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Hello, any chance to get the demo link?

Thank you.

Should be good to go. Thanks themelogik.

Should be resolved. Appreciate the head’s up!

Nice name for an awesome theme! :)

Thanks louiejie!

Wow! Amazing work! :P

Thanks tranmautritam!

Really nice.

Thanks Adamada!

Nice clean design… ;)

Thanks AndiG!

Looking perfect ;)

Thanks Ugurkan!

Thanks gohawise!

love the fonts!

Thanks horninc!

I love the Log In effect, so simple yet so classy. Welcome to TF and Good Luck With Sales!

We’re glad you like it @stephino

nice template. how hard is it to make that grey background animation on the login screen an image with translucent form in front

Thanks epipheus! This can be accomplished with relatively little effort. Just a couple small changes in the CSS/SaSS.

Demo cannot be used as there is no indication of which username or password to use

Hi pbremer. You can actually just click on the login button without entering any login info. Sorry for the confusion.

Hi! Very nice theme, but is there a WYSIWYG editor included? Great work!

No WYSIWYG editor yet but might be adding one in an upcoming update. Stay tuned.

Thanks for kind words Carlssonmedia!

Beautiful theme – looks very much iOS 7 like, nice choice of font and overall, the design is very clean and flat, which I love. Out of all the flat designs here, this is my favourite.

Edit: Purchased :)

Please let us know how it goes with edits. We want to earn your 5 star review!

The dashboard dosn’t work well with mobile (safari).

Perhaps something to large in some element causing a non centric startpage?

Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues on mobile HesaPesa, please feel free contact us directly with an explanation of what is happening, the device and screenshot if possible, and we will patch them in the next release.

Is there a Bootstrap 3 comming to this theme I will buy it.

Hi HesaPesa. Our theme already comes with the latest Bootstrap 3 included. Thanks!

Ok, I just pressed the “Buy” button. Thanks, this is going to be fun!

Striking. Modern. Clean.

This is a beautiful theme and I love the fact that it is developer-conscious. Se7en is going to help me bridge to start employing bootstrap3 , too. Thanks!

Thanks Ratzule!

“The dashboard dosn’t work well with mobile (safari).” – I get the same thing on iPod Touch 5th gen, with iOS 7 beta 6 – something is not quite right there, the menu doesn’t open/close properly. And the login screen is a bit dangerous since it’s an overlay and you can slightly see what the page behind it is :P

I also agree with Ratzule, thanks for thinking about developers since I am no designer and want to use get apps using this theme quickly, which you have done =)

Also: 5 stars ;)

No worries, thanks for listening and replying so quickly. Another comment, you might want to document the JS in main.js just a little, to indicate what JS code does what, as I mentioned above, especially for the navbar, but that really should only take 15-20 minutes :P.

Excellent recommendation, thanks again Thecodingdude! You are awesome, keep em coming! The coffeescript file, which is where we worked, is well documented and can be used for reference while we fix this for the next release.

Oh derp – never realised to look there, my bad haha :P

Login/Password screen doesn’t work with IE 8,9,10.

Sorry you are having issues Stephane. Have you tried removing the frame?

An exceptional theme!! We need more))

Thanks vaganoff. We appreciate the support!