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Awesome work, congratulations on the release! Will you be adding a calendar to it as well in the near future? Thank you.

Hey drigotti! Thanks for the support. We have a calendar currently on the widgets page under UI and will be extending it for our next release… it is coming very soon.

you realise that you risk compromising your whole work? this theme is fantastic, i love it and i want to use it but reading the comments for issues and confirm them i makes me turn away….

“Se7en is a premium responsive web and mobile app/admin template” that would mean that you test it on any major phone especialy apple where you seem to have issues. olso, i confirm that you can’t loging into the demo from ie8 (windows 7). what is happening here?

as a sugestion – can you make the second level category expand on mouse hover? it would be great also if the whole bar with the categories will stay visible the moment you scroll down/ it stays a little than dissapears.

in ie8 i have found a workaround for enetring demo. if i click on “Remove Frame ” from the themeforest, i am able to enter. what i do not like is the fact that the moment i enter, i see in ie the dashbord in just 1 column/block per row instead of 2,3 or 4 per row, as they show up in chrome? why do we have these differences? the look must be in all browsers, especialy when they are mentioned as supported.

Adyyda. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this. We will take all of your suggestions seriously. We are aware of the issues among some other small quirks and are currently resolving them for our next release.

First of all – thank you for this theme, it’s really awesome :) I jsut find little bug – when I’m on some longer page, for example buttons.html, and I scroll up and then quickly scroll down, top menu slide up but icons are still on screen. One picture, thousand words –

I think that you maybe forgot condition :animate somewhere.

Thanks for the head’s up, this seems to happening in chrome and safari. We have identified the issue and will release an update in the next 24 hours.

Hey, what’s with the artifacts from the dropdown admin panel when you start to scroll back up? Let me know if there’s a bug fix for this. I may just keep it unanimated if its going to make trails across the whole screen.

Thanks for buying mbrobinson! We’ve found that same bug on some rare instances. We’ve already found a fix for that in our latest release and it should be available in the next day or two. We’ve also added a class to allow the nav to have the scroll animation so you can easily remove it.

SharpandNimble, are you going to add the feature to inline edit on tables for each row field?

Hey Eloasis. While an inline table edit is a great suggestion, it will have to wait after this release.

Hi, new updates look great. Will you provide any documentation on how to upgrade from the initial release?

thanks! Enrique

Thanks ergrullon. We hesitate on getting too specific with the updates just because we edited tons of code for 2.0. We recommend importing the new files to your project.

Beautiful theme! I read in your description that it can be used for a SAAS service so am I correct in assuming I can completely modify it to my needs where I can have hundreds of different users utilizing the modified version for my specific industry needs and customer management?


Thanks Cibaoo! We really appreciate the support. We are currently using the extended license sales model. So I recommend, just to play it safe, to purchase the proper license for your needs as stated in the Envato documentation.

Hi, What MVC is the routing built with (Angular, Ember, Backbone) ?

Thanks for your inquiry shaial. I’ll give you a clue, we are not using any of those ;)

well done bro ! :) Good Luck .

Thanks, Sultanjar!

Hi. Are there any plans to add a “Profile Page” as one of the page types? This is a page type that many other themes provide.

Also are there any plans to add additional form elements? There currently are very few options.

Besides that, this template looks very nice!

Absolutely it does! Thanks for the feedback cardine. Would the form wizard do as a vs validation, we do have a slider in the theme as well. Please expect these updates to the multi select and date picker in our next release.

I was thinking validation like “only allow numbers”, or even “only let users type in numbers” (so if a user hits a letter it won’t even show up). For the slider I mean a slider that you can drag yourself to change a value. Appreciate you working on this.

Also there is another bug I have found. On your filters page, it shows a graph which goes away when you make the page smaller (as it should). However when you do the reverse and have the page start small (and then you increase the size of the page) when the graphs appear again when the responsive design gets bigger it doesn’t render the graphs and it simply shows an array of numbers.

The documentation is super light.

How should I go about adding this theme to a rails app? any recommendations?

Your doc doesn’t say anything about it. I’m not missing any class from your example and BS3 doesn’t have any class for link in navbar…

You really need to improve your doc.

shippingpixel, it looks like the reason the text links are acting that way is because we placed a set width on the containing

  • . If you remove that width, it will not collapse the text. We will fix this in our next release to make it more flexible for everyone. Sorry for the issue.
  • Themeforest removed the tag i included above. It should have said remove the width on the “li” tag.

    Hi, great theme, one bug need to fix, when I pop up an modal. The canvas (screen) shift right a few pixels. How can I fix it? I tried to remove -webkit-scrollbar in style.sass but it still doesn’t work.

    cheers! Junjie

    can you give me a more detailed solution? How can I fix it? I see other bootstrap template their modal is working fine. Thanks

    found a quick fix to this, please integrate it to the newest update, thank you.

    Thanks for the link junjie0509. We’ll do our best to get this resolved for our next release.

    Hi SharpandNimble,

    Can you design: - User Profile - Shop List & Product - FAQ - Invoice - Email templates - Blog - Login & 404 can be much nicer see (

    Hi, XcoderTeam. Thanks for the suggestions. We’ll definitely try to get some of the these pages into our next release. Stay tuned!

    Hi Sharpandnimble my name is tarlee i will really went to buy this theme but i dont know how to use i was thinking will it be ok if i pay you to customize this theme to what i went it to be for me?

    login is responsive? is not beautiful. Could put a margin for smartphones.

    We plan on releasing an update very soon. As far as IE support, the majority of our theme works well on IE8. There are a few widgets and plugins that do not work as well on that browser, so that is why we removed IE8 from our support list. We don’t want to give the wrong expectations to our buyers.

    Unfortunately, we won’t be supporting IE7 in the future. IE11 is already in beta, and IE7 is too old of a browser to be able to support.

    Perfect, is getting a great job.

    I just think that the amount charged is lower than it’s worth, you could charge more for it because it is very good.

    I’m following the evolution of his work to start my next job with it.

    Again, congratulations on the great job.

    Thanks ctncardoso. If you like it and want to use it… please buy it.

    Do you have PSDS for this template?

    lukielukas, we’ll try and include some PSDs in a future release.

    I love this theme. Any chance for IE8 support in the next release?


    Hey kouts1! Thanks. We will try to get this in shortly.

    This is beautiful, but we need

    1) drag and drop widgets, nested widgets 2) Multiple layouts 3) Icons extensibility 4) portfolio

    Thanks, farmerz! We’re working on more features and pages as we speak. We’ll try and add as many suggestions as we can in future releases.

    I have a Pre order Question: - Is the psd built on full wide screen or fixed width? - PSD included in the source files or not


    Hey Pizelzeesh, we do not have PSDs included but you can always take screenshots to your liking.

    I’m quite confused on how substitute the these icons:

    With the font-awesome icons.

    I went into se7en-font.css, but am unclear on where to find ”\e006” & ”\e002”, etc.


    Hi, MonolithBurger. Thanks for purchasing! If you want to replace the default nav icons with Font Awesome, I’d suggest doing so in the html. You can easily replace (span aria-hidden=”true” class=”se7en-home”), with (span class=”icon-home). That should do the trick. Let us know if you have any other problems.