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I am trying to install your theme with it’s demo specs (particularly the Services section). I keep getting this error when trying to import demo data

An error occurred while fetching file from:! Reason: 404 – Not Found.

Hi, please send me a WordPress and a FTP admin accounts via the contact form on my profile and I’ll check it

Hello ! Then i try to install demo-content, the error appears : An error occurred while fetching file from:! Reason: 404 – Not Found.


Hi, please send me your request to import the sample data + a WordPress admin account and your URL via the contact form on my profile

- sorry for the very late reply


i have a problem. it isn’t possible to customize my theme. I can’t change the colours, the font or something. The Theme options are missing.

I can’t find the setting possibility from the screenshots under “Very customizable”. Can you help me please?

Thank you.

Best regards Marita

Hello. I’m afraid I forgot to update the images, all the new options are located in Appearance > Customizer, that fonts option was removed in the latest update

Thank you, but I also can’t change the colours or something :-(.

What exactly do you want to change? The theme doesn’t offer multiple color schemes or anything similar, if you want to customize the colors, you’ll need to change them via style.css

Hello, I am also struggling to find the theme options tab you mention to customise the theme, please help!

Hi, all the options are in Appearance > Customizer

Where might I find the Import Demo file everyone is referring to? I can’t seem to find it. Also, will the Jsn file people are speaking of in this import be fixed? I have worked hours on this theme and can’t seem to get it right.

Hi. You can send me your URL, a WordPress admin account and your request to upload sample data and I’ll set it up for you.

How do I send the information to you privately? I already did through contact form but never heard back.


Hi, Does it have RTL support? Thanks

Hi, I’m afraid not, sorry.

Hey, I’ve sent you details about a bug we encoutered in contact form in a DM about 2 weeks ago, but never got a reply. How could we contact you?

Hi, soryr for the late reply, we didn’t receive any direct message on our e-mail

Contact Form 7 isn’t mobile friendly on certain browsers, ie Chrome (the most recent version). hree of the fields extend beyond the screens frame.

The issue can be seen on the mobile Chrome app and the developer tools for desktop.

My site:

Please advise.

Hi, sorry for the late reply, you can add this to style.css

input, textarea, select {
max-width: 100%;


we have a problem to install your theme. Could you give us the information to solve the problem?

An error occurred while fetching file from:! Reason: 404 – Not Found.


Hi, as I said in the other message as well, please send me the url + a WordPress admin account and a FTP account via the contact form on my profile

Dear Author: I bought this SCRN word press portafolio. I cannot seem to find the Design. Also, I do not seem to have a pallet of features I can use. Not sure what is wrong with this. Also the shortcodes are missing. Huge problem for me! Would you be able to kindly advise. We have just started to put in the information for our website and are struggling. Any help will be very much appreciated.

Best regards,



we have a problem to install your theme. Could you give us the information to solve the problem?

An error occurred while fetching file from:! Reason: 404 – Not Found.

Is this going to enable me to install the default template? Would you be able to provide me with the file by email so that I can ssh it into the server please? Is this the only missing file, or are there others that I should be made aware of.


Hi. The problem is not with installing the theme, but with sample data. You can send me your problem + a WordPress and a FTP admin accounts via the contact form on my profile and I’ll check / fix it

Hi, we cannot provide you with admin access to our website for security reasons. We are computer scientists and, as such, should be able to follow your instructions on how to make this work. Would it be possible to kindly provide us with some basic instructions and any missing configurations or files please. Many thanks in advance.


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Hi After using this theme for 2 years I’m getting a white screen on the site – if I set the front page as a static page the site reappears, but disappears if the front page is set to the latest posts – I’ve disabled all plugins, but still get a white screen

Hi, can you please send me your URL + a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile?


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We installed your theme last year and have not made any edits to our site in quite a while. I’m taking over the website but there is no way for me to edit the page except for the blog post and the top – I suspect a recent update has changed how the pages are created/edited? I can see the templates and can rearrange the order, but there is no option to edit. Any ideas on what is wrong?

Hi. I’m not sure what you mean, what exactly are you trying to edit? Nothing’s changed in the latest version except the design

Hi, Please, we need to solve this problem as soon as possible: One Click Demo Import doesn’t work, this is the message: “An error occurred while fetching file from: http://***/wp-content/themes/SCRN/lib/import/sample-widgets.json! Reason: 404 – Not Found.”

And WPBackery plugin doesn’t have the license. Please reply soon, I just sent you an email with details. Thank you

Hi, please send me your URL + a WordPress and a FTP account and I’ll fix it


I’m just updating your theme on a client’s website. How do I upgrade the theme from 2.2 to 2.8. I’ve exported the SCRN settings from 2.2 but there’s nowhere to import them back in v2.8.

Please help!

Thanks, Dave

Hi, thanks for getting back to me.. but how do I upgrade??!

just copy the new files over the old ones

Yeah, I tried that first but it just wipes all the settings. What am I doing wrong?

Hello, theme option panel is disappeared with latest update. You can help me?

Thanks for your patience.

Hi, the optionst are in Appearance > Customizer


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Preview site is labeled as Malware.

Hi, what browser are you using? It seems to work fine for me on both firefox and chrome


Paepin Purchased

Hey, Final. I sent an email asking about updating this theme. I got it updated fine, except for one thing – the header text defaulted to ~24px black font. The appearance>customize>header info seems to be missing editing options. I found the place in the style.css to “fix” the problem, but it’s still not like the header text in the preview. (The font/size is different & the top and bottom lines are displaying incorrectly.) Can you tell me how to get the font exactly as it appears in the demo? Thanks!



Paepin Purchased

Sorry, Final. I have a couple more questions on the updated theme. First, the blog posts are displaying improperly. ( The first line has 3 posts, the second line has one flush right, etc… Second, could you tell me how to make the “read more” page display all blog posts with no number limit? I want it to scroll seemingly endlessly through the rest of my blog, Pinterest/Facebook style. Thanks!

Issue with the mobile menu when there are sub items

See and go to the Photos menu item,

I can’t select the sub items under Photos. The menu collapses

Please advise


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Hi My portfolio don’t work properly I import Demo Data in other directory and don’t work properly too

hope you answer


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Header Text Issue (Same issue as Paepin) – When I put a line of text in the header it’s just standard black font. Almost, something like the text in this comment.