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i am currently in the middle of navigating this theme. this may be right in front of me, but is there a way for the top menu navigation links to navigate to a part on the current home page instead of directing to another page?


in ‘layout’ posts set unique anchor (clients, portfolio etc.), then create ‘scroll menu’ and add links in # + anchor format (#clients, #portfolio etc.). Process is described in detail in documentation.


Hi there Dannci, I really like the look of the Scroller theme but I have been having problems. First of all I do not have the Shortcodes Generator and do not know any of the shortcode…do you have a list of them?

When I tried to create my main PORTFOLIO page and BLOG page I am having problems. I want to be able to view all my PORTFOLIO projects and then be able to link back to the main scroller based page but this is not working correctly for me…it’s the same with the BLOG page. Please help…very frustrated.

I need to confirm your purchase.

Please send me ‘Item Purchase Code’ via profile page ( http://themeforest.net/user/Dannci ). In Themeforest account in ‘Downloads’ section ( http://themeforest.net/downloads ) is located Licence certificate – the number is in it. http://prntscr.com/3djkdr

Thank You

Hi – For some reason the Layout shortcode icon within the WP Post / Page editor has disappeared. I disabled all plugins but not sure how / where it went. Has this happened with other users and if I can’t get it back, is there a place to see all the shortcodes in code?




please update to the latest theme version – 1.5.


Hi Dannci…

We are facing a few problems with the navigation.

1) We are facing a slight problem with the “all works” page. It is not being redirected from the main menu when we click on it. 2) When we click on home on the menu, it doesn’t scroll up. 3) Back to portfolio in the works page, is not functioning.

What could we be doing wrong? Pls help us. Thanks!!


1. add ‘external’ class for that link – process is described in docs

2. are you using #home as link in ‘Home’ menu item?

3. add URL of your portfolio page into Admin panel > general layout


All working now…:):)....thanks a lot…


CG7 Purchased


I have 2 questions about the theme. The 1st is about the menu.

I add anchor and pages in the menu. Anchor are working well but not the page. I can’t access to them. Can you help me to fix this ?

The second problem is the following one. I would like to have sub pages under the blog menu, and each pages will show articles from one category. I can’t find where or how I can do it with your theme. I tried this [blog_latest category=”contenu-web” posts_number=”6”] but it doesn’t work. Can you help me with it ?

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1. add ‘external’ class for links to other posts/pages – it is described in docs.

2. blog shortcode shows only latest posts, category based shortcodes are available only for ‘Portfolio’ posts.

Thank you

Pre-Sale Question: Do you support integration with Gravity Forms ?

Is there an area of the css that I change this to support GF ? – GF only needs a Shortcode to be added to specific page.

Looking to purchase as soon as you can respond to this inquiry. Just want to know if documentation covers this, and or you can point me in the right direction on the support side ? THANKS


yes, you can include any shortcode(s) into Homepage or posts/pages.


Fantastic theme, truly. OK to update to 3.9? Only customisation I have done is a bit of CSS at the end of Editor, nothing else.


Hello and thank you!

Yes, you can update wp core to 3.9. I recommend to add custom css into style-custom.css and before update backup this file.

Thank you

Hi, first of all thank your great theme !

I have a question, is it possible to use the porfolio latest posts shortcode and use the “slug” option, thus one can choose the categories posted? Thanks!


you can use ‘portfolio_featured’ shortcode – you can set any slug in this shortcode



Currently when you set the featured image of a post, it displays on the post preview area (homepage for example) and the actual post itself (when you click on it).

Is it possible to have the featured image disappear when you go to the actual post? So it remains on the homepage, but once you click to read more the image then disappears on the post.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes

Yes, sure, no problem.The site is: http://www.vqdesign.co.uk/

If you then scroll down to portfolio, there are some posts. Click on one and the same featured image will show. Thank you for taking a look.

hi, remove
 } elseif ($attachments) { echo get_template_part( '/includes/folio-types/gallery-slider' );
line too


Thank you. That has worked perfectly. Appreciate the quality of support.

Best wishes

I have purchased this template http://themeforest.net/item/scroller-parallax-scroll-responsive-theme/4858606 and cannot obtain DEMO1 style

After installing the template I go to Administrator -> Scroller and click Save Changes. Then I import the XML file from DEMO1.

What am I missing? Even after doing all this, I cannot get it work

Thanks for your support


no, you can find license in ‘Downloads’ section: http://themeforest.net/downloads

Sign in with account used to purchase theme.


Ok here’s the Item Purchase Code: a3a801d5-55dd-4c1a-94b9-be1d0d7b84cf

Thank you for confirmation!

XML file is bit bigger, sometimes needs to be imported more times (until ‘Have Fun’ message is shown).

You need to set ‘Homepage’ template as front page (in Settings > Reading) and save imported menu (for menu location) after import.


I really love this theme! It’s almost perfect for me. It would be perfect if I can make the images on my blog 900 px wide. Can I do that by changing some code? Thanks in advance!

hello and thank you,

you can edit image resolutions in functions.php – ‘format-single’ thumb. After change regenerate old thumbs: http://wordpress.org/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/

Hi, I’m the only staff member. So I was wondering if I could keep my photo aligned left and put a toggle menu on the right with my bio. How might I do that? I’m a beginner, and I’d really appreciate your expertise. :) Thank you so much!


you can play with shortcode generator – create columns layout and add photos + texts or toggle shortcode.

Thank you

Hello, I updated my wordpress to version 3.9. It no longer shows the shortcodes icon in the content editor. Any idea how I can get it back without revert back? if not, can I get a list of the shortcodes


please use Contact Form 7 like in demo: http://capethemes.com/demo/scroller1/#contact More about plugin is in documentation.


Hey thanks for the response! I used the contact form. However, I had to tweak the error span code because it’s nearly impossible to click on the input field. Try it in Chrome – don’t type everything in the required fields to get an error showing a red text. Try typing, it’s hard if you trying to click in the middle of the input field. http://capethemes.com/demo/scroller1/#contact —adding a z-index:-1 to the css in the span corrects it :D

Yes, thank you, I’ll add that css code. Thanks

I can´t get the menu to become #fffff, how do I change this? :)

Hello, in header.php file delete – gradient – class (just the word). Thanks

Hi Dannci,

I am having a problem – since I installed the Scroller theme, the menu item “Editor” under “Appearance” does not show anymore.

Do you have any idea how to solve the issue? I am using WP 3.9. Already tried to disable plug-ins and theme…

Thank you

Sorry, no message received… here is my email info[at]dannci.com Have you fixed issue using mentioned solution (removing define(‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true);) ?

almost, I fixed the problem by changing “true” in “false” :) thank you anyway!

I would like to use the staff shortcode within the columns shortcode (2 colums, half/half). I only have 2 staff members. Is it possible to use the staff shortcode without any of the staff columns’ width being reduced?


into style-custom.css add
li.staff{ width:45%;}

then you can include shortcode into column shortcode.


Thanks for the info Dannci. That works for the most part. However, in the fully mobile version, the staff boxes are now wedged to the left and cut in half. How can I solve that? Is this due to the half/half column?



li.staff{ width:100%;}
into style-mobile.css below @media only screen and (max-width: 639px) { line

Hey, there. I’m new at this, but finding the implementation fairly easy using the documentation. However, I’m using this as a personal page, so instead of staff I’d like to use that area to introduce my family. I can’t get the link to work if I change the name of the page. In addition, the names aren’t appearing under the photos in the staff section as displayed in the sample page. Thanks for the help!


add to ‘navigation anchor’ field – meetthefam – word.

And reorder menu and/or layouts – menu order needs to follow layout order.


Thank you so much. This resolved my first issue. My only other question is in your example under staff, your names appear in a great header font. I am unable to locate in the module where to enter the name to replicate what you accomplished in the example for the staff members name.


in your admin panel is selected white color for ‘H3’ heading – set it to dark color.


Hi, My shortcode generator has disappeared and I see that I need to update the theme from 1.3 to 1.5. Where can I download this? When I click the ‘click to download product’ I get version 1.3 (Top Right – You have already purchased this file. You can download it here. If you wish, you can purchase it again.)

Also, it is possible to get notification of updates via the envato account? I didn’t know about the new version – please let me know if I need to register something.



you can download latest version in Downloads section: http://themeforest.net/downloads


for version 2, there is the bar at the bottom of the initial homepage image – 1 to the left with the logo and 1 to the right for any text needed. i am able to change the right one using elements for color, or removing it completely, but i am wanting to change the color of the left one with the logo. please help! i cant seem to find where i can do this…


in style.css find ’.logo_bottom’ and change bg color.

Thank you

Thank you for the response and what a wonderful theme! Thanks so much!

I have caught a ‘bug’ on the contact form on your demo: http://capethemes.com/demo/scroller1/

If you don’t fill in the required forms the first time, you CAN’T go back and add the missing information. The input form is not clickable.

This is happening on my website too.

Hey, quick update, I found a fix: span.wpcf7-not-valid-tip { position:relative !important; margin-top:5px; z-index:-1;}

I added z-index:-1; to the span above. :)

Now it’s easy to click the input box.

Thank you!

I thought that you are writing about default contact form (shortcode).