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Can pages/categories be added in submenu?

I’m afraid dropdown menus are not supported right now, if it will be requested by many users, I might consider implementing it.

I love this theme (and your others as well). The only thing that seems lacking is the portfolio. Is there an option to filter the portfolio by categories and is there an option to show a portfolio item in a detail page? I think if you offered these options your sales would go through the roof. I hope the answer to these questions is yes! Good luck with sales.

That’s a good suggestion, if it will sells good I will implement a filterable portfolio in the next update. :)

Great! As I said, if you implement it now you will sell like crazy! Also, is there an option to show more than one image in a portfolio item?

Good luck with sales , congrats :)

Thank you! :)

I like your style! Neat and big! Good luck selling!

Thank you! :)



Thank you! :)


I am having trouble with the slide show. I used the shortcode you include iun the help file, and it seems to word perfectly, except that the images do now show. The frame, and the progress dots show, so it is there, but for some reason the images don’t apeear. Any clue?

Thanks beforehand.

An import file with the pages you created would be helpful to replace content and images too, if I may suggest.

Hello. You can find the sample data included in the /sampledata/ folder. As for the problem make sure you didn’t leave any empty lines or spaces between the slider_img shortcodes and between them and [slider]

I checked it, and there are no blank spaces…

please send me a wordpress admin account + a url via the contact form on my profile

Nice theme! Good job! :)

Goood job mate! (mult succes :D)

Hi, I use this theme to develop a website for the company I work for, if i have any questions I can ask? My boss threw me a challenge which is to make the site in a day, it’s easy to change things?

Thank you and congratulations for the theme design!

You don’t have the buyer badge, I need a proof that you bought the theme. I can’t offer support for customization requests, but for issues related to the default functionality I’ll help you.

Nice work. Good luck! :)

Hi, it’s possible to insert images in the preview of the news ?


Where? On the homepage in the pages content? Of course, you can add anything you want there(videos, images, text, etc)

On the homepage, it’s possible ? or when I click “blog” in the menu. thx

Yes, in both places it’s possible, in the blog it shows the excerpt of the latest posts from your website, you can add the html code for videos or images in the excerpt field.

Hi there, awesome,awesome theme!

The only problem i`ve got that it looks strange on Chrome. The scroll distances do not work correctly and on the startscreen the Intro does not show at all. On Firefox & Safari everything works fine. I tested on Chrome 22 on OsX 10.6 & 10.8.


chrome 22? I have chrome 21 on my mac and it says it’s the latest version. Downloaded it once again from the official website and it’s still 21. And on chrome 21 it works just fine on OS X mountain lion

Yes, right. Rule #1 – never test on a beta browser! On Chrome 21 everything works super.

Thx a lot


You’re welcome. When chrome 12 will be released, I’ll make sure it works fine on it.

Great looking theme. Congrats! But it seems a bit hard to customize very much. Can’t find:

- individual portfolio page – a loooot of projects needs to have an option for a larger description + the possibility of adding several photos. - filterable portfolio – a must, really! Can’t be let out if you want a hit. - submenus. It’s too difficult to have just a slightly informative webpage without. - no chance of adding sidebar or widgets even on single pages or blog? Really? - no google maps? Probably easy to integrate yourself, it’s just a surprising thing to leave out of the contact page.

Really love the look – but it’s so hard to buy and use when it’s lacking a lot of the basic necessarities. Any chance of a major update soon?

Best, Andy

Ok, I’ll think of a portfolio solution and implement it. I don’t have an ETA though, may be ready this week..Or next one.

Sounds great. You’ve really nailed the design – now you just need the functionality :) Have a look at the zig-zag theme ( It has all the functionality were talking about in the same setup as yours. And the buyers are loving that theme. Own it myself – and would definitely buy yours as well if it offers the same portfolio, widgets etc. (+ pictures on blogs of course!). Is it manageable you think?

Great, thank you. :)

I agree! Implement these features and it will be top selling.

Noted, thank you for your feedback.

Just downloaded the theme – really nice design but it has MAJOR problems on iPad and iPhone! please tell me you’re working on a fix! I really want to make my site live this week but can’t until the issues are fixed….

I tested it on iPad and iPhone and it was fine, can you please post what issues do you encounter?

The intro page BG doesn’t show (even on the live preview from TF) The intro titles and social links only show when you start scrolling down the page (when they should be hidden by the page content!)

The problem is mainly evident when viewed in landscape on an iPad and in both portrait and landscape on iPhone.

In addition, the page width is wrong on iPhone in portrait and landscape – taking up only half the screen in portrait in my case.

Ok, thanks for reporting the issues, will check and fix them today or tomorrow! I tested the themes on the official iOS simulator from Apple and it looked fine.

this temp is awesome how old are you ? You look very young do you do customizations ?

20 in a few days :) It depends on what you want to achieve, you can send me a message to my contact-form with your requests and I’ll reply you there.

Glad you like it!