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Hey there, I can’t seem to get the linkedin shortcode to work like Twitter and Facebook, for example. Is it “[linkedin_small username=”xxx”]?

Hi, there’s no linkedin shortcode by default.

Ohhh. Is it possible to include a shortcode similar to the other social media shortcode into the shortcodes.php? (Sorry, I’m not a coder so while I recognize what and where, I don’t know how to write that type of code.)

Unfortunately not by default, there’s no linkedin icon coded by default :(

I have an image slider and a quote slider on the same page. Is there a way to match the speed of both sliders so that they change at the same time? I tried to edit the speed the quote slider (in short codes.php under timeout, but that had no affect on the speed). If possible, I would like them to match and have the image slider a little bit slower.

In the same folder, go to aq-slider-block.php and play with the speed numbers there

<script type="text/javascript">
                jQuery(".flex-' . $id . '").flexslider({
                        animation: "slide",
                        slideshow: true,
                        slideshowSpeed: 3500,
                        animationSpeed: 1000

You’re welcome

How can I change the color of various buttons such as: search button (search form) send button (contact form) default “submit” buttons (any form) I’d like for them to be grey buttons with black text…

you can try using this code:

input[type=submit] {
background-color: #your-color !important;
color: #your-color !important;

adjust the color hex codes

Hey Final,

Are there any button attributes (or other manner) that I can have one of the buttons display a pop-up message rather than displaying an entirely new URL?


Hi, unfortunately that’s not possible by default, you’ll need a lightbox plugin for that, or some custom code.


Just starting to use this theme, looks good so far but im stuck on a few things? 1. I cant seem to make my old page post appear on the new site. 2. I cant change the background images [ i dont have a background section in my appearance section in wp. 3. I cant seem to make a page with all the videos I have or at least show them in the posts?

any help would be appreciated.



1) Hm, what page post? Can you please elaborate?

2) It’s not possible to change background images for individual posts, only for the pages showing up on the homepage

3) You can use the blog page template and show a specific category that has those blog posts


ok let me try again.

1. Migrating from my old page post to your template the videos/posts disappear [ its primarly a video blog site].

2. the background images in your template i cannot remove and replace with my pictures [ i dont have a background section in my appearance section in wp where it says i can change your original pictures] im on a mac.

i want to make the main page pictures or videos that you click on to bring you to that post but i cant seem to do that.

How do I get videos to show up in your template.



You’re not using SCRN on that website. Or if you have a live URL where I can see the website with SCRN, please leave it.

Hey man, loving the theme! :)

Just having a little trouble with the Page Builder though. The template doesn’t save when I add a text box (or any other box) inside a column. Is there something I’m doing wrong here?

Hi, are you using the latest version of the theme? Can you please send me your problem + a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile?

Yep, will do so now

Hello, I answered you there

Is there a way to make all the portfolio posts symmetrical? For some reason, it allows more lines for some posts than others?

Hi, are you creating the portfolio with the shortcode or with the page builder?

I just made them in the portfolio tab in wordpress and then inserted this onto the age I wanted them to be on: [filterable_portfolio categories=”35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44 ” number=”9”]

You can go to includes/shortcodes.php and edit:

<p class="proj-desc">' . substr($description, 0, 130) . '...</p>';

edit the 130 number

Hi, Great Theme.

How can I order the pages within the theme options? If I order the pages through wordpress menu it seems to disable the parallax function. Please advise.

Thanks, Michael

Hi, you can use the “Order” input field from the right area of the dashboard, for all the pages

Hi, great theme!

I have version 2.1 installed, but when viewed on mobile and tablet (testing on iPhone at least) the nav links disappear (is it supposed to turn into a hamburger nav?).


The only custom css I have is:

contact {

background-color: #ececeb !important; background: no-repeat #ececeb !important; color: #2c2c2c !important; }

Hi, create your menu in Appearance > Menus

Ah, it looked like it already was as there were links showing on the right in the appearance -> menu area. Yes just clicked “Create Menu”, managed the location to choose it as primary.


You’re welcome



When I view the website in Firefox or Safari, there appears a vertical gray line to the right of “Project Partners” in the menu. This extra line doesn’t appear when using Chrome.

There are no pages or posts besides “Trailer for Thomas Schmidt” and “Project Partners”, so I can’t figure out where this line is coming from. How can I remove this stray divider line?

Thank you, Hannah

Hi, try creating your menu in Appearance > Menus


You’re welcome

Hi great theme!

Is there an easy way to turn it into a multiple page theme? ie, instead of nav linking to anchor points, link to a separate page

Hi, yes, I can modify the links if you send me a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile. Also send the request

the portfolio option does not appear to work properly on mobile devices. Is there a way to fix this or hide it on just the mobile app?

Hi, add this to style.css

@media only screen and (max-width: 768px) {
.filter-categories, .filterable_portfolio {
display: none;

Hi and “Bravo” for your theme. I’ve a problem with the filtrable portfolio. (I used the Page builder/Template to create it.) It doesn’t work on my website : When I click on the categories: the page is reloaded. (I used the Page builder/Template to create it.) Thanks fot your help. EG

Eureka… I solved the problem by creating the filtrable portfolio directly with the shotcode [filterable_portfolio number=”12”] instead of the shortcode created with the Page builder/Template [template id=”83”].

Hi, yes, that’s a temporary solution for now. :)

How can I center buttons in the middle of a column?

like [center]button[/center]

That worked perfectly – thanks for responding so quickly!

You’re welcome! :)

Hi. I have set a page for blogpage and a link to it in the menu so that it is not shown on the frontpage. I have chosen white for the background but it just won’t chang. I would like the blog section to be white. Pleas advise!


Hello. The blog page was coded to be a dark page, if you really want to have it white, send me your request + a WordPress admin account and I’ll change it.

Ahh. Ok thx Maybe i could help out here. If i change .bg dark-bg to bg ill get the white background. Can i then change the rest in scrn options (font colors)

Yes, that’s a way, but some colors might still require extra changes in order to be visible(to not be white color on white color) :)


Just wondering how I can get all my portfolio items to show up on my portfolio page? Right now only 15 of 28 are visible on the front end. I am using the Small (4 images per line) layout option.

Thanks, Michael

Hello. If you’re using the shortcodes, use the number parameter like [filterable_portfolio number=”500”]

Is there no way to have the H1 text at the top of the page AND a logo? ive just created my logo with the text for the top of the page but realise im going to take an SEO hit because im taking off my main H1 tags.


Hello, it’s possible, please send me a WordPress admin account, your URL and your request and I’ll add both the logo and the h1 text. Please upload the logo in the options panel and also mention the h1 text in your e-mail

I have several questions and looking for solutions:

1. How do I change the font color for the text located below the hover menu, (text located in the dark grey panel?) That text color is way to dark and can barely be seen. See provided picture as reference to text. See picture to clarify my font color question

2. In one of your forum posts, you mention a meta box within the Scrn panel that allows administrator to adjust each page/picture individually, but I am not seeing that option anywhere.

3. How can I reverse the color theme on the contact box at the bottom. White Panel Box, black text?


Plugin was installed last week, short cut installed in the general tab input box (same code paces as in on other Scrn page that is working), received email from contact us welcoming to their service, set up my account within their dashboard for page not working, dash board in contact form is also telling me the connection is not working. Will try deleting plug in and re-installing it.

Ah, the delete and reinstall fixed the issue..thanks


Hi. If you’re using the layout builder to build it, please switch to the normal shortcode [filterable_portfolio number=”500”]

you can use it in a text widget if you want it in the builder.

It’s a bug with the builder right now.


I am having problems with my blog section, it does not display the posts

this is my site:

as you can see the posts are not being displayed in the blog section

Hello, you’re using the 1.7 version of the theme, please update to 2.1

hello, how can I update the theme?

Hi. The easiest way would be to download the theme again from ThemeForest and just install it as a new theme