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I love your theme. Very good. But I have one problem. I found some things on this comment but this didnt work. I want different height of .bg for each page. But didnt work. I try: .post-id-10 .bg { height: 200px !important; } or postid-10 .bg page-id-10 .bg

but nothing work. Where is the problem? Please help

Hi, please post your support request using the account you used to purchase the theme

HI, I purchased the theme recently and am trying to stylize the background on a child theme I created from the original SCRN template.

I’m having an issue with the block item #intro .bg. A user McAsh reported the problem about a year ago. Was there ever a way to resolve the issue? Thanks

Hello, can you please elaborate on what issue do you have? It doesn’t override the default bg image? Try using !important

Hello. Really like this same page function. A couple of questions, I had someone do the setting up of my url “”, but they no longer can find to finish it. I’m not very savvy on this stuff. Can you refer me to someone that I can pay. We are not far from finishing it. My two major things is that the contact box is not working and the captua disappeared. Also, from the 6 categories, once they click on it I would like it to go into a flip page to where I can place a horizontal, two vertical images or maybe a video. I’ll appreciate anything you can do for me. Thank you.

Rey Nungaray.

The template was purchased under Lamarcaden.

my email

thank you.

Hi. I can fix the contact form and the portfolio to work like the demo(to show the details upon click on the “more” icon)

That would be great. Can you activate the captcha. thank you. When did you want to update so that I’m not logged in.

Please send your URL + your request + a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile and I’ll fix it

Hello, I’m maintaining a website for my client who is using your theme, and I need to know how to add a blog page? So far I’ve created a page and chosen Blog Template, added it to the menu, but posts aren’t showing up. I assume it’s got something to do with the settings on the “Reading” menu, but I don’t want to change them without knowing for sure. The options are visible in this screenshot. Please advise as to how to get the blog page working.

Hi. What’s the URL of the website?


Hi, you’re using the 1.6 version on your website, the latest one is 2.1 with the blog update

Hi, I wonder how to sort the filterable portfolio in a certain way? Like I want a certain portfolio to appear before the others. I tried changing the publish date and the first row is in correct order but the second and third row are not. Thanks.

Hi, if you want certain portfolio items to show up first, you’ll need to modify the published date of all of them, they’re ordered by date

Hey, I’m using the team shortcut on the dark template but the name and title are in a dark gray, would you please tell me how to make it white or another color?

Thank you!

Please disable the maintenance plugin so I can see it.

It’s on you can see now, I thought I had sent this message already, I’m sorry.

Hi, go to css/layout.css and find:

.dark-bg p, .dark-bg {
    color: #f9f9f9;

replace it with

.dark-bg p, .dark-bg {
    color: #f9f9f9 !important;

Can you answer a quick question before we buy the theme? We’re looking at a minor customization to put the menu above the header graphic. How easy or hard would that be to adjust within the theme code?

Hi. I can make that modification upon purchase, if you provide a WP admin account.

Brilliant. Thanks for the help. I’ll check in once I confirm the purchase.

I would like my menu to be sticky at the top of the screen? How can I do this?

Thanks. It was working great, but seems to have stopped. Any idea what might have changed? I didn’t change anything.

I figured it out. Apparently when I’m using W3 Total Cache, it doesn’t work. Any work around?

What doesn’t work? Just the menu? that’s not possible, try clearing the cache of the plugin

Is there a way to make a specific category under the blog section point to an external website?

Unfortunately not by default, sorry

Is there a way to use the dropdown menus added in 1.9 as just a menu, so the pages shouldn’t be shown on the front-page?

Hi. Just add the pages as external links instead of adding them as normal pages

I’m running your theme with WPML and I’ve run into a problem with the navigation url’s when switching between the home page (index page) and the normal pages (stand-alone pages). The issue is that my navigation links all have hashtags as all the sections belong to a single page, whereas the stand alone page is not part of the main page and clicking on one of the menu’s links breaks the navigation. Do you have any idea how to solve this?

Hi. I’ll take a look at it and try to figure out a fix.

Unfortunately my contactform fails to send. Is there anything wrong with te latest WP update?

Hi, try using the Contact form 7 integration

I downloaded this theme a year or so ago. I had a blog with several entries on another theme. When I changed over to the SCRN I can not seem to get my old entries to show up. What am I doing wrong? Thx.

You helped me once before but I am not any further along. You have a login to


Hi, please send me your problem + your URL + a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile and I’ll fix it.

did you get the login infro?

Hi, I answered you on the e-mail, the details were not working

Hi, we are loving this template. However, have come across a problem. We tried something with a script in the footer.php. It did not work, so we replaced the footer.php with the original code. This should have put the footer back to it’s original. Now we are getting an error message on the page: Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysite_after_main() in /home/content/l/i/n/lindanicole/html/wp-content/themes/SCRN/footer.php on line 10 Can you help correct this? Thank you.

Hi, that code is not part of the original theme, are you sure you replaced your footer.php with the original one?

I can’t believe I did that. Yes, it was pulled from the wrong file. All corrected. Sorry for the trouble.

HI FinalDestiny,

Have a question for you. In your live demo you have the filterable portfolio in the open or detail view with Cabrio highlighted. I’d like to do the same on my site. How do you do it? I’ve searched the support section and noticed 4 months ago you answered another person that’s it’s not possible by default but your doing it on your demo site so seems possible.

Thanks, like your theme a lot, you’ve put a lot of work into it! Nice job.

Hi. I’m not sure what you mean, by default the “All” is highlighted, even on my demo :)

Yes, sorry I had clicked on one already. So my hope was to have an item in the detail view setup by default when the page loads. So in your demo say you click on Project with Videos and that detail view loads. So have the page be in that configuration when the page loads.

Thanks for the quick reply b

Unfortunately that’s not possible by default, it would involve quite a good deal of customization to achieve that

I just tried to install your theme and it said the Install failed. I got this message.

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Hello, try unzipping the archive you downloaded from ThemeForest

Is it possible to change the color of the navigation buttons while on hover?

Hi, try;

nav a:hover {
color: #your-color !important;

I have a very general question: Although I changed the tagline in the “general option” section, the sub titel “Just another Wordpress blog” does not disappear in my browser. I already deleted the cache of my browser but it still does not work. What can I do?

Hi, I’d recommend installing a SEO plugin like Yoast WP SEO to manage the title of your website

It works! Thanks :-)

You’re welcome!

The outlining of team members is not correctly. Do you know the reason. It’s been build by the Page Builder ‘Teams’

Hi, try adding a new block for each 3 team members, it should fix it.


You’re welcome. It will be fixed in the next update