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Hi Final Destiny,

I am playing with qtranslate in order to have my site available both in French and in English. I have two questions:

1) is it possible for the home button simply to redirect to the top without refreshing the page and therefore returning to the default language? I tried the /#intro solution, to no avail;

and 2) why is it that in the page builder, the <!-:en->English text<-:fr->Texte français<!-:-> code doesn’t work? The code itself doesn’t show up, but both the English and the French versions appear in the box regardless of which language is selected!

Thanks (again!)


Does that mean to say that, as far as compatibility with SCRN, I would be better served by WPML?

Hooray! I found my answer! For the record, simply use [:en] and [:fr] in the page builder…


Ah, great! :)

Hi FinalDestiny

thank you for the awesome theme and the great support! I’m nearly at my aim. The theme SCRN was used at the site too, where the contact form hits my eye: How can I add that [one_third] & [two_thirds] text at the bottom? This would be an elegant place for a disclaimer. Thanks in advance!


Hi Gimric. Unfortunately that’s not a normal page, but a page added directly from the code, I’d suggest editing index.php and placing the Disclaimer text directly in that area, below the code for the form and the Contact Info

How can I keep the top image at a max-height? I have really search this Forum, and figure out to edit #intro { height: 450px; and #intro .bg1 { height: 450px;

But still my top image will be higher on big screens. check out, try resizing the screen and you probably see what i mean.


You can go to style.css and remove

@media only screen and (min-width: 1100px) {
    .separator1 .bg, #intro .bg1 {
        background-attachment: fixed !important;

the browser resizes the image and shows just a portion of it, but it’s 450px, it’s not bigger. It just cuts some parts of it

That did the trick. exactly what I was looking for, thanx

You’re welcome!

I’m looking to adjust the resting position of the header after it scrolls. I realize it requires some extra customization, if you could only point me in the right direction with the right files that would require editing for this adjustment? Thank you very much!

Add this to style.css

.bg h2 {
padding-top: 30px !important;

it worked, thank you!

You’re welcome

Hi there – great theme. I have trouble with the navigation menu – when I try to add it from either appearence->Menus to the top menu or from themes it does not save my settings. So I cant use a custom navigation.

And we I did purchase just with another supertusch email:)

Hello. Does it work with another theme? Also can you please post your request using the account you used to purchase the theme?

Hi mate, Thanks for the great and easy to setup theme. I was trying to do some fixes to make it allow RTL direction (using by Arabic and Hebrew languages). The problem is when I tried to sort the menu, it was sorting pages in reverse order. The solution is to add the following line in functions. After this code: foreach($menu_items as $item) { if($item->object == 'page') $include[] = $item->object_id; } add the following line: $include = array_reverse($include);

Hope this will help someone.

Regards, Oras

Hi! Thanks for sharing this!


Great theme. Love the look. I’ve done a lot of searching through these comments hoping I would find my answer – but no luck. I want to import the demo content – and I know it’s in /sampledata – but there are 4 .xml files in there, and none of them are clearly labeled as dummy/demo/sample – which am I looking to import here? Or is there a missing file. Thanks!

Hi! Try importing scrn wordpress tools import.xml

I performed a search of how to use a logo instead of copy in the demo. You kept referring to the FAQ, but in the current version I failed to see anything related to replacing the copy with a logo.

So my question: How can I replace the the copy with a logo, preferably responsive as well. I can’t find this in the documentation.

kind regards, Thomas.

Hi. There’s an option to upload a custom logo in the Options panel

thank you for your quick reply, very much appreciated!

This may be out of the functionalities of this theme, but is it possible to have the first background picture to be a background video?

If you have any solution or point me in a direction to look for a fix..

Much help appreciated again, Thomas.

Hello, unfortunately it’s not possible by default, only by coding it manually

ok thx i’ll manually code it.

When using team short code: do you insert the image url’s manually or use some kind of insert function in wordpress?

You will need to upload the images in the Media section of WordPress.

when I click “add media” and upload, nothing shows up as result. I put it in between [team image” “

Not sure what you mean, you need to add the images via the Media library on the left, upload them, take the URL’s and put them in the team shortcode, image attribute.

When using team short code: do you insert the image url’s manually or use some kind of insert function in wordpress?

You will need to upload the images in the Media section of WordPress.

Looking for a single page theme like this but with the ability for visitors to purchase, via PayPal button, the few products I offer. Ideally, they’d be able to learn a little bit more about the product, a paragraph and maybe a few photos, before clicking purchase.

I’m seeing comments about PayPal issues, is this something can be achieved with the SCRN theme? How? And/or would you suggest another of your themes to fulfill this need.

Hello. Unfortunately this theme wasn’t built for e-commerce purposes, but it should work fine with a 3rd party plugin that does that job, however, you might need to work a little bit on the styling


URL: Private Blog pw: willienelson

Can you take a look at my page “The Class”? I’m using the [one_fourth] shortcode with lightbox shortcode inside each fourth. I’ve looked carefully through the shortcode and I can’t figure out why Amy’s photo & name are in a separate row. What I want is 3 rows of 4 photos, with Stephani’s photo in its own row at the bottom. Is there something quirky with the [one_fourth] code?

thank you, Hannah

Hi, try using [clear] after each 4 column codes

How do I center buttons using the short code? I’m having a hard time centering them horizontally into the center of the page.

Hi, try using the [center] shortcode, like [center]button[/center]

Hello, is it possible to delink the email address on the contact page? To clarify, the email address I’m referring to is the email address under the “Contact Info” header.

Hi, go to index.php and find

<a href="mailto:<?php echo $scrn['email'];?>"><?php echo encEmail($scrn['email']);?></a><?php } ?>

replace it with

<?php echo encEmail($scrn['email']);?><?php } ?>

When my browser is the size of a regular sized laptop screen, the home page looks good. When I make the browser larger to fit my large screen, say 1900px or more, things get wonky. The tagline disappears, and the social buttons end up on top of the C’s of the logo. Here is the page in question. Are there limitations to the responsiveness of this theme?

Hi, try removing this from style.css

@media only screen and (min-width: 1100px) {
    .separator1 .bg, #intro .bg1 {
        background-attachment: fixed !important;
Hi there, great theme, great support! My site is http:\\ I’ve got two questions: 1) I added a pic with a subtitle on a dark backgrund, now the white frame around the pic irritates me—how can I switch it’s color? 2) I’m looking for a solution to embed a “Pin it”-button, so that visitors of the site coud pin pics from the site to (their own) pinterest. I was looking around for a solution without javascript (which seems not to be allowed). Looking for a simple solution I found this on
string url = "" + "?url=" + "your link" + "&media=" + "link to youre image" + "&description=" + "your description";
Do you think this solution could work? If, I’d need the proper syntax. Or do you know an other proper solution? Regards, Gimric


1) Add this to style.css:

.wp-caption {
border: none !important;

2) Unfortunately that’s not possible without custom coding the icon inside the theme files :(

Thank you!


first of all let me thank you for your wonderful template. I´m very satisfied with it. But I do have some questions and was hoping you could help me out:

1) I use a Image in the Header of my website ( Is it possible to make it scaleable on mobile devices? 2) This is also regarding viewing the page on smaller browsers/mobile devices: The headings do not break. Is there a way to make them reflowable? 3) How can I change the color of the two lines in the header? I´ve couldn´t find an option for that. 4) Is there a posibility to make the scroll effect a bit slower when using the menu bar? 5) Last one :-). I was not able to change the color of the mail-adress on the contact info section. How would I do that?

Once again, thank you so much for your help!

All the best Mrbananenbrot

Hi Glad you like the theme.

1) The image should auto-adjust based on the screen on the device.

2) On some pages I see you’re using the content within <pre> tags, please remove those as they break responsiveness.

3) Add this to style.css:

.intro-line {
border-top: 1px solid #your-color !important;

4) Try editing the 1000 value in js/smooth-scroll.js

jQuery('html,body').animate({scrollTop:scrollTarget}, 1000, "swing", function(evt) {

5) Add this to style.css

#Kontakt a {
color: #your-color !important;

Hi, are there any better explanations with full shortcode on how to implement filterable portfolio?

Help file doesn’t cover that part nicely.


Hi, answered above.

Bought this from a different account, sorry. Hi, are there any better explanations with full shortcode on how to implement filterable portfolio?

Help file doesn’t cover that part nicely.


As I said, you’ll need to use the filterable_portfolio shortcode. And make sure you added the portfolio posts in the dashboard > Portfolio tab

ok, got it working, thanks!

You’re welcome