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bmbuke Purchased

Installed the latest version of the theme, imported the demo data and my site looks nothing like the demo site can you please help?


bmbuke Purchased

The only way I could get it to import the demo data correctly is to install everything fresh. A new database, new wordpress install, and then import… the upgrade from the older version to the new would not work. It’s a bummer that now I have to rebuild my entire site.

Should I be seeing a menu entry for theme options or is everything handled in the customize menu now? I don’t see a theme options panel any longer.

Everything is handled in the customizer. After you import the sample data, you’re supposed to select the menu in Appearance > Menus if you want the same pages as the demo


bmbuke Purchased

OK thank you. I will work on building out the new site from scratch since the theme update did not go well.

The page for this theme mentions it was changed in June 2017 and that a feature is supported since version 2.6 – yet in the changelog at the bottom the last update is 2014. Why isn’t the front page updated? Where can I see the changelog since then?

Context: A client has this theme (v. 1.6 (!)) and it was modified without a child theme (!) – my task is to find out whether it’s worth trying to extract all customization into a child theme now, so we can update to the newest version, so I need to see if there were security related updates or such.

Also, would it be possible to get a copy of the 1.6 version original so I can run a diff check on it, to make the task of extracting the modifications a lot lot lot easier?

Thanks, Julix julix 91 [at] g m x [dot] de (w/o the spaces)

Hi. No security updates, but mostly fixes and since 1.6 the theme was pretty much changed entirely, even the design was slightly modified and updated so updating it will require quite a good time of extra work. I’d suggest against it if the client is happy and doesn’t want the new layout and features.

If the client wants to update, I’d suggest just copying the new files and re-do the customization on the new files. A child theme won’t work because the html mark-up was changed(we replaced the previous grid system with bootstrap), new things were added. 1.6 is way too old in terms of easily migrating to the latest version.

I had issues updating my old SCRN theme to the new one; result is I’m not seeing the demo content in the format I was hoping for. Can you provide assistance on it?

Hi. Are you trying to update the theme or to import the sample content in the new version?

I’m trying to do both … I may need to start fresh at this point

Still need help on this issue. Please advise.


pedervds Purchased

I have installed the theme and plugins successfully. But I can’t upload the demo/sample data. I get the following error message as many of the other users, when I read comments:

An error occurred while fetching file from:! Reason: 404 – Not Found.

Can you fix it?

Hi, I have fixed the issue via e-mail :)

Hi ,

The image gets lost on the following scenario on the “Portfolio” On the website it goes as “Our Expertise” 1. Click View Details 2. Click Return 3. Click View Details Then the image is not visible over here.

My site is available at Let me have your email address so that i can send you the credentials.

I am waiting …..

I have done some CSS changes . now it’s working . some one need help mean it’s argent . you should have curtsy to reply .

Hi, I installed your theme (looks great!) but the contact form is not working. Please advise?

if any one wants to embed local video to bx-slider just change the single-portfolio.php

echo ‘

  • <video src=”’ . $video1 . ’” autoplay loop controls ></video>
  • ’;

    in wordpress portfolio item you have to add the media gallery video link

    Better if FinalDestiny can change his theme facilitate this option without edit the code.

    Google Maps will not load in the footer map section. Ask the JavaScript console to check for more technical information.

    How can I fix this?