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hey – any updates to the latest bootstrap planned? Or can we just drop the latest version in without any issues?


why is there no demo page for me to look at? or any guides?


You theme is fantastic. I use it for my web application, but I can’t resolve issue with sorting arrows for datatables in firefox. Firefox always shows sorting arrow at the last column, no matter how many sortable columns are there.

It works great in Chrome, IE and Opera.


Hi there – just purchased this theme, I think it’s great. I’m integrating it with my rails app.

I was wondering if there are any more Se7en icons available than the ones included? I’m not so keen on using the glyphicons and font-awesome icons.



I purschased the theme. I like it but i could not find any documentation could you provide me a link for documentation?

Here’s the link: It’s also located in the files within the project. Enjoy!

Hi there!! (please read…...need help)

I am searching for an admin template that can do the following things…maybe i shouldn’t be searching for an admin template but if anybody can point me in the right direction i would really appreciate it!!!!!!

BACKGROUND: I have a few websites that my clients log in to. What I would like is a “one stop shop” for all the websites they have to log in to. I think these admin pages are really awesome so in the side menu, if a client could click on “Services” and there would be a list of the webpage names …...then click on the page they want to go to.

Then I would like the web page the client clicks on to open in the admin panel without loosing the header and the left menu (which can hide if toggled so it gives the client more room to work with the webpage she opened). I would like the client to be able to click back and forth between the sites if needed quickly without logging out….kinda like tabs in a web browser when I can click on my gmail ..go to Envato….click back to gmail without shutting down or loosing anything.

What i also need is a master log in portal thingy. For example, a client can just log in to the admin page and it will need to log in to all the other webpages at the same time in the menu bar… once in the admin page , the websites are actually open but out of site until the client clicks on the page they want to go to inside the left hand side menu. If one of the webpage times out and needs to be logged into again while in the background, I would like the master log in portal thingy to log back in automatically.

Also I would like to have a master admin page, which governs over rep and client admin pages. For example, in the master admin page, I would like to be able to create admin pages for my reps and or clients, and let the reps create pages as well if I had it toggled for them to do so. I imagine something as easy as filling out a form with the right information so it could easily populate the admin page and then create it.

In the master admin page, I would like to be able to see a list of my reps, and go to their admin page, see a list of their clients, and go to a clients admin page if i need to. Also I would like to have a master list of clients in my master admin page along with a master list of clients in my admin page. I would like a rep to only have access to the clients they are assigned to so they can go in a clients admin page and do things.

Also, I would like certain changes I make in my master admin page to automatically change in my reps and clients pages. For example, lets say I make changes to a pricing chart..i would like those changes updated and changed in all other admin pages as well.

I hope all this makes sense. Thank you very much for your time and I would appreciate any advice or help anybody gives me. I know that I would need to continuously buy admin pages or whatever and I would need help most likely to customize a template to the way I described and I am willing to pay for that help if the price is agreeable for both of us.



is there any sidebar on the left?

Hi dinko1,

There is a variation for the navigation to be on the left. You can see an example of it using the style-switcher (gear icon) on the top right section of any page.

please I purchased the template How Can I make fixed footer like you did in header ?

All around a great template. I would just suggest a small change, since Summernote is not compatible with HTML forms out of the box. I do not at all insist that my approach is the best, it was only the fastest I could think of to get Summernote running with my PHP backend. So if you have a better suggestion, please go ahead and post it, so we can all benefit from it.

In main.js, change:
    if ($('#summernote').length) {
        height: 300,
        focus: true,
        toolbar: [['style', ['style']], ['style', ['bold', 'italic', 'underline', 'clear']], ['fontsize', ['fontsize']], ['color', ['color']], ['para', ['ul', 'ol', 'paragraph']], ['height', ['height']], ['insert', ['picture', 'link']], ['table', ['table']], ['fullscreen', ['fullscreen']]]
if ($('.summernote').length) {
        height: 300,
        toolbar: [['style', ['style']], ['style', ['bold', 'italic', 'underline', 'clear']], ['fontsize', ['fontsize']], ['color', ['color']], ['para', ['ul', 'ol', 'paragraph']], ['height', ['height']], ['insert', ['picture', 'link']], ['table', ['table']], ['fullscreen', ['fullscreen']]],
        onkeyup: function(e) {
            $editor = $(this).parent().parent().find('textarea.summernote');


Then use the summernote with a textarea, instead of a div, and use class name “summernote”, instead of ID. As you know, ID names cannot repeat in HTML, so this helps if you want more than one Summernote editor on your page. Of course everything goes better with a specific example, so this is what your code would look like:

Instead of the current:
<div id="summernote">Any default value</div>
you will now have:
<textarea class="summernote" name="the-backend-needs-this-part">Any default value</textarea>

Hope that helps.


Great suggestion, Loran! Making the div a textarea is definitely the right thing to do.

Feel more than welcome to implement these if you’re planning an update. Tweak it if you need to, too, cause my solution looks a bit hacky right now.

Hi. This is awesome template. I’m using it in my personal project, but I’ve a issue in datatables plugin with ordering icon in column headers. It’s not showing correctly in Firefox (my version is 29). This is screenshot of issue:

Check out screenshoot

Can you help me?


Hi there,

Any updates on PSD files? As a designer, it makes our life that much easier (and would probably enable the sale of many more themes) when presenting our ideas and layouts to the development team.

Even if you just put together a list of components as blank png’s that would help a lot.

Great theme!!!

This theme is incredible. Anyone know if it could be ported into Wordpress to integrate with a PHP web application? Many thanks,

Another nicely done!;

The checkboxes aren’t working properly. Neither in Chrome or in Internet Exploder. You need to click them at least two times to disable them again, in Chrome it isn’t possible to disable a checkbox without checking another one before.

Please fix this issue!

Thank you

Workaround for this: Make the checkboxes unselectable via: $(’.checkbox’).disableSelection();

What happened to the preview. We can’t view it anymore

The links is showing error: “Internal Server Error”

Sorry about that. We’ve got our preview back up. Thanks for letting us know!

Can you add toolbar button for mobile view like menu button ?

Is there a way to get a PSD file with the assets and the design?

Hi, Do you have any plan to add profile page and setting page ?

Regards, Nilesh


Has anyone integrated this theme with Meteor?

I’m getting syntax errors in the files: application/datatables/timepicker.css Also, the .html itself doesn’t work and give syntax errors.

Since Meteor use is growing, could the authors provide a guide about this integration? I don’t think that it will require much (just to follow a correct folder structure and few minor fixes). Although simple, these fixes are a little hard for new developers.

Thank you