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I want to use tooltip or popover on class how do I do it?

Hi, webmpire. Thanks for buying our theme! To initialise a tooltip or popover with a class, you just have to call that class in the main.js file. Here’s an example for a tooltip:


The html would look like this, including all the data attributes:

<a class="tooltip-trigger" data-placement="top" data-toggle="tooltip" title="Tooltip content">Tooltip </a>

Here’s the example for a popover:

<a class="popover-trigger" data-content="Here's the popover content" data-placement="top" data-toggle="popover">Popover</a>

We’ve also simplified the javacript for our next release so you can use the same class to call every tooltip and control every part of it in the html. The same for the popovers.

Hope that helps!

Will try. Will let you know. Thanks! :)

It worked well thank you! :)

lovely theme, crap documentation

Thanks for the feedback. What was missing from the documentation for you?

Hi there, Thanks for the theme. We really like the overall design and feel and that is why we purchased.

The theme is really let down by a lack of decent documentation and a PSD file for our design team. Have a look at some of the biggest sellers in the HTML>Admin Templates category for an idea of what would be suitable and for what I think would boost this theme a lot!.

Hi jessekras. Thanks so much for purchasing. Sorry for any problems you’re having with the theme. This is our first theme, so we’re still learning the ropes with the documentation. If there’s anything specifically you need help with, please let us know.

Hi there, I love your theme! Before I buy it though, would it be possible to add a 3rd level Menu in your navigation system? In your example, you seem to show only a basic 2 level menu navigation system.

3 level menus are unfortunately not available out of the box but would be straightforward to implement with bootstrap3 menus.

Hi What is Type Files in Regular License Package? in other word I Want To Know That What Technologies used in Regular License ? (html,javascript,css3, and ?) (php or or ?) do I Can Use this Template in mvc?

You’ll find HTML, CSS and JS files. All the code was written in HTML5 and CSS3 standards. You’ll also find the original SASS and Coffeescript files used to write the css an js. Hope that helps!

What is the difference between the two links below And

What is the Regular License? What is the difference between version Regular License & Extended License?

Hi ghadiri. is a very outdated link and really should not be up anymore. reflects the latest version that we’ve created.

For the licenses, it all depends on the final outcome of your product. If you’re using it for a single client project in which no one is using it to make more money from their customers, then a regular license is fine. But if you were to create an online store and continuously make profit using our theme, you would need to purchase the extended license.

Hope that helps!

Hey SharpandNimble, first of all: Thank you very much for this awesome template!

A friend of mine bought your template and we are currently trying to get things up and running (with rails).

But we face some difficulties. In which order do we need to include the css / js-Files? Which files are truly necessary (it seems that there are some files not necessary at all)... Can we just use the application.css and application.js-Files? (when we do this, it seems smth. is missing).

Thanks in advance!

Hi pmuens. Rails can be tricky on it’s own. But it all should work as intended for you. My advice is start from our version and take out any assets that you do not need. Test often. Best of luck!

Hi guys

Just want to repeat the comments above about a great theme but absolutely rubbish documentation (to the point of being essentially useless).

The first question I had (that wasn’t really solved anywhere) was how I fix the settings in the “style-selector” container—I don’t want users to change their view settings, but want to choose non-default options. How do I complete this?


Hi hughstephens. First off, thanks for buying the theme. Sorry about the missing parts of the documentation. To answer your question, all the layout/background pattern options are controlled with classes on the tag.

For example, by default with no class, the layout is fluid, but if you want a boxed layout with a maximum width, you would add a class of ”.layout-boxed”.

For the navigation, by default, the navbar is positioned at the top with no extra class on the body tag. To move it to the left, add ”.sidebar-nav” to the body.

For the background patterns, by default, a class on body is ”.bg-1”, which is just the default solid gray color. You can change it to 2-5 after ”.bg-” to use any of the included patterns. If you want your own custom pattern or color, you’ll just have to change it in the css for the body tag and remove any class of ”.bg-”.

Finally, to use a different color theme, you just need to make sure to call that specific color css after style.css or style.sass, whichever you choose to use. For example, change

<link href="/stylesheets/color/orange.css" media="all" rel="alternate stylesheet" title="orange-theme" type="text/css" />


<link href="/stylesheets/color/orange.css" media="all" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

Again, sorry that wasn’t already included in the docs, but we’ll make sure to add it soon. I hope all that helped.

Hi SharpandNimble, thanks for exclusive design!

May I ask you, could you provide in next update Font for Latin-Extended either? or could you send me some font that is identical with this one?


We will consider this for the next update. Thanks BeeCzech!!

I would suggest to add Sub-Sub Menu, I think it’ll be usefull for a lot of customers.

was trying to get x-editable with typeahead.js to work without luck, is it compatible? please help.

Hello how is the pack? what is included? Thank You!

Hi LaBarre. Our theme contains html, css and js files. You’ll also find our original SASS and Coffeescript files as well.

any chance you provide .psd files?

Hi! Sharp&Nimble. I was wandering how can I configure carousel slider? which file file contains settings for that slider?

Hi webmpire. In our example, the carousel slider is being called purely through the html using data attributes. If you check out the bootstrap documentation,, you can configure more settings through the html. If you need to do it through javascript, you’d have to add it to the main.js file yourself based on what the bootstrap docs say.

Hope that helps!

I really love 7. I want to purchase. But I need Markdown Editor like .

Markdown Editor with - Full Page or Full Screen Mode - When scroll in editor (left side), preview (right side) will follow.

This markdown editor is perfect - .

Getting an error when trying to compile the sass, only made one change at the top of the file.

Theme/build/stylesheets/style.sass Syntax error: Invalid US-ASCII character ”\xC3” on line 3088 of /Volumes/MAC Pro Media/Theme/build/stylesheets/style.sass

Could you please post the change you made? Thanks.

The only thing I did was the following… In the first line with the color.

$blue: #bc242a

If you revert it back to what it was before, does it work? And you made no other changes anywhere else in the file?

Hi there,

Can you add a slider please? (fullscreen for main page)


Hi SnowFalls. Do you mean an image carousel? If so, we already have one included: It’s fully responsive and can be modified to become a fullscreen slider.

Hi there, I mean like a revslider. Something simple, to add text and images on top of a background slider.


Also, how can I change the main navigation large icons… It looks like there is a custom font? What are all the available icons?

Hey John,

Thanks for purchasing our theme! If you look in the docs here:, you’l find a list of which icons can be used from our custom icon font. It’s just like using Font Awesome where you can call a class to use the icon. Let us know if you need more guidance.

any chance you provide .psd files for us also please?

Hey fixitireland. Please feel free to take screen captures, but we didn’t create a PSD file for se7en.

any chance you provide .psd files for us also please?

WIN7 – IE8, 9 is not compatible :(

Console window: [X] SCRIPT87 : Invalid argument. jquery.sparkline.min.js line 5 character 5488

[X] SCRIPT87 : Invalid argument. respond.js line 7 character 2676

[X] SCRIPT87 : Invalid argument. respond.js line 7 character 2676

[X] SCRIPT87 : Invalid argument. respond.js line 7 character 2676

please help us.. :crying:

Oye! Solved!

MSIE’s document.createStyleSheet() throws an error if there are more than 30 existing style sheets

Glad you could get this resolved zoonfive. Thanks for the reference links.