but I just dropped $100 on this with all the visual editor stuff and I’m frustrated. The “responsiveness” is totally bogus, it displays totally differently on a phone (like a plain list of blog posts without pictures instead of an actual mobile friendly version. The editing interface is un-intuitive (I can’t find anything I need, settings are found all over the place, and can’t edit anything I truly want to), and the editing process is way too slow to be workable (even on a 5G wifi network on hi speed fibre optic internet). Is there a user’s guide somewhere I can read to try to make sense of this thing?

Hi. Visual Composer is included within the theme and purchasing it separately is only required for updates.

Without seeing the site live, there’s not much I can do. If you want your money for the theme back, you can ask for a refund and I can approve it. If you want to continue getting the theme to work, you can activate it again and I’ll help you set it up and answer any inquiries you may have

Yes, I would like a refund please. I can’t attach a screenshot here but my statement in my Envato account includes purchase amounts for visual composer license.

I don’t have anything to do with Visual Composer, I can only approve you the refund for the theme, you can ask for it here

Dear Author: I just purchased your themeforest theme. I wanted to upload it to my word press but the server keeps sending me a message: Are you sure about this, please try again. When I unzip the file on my computer I get a set of empty directories. Is this normal? I downloaded the zip file 3 times to make sure and I get the same result. Any ideas.



Hi, you will need to upload it manually via FTP (unzip the archive and then upload the SCRN folder manually). Your host has some limits on file uploading


hassanko Purchased

Hello, I got an error message when trying to import demo

An error occurred while fetching file from: http://www.***.com/wp-content/themes/SCRN/lib/import/sample-widgets.json!

Can you help to fix this please

Hi, I’ll submit an update shortly, sorry for the inconvenience


conny95 Purchased

Hey! I have the same problem with the one-click-demo, so I want to know, how do you do the section portfolio (when you click on the different projects – description, etc.).

Please write back as soon as possible… thank you :)


conny95 Purchased

Hey again – is it possible to add more slider images in the portfolio than 6? Sometimes I need more than 6…. and a second question – when you click on the project an it open the description the slider isn’t in the right proportion – how can I make it a little bigger for my Portfolio images?

The site is

Thank you! :)

Hi, can you send me your issues along with a WordPress and a FTP account via the contact form on my profile?

this is my website

I am having problems with the header size. .

so. . . you didnt visit my website?! I want to increase the size of the hedear. . . like the sample page!

I’m not sure what you mean, the header looks just like my demo, it’s full size and at the bottom its the menu. Can you elaborate or post a screenshot on what exactly is the issue you’re having with it?

dont worry. . . Im already fix it..!!

Hello, I set up the default contact form as explained in the documentation file, adding email address, location and phone.

I tried to use the contact form but I don’t receive any email to my inbox. What is the problem? I also checked the junk folder but no email are there.

Thanks a lot in advance. Fabrizio

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Did you try with the contact form 7 plugin integration?

Dear Author: I have purchased your SCRN theme 71ca7c0c-a1ce-4fb3-b39d-6bf9debe615c I am trying to upload the zip file into my WordPress server and I get a failure Notice each time. Any suggestions please?

Cheers, David

Hi. You probably have an upload limit in your php.ini, try uploading the SCRN folder via FTP manually

There’s no SCRN Options in my dashboard after installing the new update. How do I format my header text to match the theme demo?

Hi. The SCRN Options were removed in the latest update, the new options are in Appearance > Customizer, to change the header texts / icons