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UPDATE : there was a small bug in the .js file which i’ve just fixed and re-submitted. just waiting for approval. if you’ve bought the template already and want me to email you the replacement file (it’s only tiny) let me know! thanks, chris

The update is now live, so subsequent downloads will be ok.

Very nice scrolling effect ! Good Job !

I must be overlooking it how do I change the email for the contact form?

hi there, the contact form will require a server script to make it operational. what did you mean re: changing the email?

Well i just to need to make it work i guess i am missing something

hi, yes you need a back-end server script to parse the form field data and generate an email or whatever you want to do with it. i haven’t included a back-end script with the template as it it dependent on your server setup. if you have a PHP server you could use something like Quform: http://codecanyon.net/item/quform-simple-yet-powerful-ajax-contact-form/148273

LOVE this template, thank you so much. So excited to get going on it….I do have one question, is there a way to embed my wordpress blog onto one of the pages?

hi, do you mean a wordpress.com blog or a self-hosted blog? this isn’t a wordpress theme, so if you want to fully integrate it directly there will be a fair amount of development (and styling) work. the other question is how much do you want to show? headlines only, extracts, full text, comments… so considerations to pagination/overflow etc.

When I remove the LIST iframe video line in the code, the whole slider doesn’t work (no pics and no nav circles). I am able to add more LIST with extra pictures, but can not remove the video LIST without it breaking. This should be simple.

hi, sorry, at the bottom of the index.html file take out all the vimeo scripts and JS files (froogaloop and fitvid) and replace with the more basic: <!-- FlexSlider (carousel on home) --> <script defer src="js/libs/jquery.flexslider.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> $(function(){ SyntaxHighlighter.all(); }); $(window).load(function(){ $('.flexslider').flexslider({ animation: "slide", start: function(slider){ $('body').removeClass('loading'); } }); }); </script>

see also the factory flexslider implementations: http://flexslider.woothemes.com/

I emailed you, but got not response.

Please can you help me.

I need to make the default starting width = 900px on


hi, sorry have been on vacation. each ‘page’ has it’s own layout. for the homepage for example look in the style.css file for .iscroll .home .content { width: 435px; left: 0; position: absolute; margin-top: 450px; margin-left: 790px; } [line 688 in factory css files]

this controls the position/width of the right ‘column’.

the iphone/ipad image is a background image positioned via .iscroll .home > h1 { [line 622]


thanks for the info – i’ve amended the listing details. i think something happened during a previous update. sorry for the inconvenience. i’m afraid i don’t have the resources to bug fix at this point for IE8.

i’ve just tested slidexy, my other template based on this framework in IE8 and that does work ok in IE8. if you’d like this template please let me know.


Is it possible to set the scrolling direction between each page. I need 9 pages, and the scolling should be verticaly and horizontally.

oder of the pages

6 | 4 | 7 1 | 2 | 3 9 | 5 | 8

Start at one. Next page to move is 2 then 3…


the positioning is actually set after page load automatically using JS, so setting specific directions is not really possible with this template without getting very involved with the CSS and JS code.

If you did want to attempt it you’ll need to edit the style.css file and look at the .iscroll classes for s1…s2…s3 etc. (effectively each ‘page’) and look at the values of the margins for each and the spreadArticles function in the spreadcontent.js file

thanks a lot (y)

nice work i like it;


Can this template be adjusted to have the same scrolling effect on mobile? Or does it have to collapse into the standard vertical inline approach? (Obviously anything is possible, but how easy would this be based on how you have the files?)