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Good morning, I bought the template scrn, I installed it but I do not see the theme settings panel. How can I do? In addition I would like to know where I can insert Google Bees. I await a courteous reply. Best regards. Giulia newprojects

Hello there, my apologies for the very very late reply. The options moved to Appearance > Customizer. As for Google bees, I’m not quite sure what you mean, can you please elaborate?

the contact form on the footer doesn’t work. Ive tried everything and still cannot recieve any emails

Please post your support requests using the account used to purchase the theme


Jerryq Purchased

Is there a way to have the header picture sized correctly when viewing on mobile, and the ability to center the header text on mobile? You can see more about what I mean when visiting my website. (view on mobile) I’m using iPhone 7+

Hello there, the image should be shown correctly, but due to the different dimensions on a mobile devices, the image may show up cropped, this is the normal behaviour. :( My apologies for the very late reply

Hello there!

I just bought your Theme and installed it, but the “Theme Options” Panel ist missing. Do you have any idea what that could be?


Hi and sorry for the late reply, the options moved in Appearance > Customize

Hi, I bought your template a few moths ago and I’ve some issues in configuration.

When I try to put a photo into the text in the “ABOUT/BIO” page, the photo appears not sized. (The dimension of the photo is correct)

How can I do? I’m not an expert user.

Thank you!

Hello there, can you please send me your request along with a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile? Thanks :)

Hi Final Destiny sorry but i have some problems with the demo: on iphone why it doesn’t work?


I’d like to use the SCRN theme for a simple single page layout site. The idea is to have several text area’s with images in between, as your theme nicely does.

However I have 7 pages that I want to show beneath each other, while the theme only shows 4. How can I extend the number of pages shown? I have found something in the css, but I’m not sure how and if that is editable…

The website is

Thanks a lot for the support!

yes this theme does not appear as it did in the preview. id like to get my money back for this please.

Hello We are very interested in buying your template, but before my final customer has some questions that I would like to convey to see if your product fits our needs.

1. Can I make the title of the slider linkable? 2. Can I enter social network icons in the slider? 3. Can I enter social network icons in the header? 4. Background videos can be played automatically on IOS devices? 5. What type of web builder does the template use? Visual Composer? 6. The home and other page templates are completely customizable (Modify, duplicate, delete sections, change the width, height and number of columns, insert shortcodes of other plugins, etc …)?

Thanks in advance for your answers and I hope to formalize the purchase shortly.


yes for some reason I can not find the area to edit the information on the individual areas i.e. home about us blah blah. Also there is built in images that will not go away. Also this theme does not look like it did in the preview. I am extremely disappointed in this theme and would like my money back or a credit where I can buy a theme that is what it says it is. I hope I actually hear something back this time!


xtoph Purchased


a) how can i change the house-icons in the contact footer? b) is there a way to add a timetable or some kind of calender? c) how can i insert the blog header with the full screen picture in the background?


Hi, hi can I change fonts to my own webfont? I’ve uploaded my webfont files, then added a link to the css but I don’t see my webfont appear in the Colorization Fonts menu. I also tried to hardcode the fonts in the layout.css but it seems to be overwritten when I refresh the page. Using SCRN2.2. Thanks

Also – when I put in my email address and try to send a message from the contact form, it says Page Not Found, and no email is sent or received at that address. Can you help?

Hi, how do I use a custom webfont? On the Colorization & Fonts menu I only see standard fonts and Google fonts.

I went ahead and uploaded my webfonts to the server, then went to editor and made a reference to include the CSS for the webfonts in the header. When I edited layout.css to overrride #intro H1 font, it still gets overridden by whatever is selected from the Colorization & Fonts menu. I know the fonts are installed correctly because when I’m in Chrome and I edit the CSS directly it displays correctly.

I’m using version 2.2 SCRN

Thanks!! S

Hi Author,

We purchased the theme SCRN just today and I was wondering where and how to configure the slide photos, the filter list, and everything that’s in demo.