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Hi, I like the theme and everything works fine except the portfolio. When you click on the chain to view the images and text, it opens the portfolio case on a different url with no css (for example:

The images are underneath each other and then the description on the bottom. I tried your theme on a clean install but it keeps doing this.


Please point me in the right direction to having this fixed.

Hi, I just saw your comment on ‘meilensteindigital’ question below and tried it quickly on my website. Seems to work fine! Thanks for this wonderfull theme.

Hi. I guess you’re using the filterable portfolio from the layout builder, which has a bug(will be fixed in the next days). For now, replace that block with a text block with this shortcode [filterable_portfolio number=”500”], it’s the same thing

Just wanted to say “thanks” – i had a couple of questions about configuring the contact form and then getting it to show on the menu but found the answers just by searching the comments. Theme is lovely – thanks :)

Glad you liked the theme and glad to see you’ve managed to fix the problems! :)

Can you please rate the theme in the Downloads section of ThemeForest? Also, if you have some time and would like to write a small review and send me your website’s URL, that’d be great, I’m working on the official website and I could add the website to the “Clients” section if that’s okay with you :) Thanks a lot.

hi, like sthensen i have the same problem with the filterable portfolio. clicking the chain opens a new a with no css.



Try using that code in the HTML tab of the editor, not in the Visual one. :)

awesome .. thank you!

You’re welcome

Hello. I have 2 questions: 1. What are the correct sizes of the background images separators? Some how, my images get scaled automatically, but I don’t want this. 2. How can I edit the space above and below of the different formats, like h1, h2, or the service title (when I include the three columns-thing).

Thanks so much for helping.


1) There’s no fixed dimensions, the height is set to 600px while the width auto-adjusts based on the screen dimensions, I’d suggest something like 1200×600 pixels

2) I’m not sure what you mean, you can customize those in css/layout.css or by adding the code directly to style.css and override layout.css if you know the selectors(you can use Firebug for example), but it requires some css knowledge

Hi FinalDestiny!

I’m very close to my aim, thank you for supporting me! (My page is This inserted in the style.css should have removed the date from the blog posts:

.page p.singlemeta {
display: none !important;

This inserted in the style.css should have removed the comment-box from the blog posts:

.page #comment-wrap {
display: none;

But both is still showing up at the blog part, the date/time as well as the comment-section. What’s wrong? Any idea? Best regards.

Hi. You can add this to style.css

#comment-wrap {
display: none !important;
p.singlemeta { 
display: none !important;

Hi there, it works at 50%: The comment-box from the blog is gone now but the time-stamp is still there.

Can you please post the exact URL of the page where the timestamp is still there?

Hi FinalDestiny!

Whenever I try to wrap the slider into a two_thirds-column, it shows a white edge at the bottom. If I use the same code for the slider without the column, there is no edge shown. I tried the [clear]-thing, but with no effort. Ditto there is no Line-break in the slider-code, which is:


(My page is Have a nice day,


Hi Gimric! I see you removed the two_thirds and kept the slider as full width, do you need further assistance with this?

Thank you, I changed my mind meanwhile.

Thanks for all your help.. the support has been great here :) Glad I purchased this theme.

I do have one last question.. for the project portfolio, is it possible to add more than 6 images in the slider?

Much appreciation.

Hi. I can modify the code if you send me your request + a WordPress / FTP account via the contact form on my profile.

Hi – how do I get the contact form to send the email to my account? Where do I configure that?


Hi! As exmediagroup said above, you can install the Contact Form 7 plugin, take its shortcode and put it in SCRN Options > General Settings > the option for the contact form 7 form.

The default form doesn’t work on some hosts

Thank you!!

You’re welcome


go to “SCRN OPTIONS” – “General settings”, and put your e-mail address in the required field, you will see it.

Also, you need to make sure you have installed the Contact Form plugin (search and install it from the plugins page – super easy), then grab the short code and put it in the required field just like you did your e-mail from above.

Thank you! :)

I have successfully replaced the ‘cover’ background image. How do I replace the remainder of the train track images with my own backgrounds? I’m having a hard time finding the simple option for this…

Apologies – since found the answer in previous questions. Great theme btw!

how can I edit or delete the contact page?

Hi. You can edit it in index.php at the bottom. As for deleting it, add this to style.css

#contact {
display: none;

How do I add google maps to the contact page?

You’ll need to add the iframe code for that google map in index.php(near the Contact info “box” for example)

Love this theme, thank you for creating it.

One issue I am having (that I notice also exists in your live preview) is the button below each column in the Pricing Table is not entirely clickable. Just the word itself, inside the button, triggers the URL. If you click below or above the URL text (but still within the button) nothing happens. I’ve noticed a few users struggle with this and it is important for us considering it triggers our quote forms. Any fix for this?

Go to includes/shortcodes.php and find

$output .= '<div class="signup"><div class="button2">';
    if($morelink !== '')
        $output .= '<a href="' . $morelink . '">' . $moretext . '</a>';
        $output .= $moretext;
    $output .= '</div></div>

replace it with

$output .= '<div class="signup">';
    if($morelink !== '')
        $output .= '<a href="' . $morelink . '"><div class="button2">' . $moretext . '</div></a>';
        $output .= $moretext;
    $output .= '</div>

Thank you! Worked like a charm. I should have thought of that!

You’re welcome :)


I was just wondering if there is any way to add a couple of logos to the Contact page. I currently have two separate logos in the “Bio” section that I would like to move down…

Thanks so much, and I hope to hear from you soon! Michael

Hi, you can edit the contact page code in index.php, at the bottom and add the html code for the logos directly near the Contact Info

Thanks a lot! I appreciate the quick response…

Sorry for repost but had to subscribe to the post

Hey FinalDestiny – Thanks for a great theme.

My contact form does not seem to work. I’ve added email and made the inormation text to another language, but that shouldnt mess with the functionality!

Can you give it a look?

Hi. Try installing Contact Form 7 and take its shortcode & place it in the SCRN Options Panel on the left > General Settings, there’s a field for the Contact Form 7 shortcode

Thank you – That worked really well and it has super settings options.. I just need to find out where i change the page titel from Contact to my own language “Kontakt” as there are a lot of php pages for the plugin.

But thanks a bunch – you made my day!

You can edit it in index.php at the bottom

How do you use the shortcodes? Where is there a list of all of them?

Hi. The shortcodes are included in the documentation. Or you can use the Page Builder

Will be possible on the portfolio make three main picture as categories and when you click them you have a photo gallery with thumbs?



Hi. Unfortunately that’s not possible by default, it requires customization

How do I decrease the space between posted images?

Hi. I don’t understand your question, which space are you reffering to?


Thank you for the theme, it’s awesome!

I’ve send you a mail to ask you for the demo version. I think it could help if you could add in your doc how to set up the demo because when we see the structure, it’s easier to modify don’t you think?

Also, I’d like to add my blog (which has a different URL) with the intro links (pinterest, Instagram, facebook etc.) but the wordpress logo doesn’t exist. How can I do that?

Finally, I’ve added a “Hire me” button and I’d like to send the user to the contact form when clicked, is it possible?

A big thank you for your help and keep up the great work ! ;)

Unfortunately there’s no icon for WordPress added by default in the theme, sorry. :( It needs to be custom coded / designed and integrated it in the theme like the others

Ok thank you for the answer! My website is finished however I have a last questions: - I’ve added external links on my menu but they open in the page and not in a new one (target_blank). Is it possible to change that? - I have a slight gap between column one and two in the skills part, could you tell my how i can modify that?

Thank you by advance!

Hi, you’ll need to enable “Link Target” and you should be able to choose that


the text on two of the pages on my site are running off the page when browser width is reduced to mobile size. Reviews and Bio pages

Any idea what I’ve done wrong? There’s just plain text on those pages.

Hi, Thanks for the response, but that doesn’t seem to have fixed it. Anything else I can try?

Ah! I found the problem. It seems to be because I pasted from Word into the wordpress CMS. the presence of certain characters, like word quotation marks seems to have broken the layout.

To fix, I simply “cleaned” the text by pasting it into notepad before pasting it into wordpress.