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Hi, thanks for Great work,

I want to buy this for my online portfolio, I don’t know programming, I will provide you my design in PSD, could you please apply my design on this ? what should I do for this situation ? thanks

Hello, Purchased scrollfolio.

When browser window is less then approximately 1260px wide, horizontal browser scroll bar displays.

Scrolling horizontal to the right reveals blank space. No background images along vertical.

Vertical scroll navigation buttons sit on top of nothing – no background – blank browser space.

This is unacceptable, how to remove that trait?

thank you

Thanks for purchasing my template, could you please tell me what browser are you using, and have you done any customisation is this happening on the template without any changes?

Try to add overflow-x:hidden; to the first line in style.css file, it should look like this: body, html, input, textarea {font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:14px;color:#656565; overflow-x:hidden;}

Please let me know if this helps.

overflow-x:hidden; – PERFECT – fixed, Tried only FF and IE, occurred in both. No changes to template. Now perfect. Thank you for blazingly fast reply !!

responsive please :)

hello, 2 pre-purchase questions:

1) have you got a responsive version ? 2) the theme comes with the dummy data as showed in the demo ?

thanks great work

1) no, 2) yes

Hi , the parallax images for the contact area are not displayed. How I can fix that ?


+1 for responsive. Any plans to do so?

I have the same problem After I removed folio4 and gallery section everything works fine except top navigation. My question is when you select navigation it scrolls down and square box showed up outside navigation item. But only fifth item doesn’t show the square box even contact shows it properly. My website is alma, could you help me a bit?

Hi, pre-purchase question on the side nav bar: 1) Can it be on either side? 2) Can we label what each button/dot goes to: “Home, about, contact, etc” when you mouseover?

Thanks in advance

Hello, question, I went through your documentation, but am still a little puzzled as to how to change background images. I’d like to put my own that serves as a backdrop taking up the entire space of each tab like:

What relation does the PSDs you included have to do with it?

Hello Shegy, I figured out my last message. Just have one more question regarding your Scrollfolio – Parallax Scrolling Effect portfolio:

I’d like to have a full image on the first part (“Hello” segment). I created a full image but a gray box covers more than half of it. How can I get it removed?

Hello Shegy, I replied yesterday with link to my issue. Also, on the contact form part, the name, email and phone text boxes have text in black but the Message required box is in white. Looking through code to change to black but can’t find. Please assist.

Thanks for your reply!

Hello. I have purchased the template, and it is SUPER! My only question is what code can I add to the contact form to have it clear the form on submit, or, redirect on submit? thanks!

i solved it. thanks!

Hi can I get an uncompressed Version of style.css ? thanks

I’m having the same problem. I’ve both uploaded from the hosted wordpress site (uploading the zip file) AND I’ve uploaded the unziped files to the template folder on the sever. But the error: “The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.” Remains. What can I do?

I moved the css files from the css folder to the template folder, zipped it and now the error is: “The style.css stylesheet doesn’t contain a valid theme header.” What am I doing wrong?

this is what your template looks like so far

Im guessing that responsiveness can be added with media queries and rewritten CSS for each targeted screen size?

Hey Shegy, and plans for a responsive version of this one?

I need help please i removed pages and now the contact form back ground is missing and the arrows on the right stopped working!.help please.