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All images added are distorted. Should have used container for images with height and leave height auto on image. In order to use this we are forced to make completely new images with specific dimensions to fit your builder or edit the exports manually, which renders builder useless. Rounded corners also , container would have done the job.

And if grid is deleted , there is no way to bring it back.

you should use specific dimensions accordingly to the images in the assets folder that comes with the product.

440×335 or 440×440

to start over, simply refresh the builder.

Refresh and loose everything you added. You joking right? And all those mc on image tags, copyright notice within product that I have actually purchased. and and … My fault for impulse buy.

Could register to use the builder. I guess builder means you have to hand code the html template, if am wrong please provide registration link.

you don’t need to register, just use your TF purchase code.
layout builder link
for further assistance please contact me by mail from my profile page.

I am using the builder, but when I press the “export” button nothing happens. ¿As I can download templates of the builder?

you are using the demo…I removed that option, please try now.

I am having a hell of a time deleting the iphone image from mailchimp template. Can you give me some help.

Sure kimberly! send it to my email ( and I’ll do it for you…

robbiewilliams, I know this is not the right place to ask. But I am desperate and I hope you can answer. What framework or library are you using to create my own email template builder like you use on this template?

Presales Questions:

1. Using the Builder, how do I add a LINK to buttons or text/images in galleries? They are useless without the ability to click.

2.  Using the Builder, how can I add add alt text to product/gallery images so that when images are turned off in the email client, my content is still visible?
3.  My product images are all square.  I notice that when I change the URL to my own, the dimensions of the image do not change but are squished into a rectangle.  How do I use the Builder to make my images display correctly when they are not the same ratio as the demo images?

the builder allows you to change text and images.
links, alt text, should be edited via notepad.
images should be cropped to fit the template.

thanks for you interest.