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Hi, Your theme is easy to and looks great!

How can create blog page like yours? http://themnific.dannci.com/06/blog-2

Regards, Nish

Hello and thank you.

If you want to create ‘Blog’ page; create empty page (Default template) – name it Blog and in Settings > Reading set this page as Post page


thank you

Can I have my programmer add an optin-in at the footer and create a custom optin on the home page using the Scroller design (the one that has the logo space at the bottom of the image on the home page)

Thank you! If you want to, you can rate my item: http://themeforest.net/downloads Thank you

Hi Dannci: I’ll definitely rate your theme. In the meantime can you please answer this question so I can determine if this theme will work for my business. Thank you ~

On my current site, I have an optin bar that’s in a prominent place on my site (where viewers submit their email and name so I can stay in touch with them). Is it possible to add a custom designed optin on the home page? Does this make sense?

Sorry, wrong discussion thread…

You can use any shortcode inside homepage sections, so if your ‘optin bar’ can be shown via shortcode then yes. In other case modification is necessary.

Thank you

just purchased this awesome theme and tried to upload it to Wordpress and it says this…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Please help!

Hello and thanks!

You are trying to install whole ‘Main’ package. You need to unzip downloaded folder first – theme package to install (scroller.zip) is in it.

Thank you

Hi, Is there an easy way to get social buttons. i.e. [social_networks] into the logo and nav header?

Many thanks` Kiff


no, sorry adding social buttons needs bit bigger php and css modification.

bu you can use easily Font Awesome icons as menu items: http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/3.2.1/icons/#brand in docs is described how to add FA icons into menu


Hi, Dannci! I’m having a lot of fun with the theme. Such a great work!

I was wondering if there’s any way I can have the featured portfolio items (carousel) not link to another page. Like a carousel but with images only (the hovering effect is also welcome). :)

Thank you in advance!

Hello and thanks.

you can delete link codes in …includes\folio-types\folio-carousel.php (or folio-slider.php) file.

Thank you

That worked perfectly! Thank you!

Hi Dannci,

I am at the point that i want to buy this great theme OR your Status theme. I like this one more but the only 2 questions i have are: Is it possibile to change the Scroller themes navigation into the Status navigation? Is it possible to change the slider to the slider of Status theme?

Thanks in advance!

Hello and thank you for your interest.

1. I’m not sure what you mean… scroller and status have same navigation – only the style is bit different

2. in Scroller theme is full screen slider – this is not possible in Status theme

Thank you


How can I remove the sidebar on portfolio items? I would like when you click on a portfolio item to view, the opening page is fullwidth and does not have the right side bar that contains category name + date.



in single-myportfoliotype.php file delete whole ‘foliosidebar’ div (section)

and delete ‘foliocontent’ word (just the word)


Hello there,

Thank you for the lovely looking theme. Unfortunately I am also having problems with the shortcodes. Currently I am keen on using these short codes: 1. Buttons 2. Content Collapse 3. Contact form (I have contact form 7 installed and at least one form) 4. Columns Layout

Is there a chance to simply have the short codes decoded so I can enter them manually?

I am using the latest WP version on a localhost.

Thanks! A

Hello and thank you.

From http://themeforest.net/downloads download ‘All files & Documentation’ .zip file. In this package is ‘list of shortcodes’ file. On some localhosts (due settings) generator doesn’t work.


Hi Dannci I have a few questions:

First of all, this is my website: www.teatrodelfino.it

1 – I’d like to modify the height of different sections in my websites (contacts, latest works etc) For example the white space btw the “Vetrina” section and the “Spettacoli” section is huge!

2 – I’d like to insert a parallax image in portfolio: (http://www.teatrodelfino.it/categories/in-scena/) like in the demo.

3 – Don’t know why but in portfolio all the items got this weird kind of shadow: (http://www.teatrodelfino.it/cartellone/) What is that? I’d like to have it flat! No shadows.

4 – in portfolio I’d like to hide / translate or delete All, can i get it? (http://www.teatrodelfino.it/cartellone/)


Hi Dannci

1. Ok gotcha. But still: I’d like to modify only the google-maps section like in your demo where evidently Maps is shorter than Be in touch section. How?

2. Ok, did it. But the real problem is that I can’t find the category’s featured image. I mean in your demo all the portfolio’s categories got the blurred lenses, in my website, it is like this: ( http://www.teatrodelfino.it/categories/in-scena/ ) and only the portfolio page got the image: ( http://www.teatrodelfino.it/programma-2014-2/ ). Why?

3. Ok, thank you!

4. ( http://www.teatrodelfino.it/categories/in-scena/ ) – I’d like to delete “cartellone” (top menu) and “All”. Following your istructions I was able to delete “All” but just from this page ( http://www.teatrodelfino.it/programma-2014-2/ ). the two categories: ( http://www.teatrodelfino.it/categories/in-scena/ ) and (http://www.teatrodelfino.it/categories/archivio/ ) still have the “All” link. Basically my goal is to not show the two categories (in-scena and archivio) together in “cartllone” or “All”. So I want to avoid users to press “All” and “Cartellone”. Is that possible?


5. I was able to use the awesome font icons to get social buttons in menu. Strangely they don’t work, if I press these icons nothing happen, it’s like a null link. Why? Only way to make icons work is right mouse button > open link in new tab.

6. Awesome font again: in the awesome font list there are lot of icons. But it seems that not all the icons are available. For example I’d like to use youtube’s icon, but icon-youtube or icon-youtube-play produce just a “blank icon”.

6. I’d like to customize the color (silver) of the “visit the project” button. Is that possible?


Actually I was able to fix by myself the social icons issue, (question 5) .


1. use ‘Map field’ to add map iframe (any height) – then section will be without vertical padding

2. for archives set ‘parallax’ image in Admin panel > general layout

4. edit archive.php to delete ‘All’ from menu in categories

6. download this version: http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/3.2.1/ and update font styleshests (.css) in ’’styles’ folder and font files (.otf, .svg …) in ‘font’ folder

7. you can edit button in …functions/css/shortcodes.css file (.sliver class)


Hi I have a few questions for this theme.

1. I want to display each of the services on the homepage like the way the blog posts are displayed on the homepage. There are 6 in total. I’ve read in previous comments, that you can’t show just one category of blog posts. Is there a way to hard code certain blog posts onto a section on the homepage. These “service” posts would not need to to change as new ones won’t be created, so can they be placed within a section?

2. I have 6 staff members and I am trying to have 3 on each line and centre align them but I can’t seem to make it work, can you please help?

3. When the nav bar sticks to the top of the page and uses the small logo, where do I adjust the style of this nag bar? I need to increase the height of it so it can accommodate and a taller logo image. I will then need to adjust the size of the menu items in terms of vertical height. Where can I do this please?


1. I’ll try to add following shortcode: http://pastebin.com/Ux61Ygqb

2. here in FAQs: http://themeforest.net/item/scroller-parallax-scroll-responsive-theme/4858606/support is decribed how to center 3 (or 6) staff posts.

3. in style.css edit padding for ’.bigmenu .scroll, .bigmenu .navi’ and increase height for ’.bigmenu h1 img’

Hi Dannci, thanks for replying. For number 1. can you please explain where that needs to go and how to use it?

For the number 2, I tried that but it results in the top row having 3 and half showing and still only 2 on the bottom.

For number 3, I tried adding those changes, but none of them seemed to make a difference. You can see it here:


also you’ll see what I mean about the staff section.

1. php code add to functions.php file and use shortcode (as example) with own category

2. add width: 80% for ‘warpbox’ and change width for ‘li.staff’

3. for that template edit padding for ’.scroll li a, .navi li a’ and increase height for ’#header img’

Hello Dannci, I made a change in the portfolio and removed the sidebar, now I need that the slider in the “featured image” inside the portfolio to be wide as the rest of the content. Now it’s cropping the picture at 662px wide and I need it to be 960px wide. Which file should I edit?

Take a look here: http://www.sycsporting.com/dove-hunting/lodge-el-cortijo


Hello again :) already solved the problem, edited the function.php.

Awesome theme!

Thank you!

Hi Dannci,

I purchased this theme a few days ago, and while in many ways it looks great, some of the shortcode features for the layout sections are not working well for me. The featured, carousel, and slider shortcodes all look very strange when loaded. The items look correct when using the Portfolio template on a separate page, but as a layout item, something is quite wrong. I’ve installed three different times on two separate servers to make sure that wasn’t part of the problem, and can’t figure it out. I get the same results each time. Is this a wordpress version issue?

The website is schevling.com


Perhaps you can assist?

Actually, nevermind, it seems to have been a caching problem. However, one of the Themnific styles is marked !important and is overriding a style I’m trying to apply. Having trouble locating the origin of this one. Dev tools simply lists it as index because it’s included in the document head once index.php renders… Could you point me to it? Here’s the CSS:

”#clients li, #header, #portfolio-filter, .searchform input.s, .fullbox, .pagination, input, textarea, input checkbox, input radio, select, file{ border-color: #e3e3e3 !important; }”

Sorry, found it! theme-actions.php


I love your themes but i have a question. are they user friendly? what I mean is, can anyone manage this theme? I am not a web designer or anything like that. But I do want to manage it myself. I currently have a website with WIx but I want to change to WP.

Hello and thank you,

yes, theme is user friendly = no coding skills are necessary. You need to follow theme documentation only.

Thank you

Hey Dannci, great theme! I’m working on some custom development for a client and noticed a small bug which is easy to fix. You’ll notice if you refresh the page after scrolling down, the header logo does not fade in like it should.

Add the following to \js\ownScript.js (line 90) and voila :)

jQuery('#header h1').addClass('showme');

Thank you, very much!

I just installed this theme on WP 3.9 and the shortcode button is missing from the editor.

Know of how to fix this? If you know the code I can implement it, no need for an update (for me at least).

Awesome, thank you!

What is the version number of this update?

hi, new version is available now – 1.5 version

Hello Dannci,

Having some browser issues with: http://www.rvrd.com Everything looks great with Firefox and Explorer :)

1) Safari not showing content (but is fine in Firefox)? - The portfolio area has no name, info text or text under the videos? - The paralax looks like its kind of working now – any way of speeding it up or move more within Safari?

2) Chrome – same issues as Safari above BUT in addition… - Back ground images between sections is only showing for the 1st 2 sections – all others are missing?

Please look at the code and let me know of a fix.

Much appreciated!


1. try to set z-index to auto for ’.section, .section_template’

2. I can see parallax image ins Safari + Chrome in PC and Mac too – but you need to use bigger images in vertical way. At least 1300px. When site is bigger (in vertical way) images needs to be bigger too (in vertical way)

Hi Dancci, Our shortcode generator has suddenly vanished. What to do, pls help!

Hello, update theme to the latest version (1.5) Thanks

We have tried deactivating all plugins one by one as advised on some support sites, but that hasn’t helped. We upgraded to WP 3.9 today, could that be the reason for the missing shortcode button?

Pls do help. Thanks!

Hi Dannci, sorry to keep posting in bits and pieces, but the shortcode generator is also missing from screen options, we thought maybe its unchecked, but its not even there :(. Pls do let us know what to do.


please update theme to the latest version – 1.5

Thank you

Thanks a lot Dannci…:)

Hello, Since last wordpress version 3.9, the shortcodes editor icon disappeared ?

Probably conflicts with W3 Total Cache. Il look for that

Finally I did a new install from scratch of my website and everything is OK now. Thanks

OK I’m glad..


How do I stop embedded vimeo and youtube videos getting stretched on blog posts?



ul.medpost li iframe,
.singlepost iframe{ width:100%;}

in style.css