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The Contact Form 7, that’s replacing the original contact form in your template, is only displaying white font. For example, if I type my name in the name field, it’s there but it’s white so it doesn’t look like it’s there. How can I change the font color for the contact form?


Where is the theme options panel?

Hello. As eluded to before, I am not happy with the outdated documentation, and lack of options or a standard theme options page. I will assume you are busy, but this is now my second request – can you please tell me how to get a refund. Thank you.

Please approve my refund! I cannot use this template with documentation that is clearly for a different version of this template. Here is my refund request id: d85439ba-bb26-4ae7-b78a-3a138bba0d1a

Please approve my refund request. I can’t use this theme with the outdated documentation.

Purchase date December 12, 2017 (4 days ago) Purchase code 4b2583f0-ecbe-48ad-8929-92c0a4835645 Refund request ID d85439ba-bb26-4ae7-b78a-3a138bba0d1a

I’m struggling with the installed site – nothing is coming out correctly

I haven’t heard a response. I would like a refund please.

Hi, some questions/problems and need help: 1. When there will be a theme-update and included an update of the Visual Composer? I can’t update the component without activating the copy of Visual Composer (what i don’t want) 2. I can’t save the changes in the Backend, if I’m wotking with the Visiual Composer, only in Frontend I can change and save. 4. In the Visual Composer, the design settings (margin, padding, border) do not work. 5. On the Homegape-Site the background-image is distorted completly in IPad an new IPhone. IPhone 5 is ok. You can see it also in your demo on Thanks, hope you will help me. Anika

I can’t receive emails. How do i set contact menu up? please help me.


When I go under Appearance > Customize and try change something I get the following error: Unable to save due to 1 invalid setting.

Just trying to edit the phone number in the “contact” area at the bottom of the page.

Any help would be much appreciated, tried to turn off all the plugins in case there was a conflict but still the same issue.

I look forward to hearing back form you

Kind regards

Hello. It looks like this has been covered multiple times in the support threads, but without the full “Customizer” options in the Theme Options, this theme is not what was promised. I’ve spent all night trying to get it to work as advertised, and haven’t been able to. This is very disappointing. Not being able to change the hompage image, re-order or edit the run down of sections on the homepage. It’s all quite concerning and not at all what I was expecting. You have said this will be dealt with in a future update, but when will that be? Please help and offer some assistance.