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Great theme! Good luck :)

Thank you, Louiejie!

Thank you!

Very nice theme! Good luck :)

Thank you, very much!

Really like the theme. Is it possible to not have such a large scroller at the top so more content could be presented rather than such a large image?

Hello and thank you for purchase!
Please open ‘style-custom.css’ and insert following code at the bottom:
{ height:550px !important; min-height:550px !important; overflow: hidden !important;}
you can set your own value in pixels.

so awesome and I very much appreciate the quick response

:) Thank you very much

Hi Dannci Great theme – congrats! I have a few?

Is it possible to install as a child theme? Is it translation ready with .po files? Is it possible to rearrange the modules on the front page as I like or do the modules have to be in that order?

Thanks in advance Kasper

Hello and thank you!
- yes, theme is ‘child-theme’ ready,
- .po file is available – easy to translate in poedit,
- scroll homepage is totally modular – you can create own sections (with own backgrounds, content, shortcodes…), reorder them and create scroll links to them. Thank you!

Where could I find the formatting settings for the black/yellow demo site? Thank you in advance…

Hello, and thank you for purchase!
In admin panel > Secondary styling select for Navigation font light (white) color and for Navigation Background select dark (black) color. http://preuro.tumblr.com/post/52365140363
And select Homepage with classic menu for frontpage: http://preuro.tumblr.com/post/52365226011
Thank you

Nice theme, glws!

Ps the photos of the team, are those from photodune?

Thank you very much!
Yes, Staff photos are from Photodune.

Thank you for your rapid response to my previous question. New query: Is there a page template that should be used to create a blog page showing all posts? I don’t see a “Blog” page template. Thank you again!

Hello, blog functionality “covers” index.php
Create empty page (Default template) – name it ‘Blog’ and in Settings > Reading set this page as Post page
Thank you

Great theme, congrats! After-purchase question, is it posible to minimize the slider height?


Hello and thank you!
Yes, it is simple copy/paste action to achieve that.
Please open ‘style-custom.css’ and insert following code at the bottom:
{ height:550px !important; min-height:550px !important; overflow: hidden !important;}

I love this theme and just wanted to ask before purchasing, is it possible to use the short codes portfolio slider, carousel, services, diver etc on other full width pages?


Hello, thanks for this input – I’ve allowed jQuery (sliders) for full-width template and I’ve added some shortcodes into this page: http://themnific.dannci.com/06/?page_id=2275

Great theme and support. Suggestion to make it even more awesome: If this theme had the ability to use various sliders it would be close to perfect. I would love to be able to use the layer slider / revolution slider for more fancy effects and place them in various places but at least where the current slider resides.

Hello and thank you! And thank you for your suggestions I will consider it carefully. Thanks

Hi, I want to buy, but one question – Is it possible to install the whole version “demo 2” with all the contents?

Hello and thank you for your interest!
Yes, demo content for ‘demo 2’ is part of theme package.

If I were to use the scroll “single” page layout would I be able to link the six service items to their own pages? I love this theme but need to give more details about services than is currently available.

Thanks for your time,

and yes! Secrvices shortcode can be places on homepage and on another page too: http://themnific.dannci.com/06/?page_id=2275
and every single service can be linked to any URL please see “Font Awesome Integration” service: http://wpdemo.themnific.com/pre/17/#services
Thank you

Just got your theme and style not working, have a look please:


admin panel where ? didnt find this option.

It is ‘Scroller’ tab(link) in left menu

ok perfect, working now! thanks! and nice theme!

Very professional work

Thank you, very much!

How does the home_video shortcode work? I didn’t readily find an example of that. Also, would you be able to advise on how to make the mobile navigation “sticky”? Thank you in advance!

- ‘home_video’ shortcode have no use in this theme – I’m going to delete this item – thanks for notice,
- in ‘mobile.css’ find ’#header’ on line 249 and delete
position: relative !important;
Thank you

How can the layout entries be reordered so that their order can be changed?

layout sections can be reordered easily by changing of publish date/time.
Thank you

Thanks Dannci

Any way to load sample content as on the demo ?

Hello, in Main .zip file are both XML files attached. Thank you

Thanks, will play with :)

when I try to load the sample content the import gets stop halfway and it doesn’t get complete

Hello, XLM files are bit bigger – sometimes needs to be imported twice – depends on server speed too. Thank you

Looks like a great theme and I’m really tempted to buy it.

But there’s a very noticeable flicker in Safari (the large background image flashes on screen) when the small sliders swap image. Not a problem in Chrome. The flicker also happens when the cursor moves across the edge of say a slider element.

Also Google Maps is off-centre (on a 27” monitor).

Ok, checked this on MBPr (no external monitor), and it works fine in Safari. So I guess that narrows down the issue. Odd that it works on Chrome with external monitors. Hope this helps.

Just been on the phone to Apple for over an hour about this. Finally we reset Safari and it the flashing stopped but returned after restarting. I’ve emailed them and hopefully they’ll escalate the issue to their engineers.

Thank you for information… can you contact me via profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/Dannci Thank you