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Very nice work :)

This is the one!

suprise suprise! nice ;)

Really nice :)


Thanks everyone! :)

Love it! Great design – really funky :)

Thank you! :)

very nice theme! i’ll wait for the wp version! ;)

Great job. You’re a creator!

Ha Ha! Thank you! :)

Hi, I get it. It’s a very nice theme. I have a question. I need two or three portfolios more but I can’t to separate them. It’s posible?? Thanks so much!

Hi, what problems are you having in separating them? It’s probably best if you contact me through my profile page.

Great theme I really like it!

One thing though, I’d like to turn off the exploding text effect in the title lines. Which JS file is this in and what do I need to edit?



Just remove the id for it and the corresponding jquery settings at the bottom of the html file.

Great theme!

Just three concerns….. We have tested the page on IE 8 & 9 and on chrome. It works just fine in Chrome, but when we try it on IE 8 or 9, the rotating image at the top keeps on displaying a red outline. We have checked that no borders are on.. The second concern is that the images in the portfolio section don’t display when blocked content is disabled. The last issue we are having is that IE freezes for about 45 seconds before it responds again.

Thanks for your speedy response in advance.

Hi, to get rid of the red border in IE:
Add the following to : /-i.- big type—/
#logo img {outline:0; border:0px solid;
As for the rest, I can’t replicate it.

Is there a wordpress version of this?

Not yet, I’m presently sorting out a WP developer…..

simply awesome. amazingly easy to use and adapt. As a designer and web developer my self great job!

Easy to use, Easy to to customize, Great help sheet with easy to understand info.

5 stars!

Hey Jo,

Got a quick question regarding image linking and social network linking.

Every time i link a image/social icon to a website i get a 404 not found error as if the page was ment to be hosted on my server, even though its say a facebook page. at first i thought the jQuery was buging but after looking into it i cant seem to figure it out. any thoughts?


? Seems strange, can you send me a link to your site through my profile page.

sent you a msg


I love how this works! I’m thinking about purchasing, however can you tell me if I will be able to add a few extra links to the navigation maybe one on each side. If this would be possible with some knowledge of HTML and CSS ?



Yes you can.

Nice template … however the fade-it has a lot of issues, still can’t get the hands to work when fading and the “HIRE ME” Section. I redownload the original code and I don’t think its working on Safari MAC or FIREFOX MAC .


Hi, It must be working as I use a Mac and the theme was designed on one.

hi, very cool template. I have a question. I can add multiple titles with fade-it class?

Yes, I have described how to in the included read me pdf file.

Great theme, however in IE I have an issue where it crashes each time it loads. I can’t work out what is causing it.

Is it possible to turn off the exploding text in IE but keep it for other browsers? I think that may be the issue.

It shouldn’t crash in IE as it has been checked…


It was just a local issue. IE was blocking the scripts as I was testing it locally. Uploaded to live server and it’s all perfect – thanks so much.

I do have another issue though I am hoping you can help with. The site doesn’t render well at all on an iPad, is there anything I can do to get it working?

Once again – awesome theme!

I’m sorry but it hasnt been designed for smaller devices. I think this is because to jquery for the animation is so new. Hopefully, it will be developed to include such devices.

Hey, nice work. Couple of issues in IE 8 . In 1024×768 res the title text displays out of frame with no spaces.

The title will display to full with, you can add & n b s p ; in between characters for spacing. (close gaps when adding to code).

& n b s p is already added, its not displaying in IE. You can check the link (in 1024×768) in IE

Can you try adding letter spacing on the css?