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Just to make it clear, when I said I tried a table under a tab, I tried a clean table and not the class=”tableGeneric” because I just wanted to align the text under the tab in three columns. Cheers

It might not work if some of the text is too wide and then the table won’t scale down enough. I try to avoid tables as much as possible. Probably better with 3 floated divs inside the tab with a percentage width on each.

Could you tell me how to remove the colour switcher on the side and keep it on red please

All the best from Alan

Just remove the stylesitcher js and include the css file you want

Thank you very much

Do you havw a photo gallery that has categorys ans description for each photo upload via an admin panel please…

All the best from Alan

No not at this stage

Thank you

Is there a blog thast can work with this template please

All the best from Alan

Just purchased this today and the theme will not install. Wordpress gives the error that it is missing the “style.css”. In the theme files, there are two .css files, both of them with different names than the standard style.css. Any help please? :)

Sorry this is a HTML Template not a wordpress theme.


Bought this template. Really nice work. Good docs. Thanks.

I noticed that when my client tweets a url, on his twitter page, it gives the full url, but gets shortened to shorturl format. No problem with that, but unfortunately this shortened version is prefixed with the clients domain. Looks like the following – Unfortunately, that means the link is broken when shown in the twitter feed in the footer.

Do you know where this URL is reformatted? Is this in the twitter.js style? Any ideas how I might go about fixing? Or a workaround?


i’ve purchased your theme and im really happy with it, works great does everything I need. Just one little thing though…

Is it possible to make it stop adapting once the browser window gets below a certain width like 1200px?


Yes, just delete everything below the 1200px section in skeleton.css

Wow quick reply, Thanks very much!

Do you have the Seamless Theme available anywhere in wordpress?

not at this stage sorry.