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Hi, I have a problem about responsivity of the portfolio images on mobile, here is my website :

Can you help me please ?

This is really weird. What phone/OS are you using? Here’s how it looks on my phone and on my PC when I resize the window to mobile devices size

The problem isn’t on the page you screenshoted but when you go in each section of the portfolio.

To see the problem you can click on the “paris health care week” photo for example.

Hi, How can I change the background of the blog template to white from black on SCRN template? Thanks!

Hi. Are you reffering to the page on the homepage or the individual page? Can you post the URL of the page that you want to modify the background?

Thanks – Both, the blog section of the homepage and the blog posts themselves.

Hi and sorry for the very late reply. You can send me your request + a WordPress admin account via the contact form 7 on my profile

Salut , doresc sa achizitionez tema , ai idee cand lansezi update ul pentru visual composer ?

Salut. Va urma, nu am o estimare, se lucreaza la el. Dureaza mai mult pentru ca se modifica tot codul front-end(se trece la bootstrap)

Hi there,

Not really a problem here, but just to let people know that the “Lazy Load” plugin can cause problems with the layout in the portfolio. I just disabled it.

Hi. :) Thanks for the message, the lazy load plugin isn’t loaded by default in the theme

hi there! , great theme !

i have a problem with a template, when i am using Team Members and want to have 3 columns in a line, i select the option 3 COLUMNS and i only get 2 in a line.

but on the main page is ok. Its when a page is separately running that the problem occurs

here is the link with the problem

thank you

hi there, i have no reply in 20 days , can you please answer me as soon as possible, so i know if my issue can be fix ?? thank you


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hello ?

Could u please tell, where can i find the documentation for the theme?

Hi, there’s a documentation folder included within the theme, if you downloaded the full package of the theme and not just the downloadable theme file.

Sorry for the very late reply

ok I found it.

I added a new portfolio item. But it is not displayed in the portfolio. I even get a blank page, when I save it and hit “view page”.

Hi, sorry for the very late reply. Do you still need assistance with this problem?

Buenas tardes, Tengo una página web creada en Wordpress con su Tema SCRN, por ello contacto con vuestro soporte.

Por algún problema, en la sección del formulario de contacto de la web, el color de la fuente (los textos) tiene algún error. Algunos textos no aparecen el color blanco y resulta muy complicado leerlos sobre ese fondo de tapiz de color gris.

No tengo experiencia en cuestiones técnicas de wordpress ni experiencia avanzada en informática. Podrían ayudarme por favor a solucionar este problema?

Pueden ver esta incidencia en la sección de contacto de mi página web.


Hi, please post your message in english and using the account you used to purchase the theme


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I got the same problem like “molliephoto” two years ago

“when viewed on a mobile phone it appears with a large white space to the right hand side.”

i try to edit the contain css of the page-full.php which is the base of the my site but without any success. Any advice? im not an it guy. thanks for your help.

Hi, what’s your URL?


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Hi there,

I’ve just purchased the theme and I was wondering if it was possible to change the behaviour in the mobile view for the images at the end of each section. I would like the images to be displayed at 100% width without being cropped like now.



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Dear FinalDestiny,

I am sorry, but i am new with Wordpress. I bought you awesome theme. How can i place the demo-page / demo-site?