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Hello, I’m facing an issue about having multiple wizards in the same HTML page, the only one only appears, and the rest is empty – with no JS or CSS errors in Chrome console.

Any Advice/Fix ?!

Hi, egcoder. Thanks for buying! When trying to have multiple wizards on one page, you need to make sure that you don’t repeat any unique id’s. For instance, make sure one wizards is div id=”wizard1” and the other is div id=”wizard2”. The same goes for any form field id’s within the wizard as well.

In the JS, all you need to do is copy and paste the current wizard code and change all the ids to match the second wizard as well. Same goes for any number of wizards you’d like to have.

Hope that helps!

Thanks it’s working now :) just one other comment, when I try to add a date range picker component – from v3 – to a modal, the date picker component is coming behind the modal and not over it, which makes it impossible to select the date, appreciate to let me know about that

Thanks a lot, and great work with v3 BTW

Thanks for catching that bug. The .daterangepicker.dropdown-menu simply needs a z-index higher than the modal overlay. 2000 worked for me. We’ll fix it in a future release, but you can easily add it in the daterange-picker.css too.


Can you build more input tags Like this one?

Thx Edward

We just added a lot more into this past release, but we’ll try to keep adding more into a future release. Thanks for buying.

Probably the most beautiful theme on Themeforest, added to the fact you’re continuing to support it, great work :D.

P.S Loving the Breaking Bad themed contacts list ;)

Thanks for the super kind words, thecodingdude! We’re trying our best to help our customers with any support they need.

We had some inspiration while watching the end of Breaking Bad. Glad you caught it :)

Thanks for your great work!

Would love to see tree list support with drag and drop in one of the next version of your template!


Thanks for buying, julientherier! We’ll add that to the list.

Hi there,

I’d love to see some pricing tables!

Thanks Robert

SnowFalls, coming right up!

Hey SharpandNimble. Awesome theme- really stunning. Just a quick question- I am using the checkbox-inline for a web form that returns the results to email via PHP but I can’t seem to get ticked checkboxes to return a result of “Yes” instead of “on”.

Any help would be wonderful.

Thanks guys,


Hey verrucktfuchs, thanks for buying our theme! To get the input to return a “Yes”, you should just need to add a value to the checkbox. Like this:

input type=”checkbox” id=”chk_box” name=”chk_box” value=”Yes”

Same applies to any other result you want displayed. Hope that helps.

Thanks so much.


I am wondering, how weather widget get data. Can I pass my local weather and how?


Hey Arkgroup – there are a couple of ways to get this integrated but it will take some development. There are many weather APIs out there to consider.

I noticed a design flaw. When you use ipad and go to editable tables the last row overlaps badly. Just letting you know, otherwise awesome template

Thanks Mucella. We will add this fix to the next release!

I’ve been working on an idea using this theme for a few months. It’s mostly great.

Some thoughts (forgive me if you have taken care of this and I did not see it):

This theme bundles a ton of JavaScript plugins. While helpful, and I notice many of the one’s I’m familiar with are best of breed, the demo source files are very cluttered and it’s hard to know what is/isn’t required depending on what features you wish to use.

If the theme included a minimal example with no plugins (only the icons and theme styles), and some docs on how the HTML needs to change to override bootstrap styles with the theme, it would probably be easier to modify and produce semantic, lightweight (well, as lightweight as Bootstrap can be) HTML.

Also, I know this theme is geared towards in-app pages, but some marketing / landing page examples and styles would be great.


Thanks so much for the feedback kseelbach. And we agree, the marketing pages and a system for organizing the plugins will be coming! =)

Datatables column sort arrows are missing and one column sort arrow is appearing inside the search box, it only happens in firefox

Thanks for the heads up, jdelcallar. We’ll get that fixed.

Hi !

Just wanted to say, your template is absolutely amazing ! I love the way you used the BooStrap framework to create such a clean and unique interface, great job guys !

I had one question thought : what kind of files do we get when purchasing the template? CSS/JS/HTML files etc, or do we get access to the files you used during the development of the template?

And one last thing , the chat page doesn’t really look good on my mobile phone, so maybe you need to improve a little the responsive aspect of this page. Also , the 404 page is not really SEO-friendly , even if I don’t think it is the goal of a template , I just wanted to point it out , so maybe you could make some improvements on this.

Alright, best regards and keep it the good work !

Thanks gkaam! You will get the css/js/html. And thank you so much for the feedback, we will review and try to get what we can into the next iteration. Best!

form validation isn’t working.. :(

here is my code
<form method="post" action="" class="form-horizontal" id="myform">
          rules: {
            event_date: 'required',
            event_name: 'required',
            event_place: 'required'

Hi webmpire. First of all, thanks for buying our theme! I tested out the same validation you wrote above, and it worked for me. I’m guessing you are missing some things in the html. The selector you name in the js needs to match the name field for an input field, like this:

<input class="form-control" id="event_date" name="event_date" type="text">

The validation js only matches up with the name set for each input field, not the id. Hopefully that helps. Good luck!

Hi irmakcosarsahna. This has already been fixed and will be included in the next release.

I have a service that I need a website for. This website will have some sort of shop, but clients will not be charged for accessing the site, but for a completely non-related product. This sounds like a regular licence to me, but I thought I’ll better ask!

Hi mespank. Good question. The way I understand it, if users are purchasing any sort of product, whether it is to access the site, or through an end product that is offered through the site using this theme, that would require purchasing the extended license. Basically, if you’re making any sort of money off of a purchased theme, its safe to assume you need the extended license. Hope that helps.

On the Dashboard page the font if 86%, 613, $924, and 325 seems to be off a bit compared to IE. In IE its fuller and darker. Not sure if there is an issue with chrome. Even with firefox its a bit better but not as good as IE. Thoughts?

Hey Mattfrost. Thanks for the purchase! There isn’t much we can do with the browser text rendering though we do have some nifty web-kit rendering tweaks. Turn up the weight of the typeface – it might get you better results for your product and audience. I think it’s currently set to 100. Best luck!

Being a developer , I’m amazed at the amount of work and time that must have been put into this wonderful project. I’ll be buying this for use in my own site. Just don’t tell anybody. :0) For what you are charging, nobody should be complaining about anything as a normal dev project for something like this would cost in the ballpark of at least $1000.00

Great work sharandnimble!

Thanks, btisherman!

~ in your Doc in form validation example there is syntax error. pls fix it!

~ in wizard having some problems..

<form role="form">
   <div class="form-group">
       <label for="name">Full Name</label><input class="form-control" id="name" placeholder="" type="text">

if I change id in input field “Continue” button in wizard doesn’t work..

also how can I submit form on “Continue” button using ajax?

Hi webmpire. It looks like those forms keep giving you some trouble :) So for the wizard problem you’re having, it is set in main.js to specifically look for an input with an id=”name” and to make sure it has a value. If you want to keep the validation for this field, just change the id in main.js here:

if (index === 1) {
  if (!$("#name").val()) {
    return false;

If you don’t want any validation at all, then just remove that entire section above and the wizard will work.

To submit the form with AJAX, that would be quite a lengthy explanation, but there are lots of great tutorials out there that can help.

Hope all that helps. Good luck!

Thank you for mentioning js file.. I searched many js files in js dir.. but forgot to look through main.js thank you! its working perfect! :) What I meant when I mentioned ajax is that I have to put ajax function in according “index” right?

Very nice. i want to buy.

But I request for File Manager.

Thanks for the feedback HeinZawHtet. Coming VERY soon.

Hi, great work, really amazing! Having trouble changing options for datatables (not editable) When trying to change the default text for “Show MENU records” ..

$('#dataTable1').dataTable( {
    "oLanguage": {
        "sLengthMenu": 'something'
} );

I get no error, nothing happends :(

nevermind :) renamed “dataTable1”, reinitialized dataTable, all went fine.

Glad we could help :)

Hey there sharp&nimble, really great work. Very impressive!

There seems to be a minor bug when the “Social Feed” page is shown on small devices such as the iPhone. The entire feed is off-centre with the left margin noticeably wider than the right margin. Plus, the text field in the “share-widget” overlaps the widget itself and looks a bit ugly.

This bug isn’t evident on any other page (such as the Dashboard or Gallery) when viewed on the iPhone, so there’s something unique on the “Social Feed” page causing this hiccup.

Thanks for this theme! It has saved me so much time!

Thanks so much mjbamford. We are aware of the bug (it seems limited to certain devices) and will be fixing with our upcoming update.