Discussion on Seele - Clean Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Discussion on Seele - Clean Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

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Are you still actively supporting and updating this theme?

I take that as a no….

Hi, the Requite Core Plugin is stopping our video playing in the Revolution Slider and also causing it to white screen when we try and edit pages. Please can you help?

Please click the “Support” tab and file your request this way. Thank you.

Hie, how do I edit the page titles. I have finished modifying the “Portfolio Masonry” template. I have my content there but I just need to change the page title. How do I do that. http://www.tm-creative.me/portfolio/

The other issue I have is that my header is not snapping to the top of the page on mobile device and PS4. If you can try opening http://www.tm-creative.me on mobile, you can see my struggle.

First, I have to point out that once you start modifying the theme, modification are not supported. But, changing page titles involves going to the actual portfolio page and changing the title there, they cannot be changed anywhere else. I also noticed you are using an older version, we’re up to 1.0.5 now.

I looked for flicker. I don’t see any on my Android phone, and I don’t own a PS4, so I can’t say to that. I have noticed in the past there can be a header flick when the WP admin bar is present. I’ve not found a way around that, but it only seems to happen when logged in and the admin bar is present. I don’t see any flicked viewing the site. Have you tried logging out and seeing if it’s still an issue?

Okay thank you. Let me also update the theme.

Hie, how do I make the portfolio project preview show the original images, not a cropped thumbnail?

This page shows a portfolio which you can click on one thumbnail and it pops up as a bigger image. My question is can the thumbnail (low resolution) image and the image that pops up (high resolution) be different? http://preview.themeforest.net/item/seele-clean-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/13363369?_ga=1.134281842.2071618269.1475017102

That link just takes me to the main demo site. I need to see the page not within the screen preview frame. Regardless, the popup image will be the smaller image, they cannot be different.

Hey thank you, found a solution, I decided to go with the Masonry style, it shows full images.

Hi, Thank you so much for this nice theme! But I can’t find how to make a Portfolio Multi-Size Fullwidth like in your demo?

-> Portfolio-Masonry-Multi size Fullwidth

That is a standard WP page that makes use of the Latest Projects VC shortcode with Layout set to Multi-Size Masonry, Style 3, and Portfolio Filters set to true. Also the Row element’s Row Type setting is “Full Width Content”.

ok it’s done! thx for you’re help


I have already contacted you by email, no answer so I write you another message here. Hope you could help me. Indeed, the theme options (tab “Seele” in the Wordpress menu) doesn’t work. It’s not possible to save any data. For example, i cannot change the size of logo. Could you please tell me, asap, how to resolve this, how it works, is it a bug?


I replied over a half hour ago. Please check your spam filters.

For those reading, the issue with the Redux option panel failing was a plugin called Root Relative URLs, which destroyed all the protocol relative URL uses with vendor library CDNs, and google API URLs. That particular plugin has not been updated in over two years and the author does not answer support issues. Best to avoid the Root Relative URLs plugin completely, folks. It breaks too many things. :)

Hie, I just bought your template its amazing. But how do I get the same look like the one for “Base Design”? I have created a slider but its not going full screen like in your design

Probably because the row needs to be Full Width. You could always use the demo content importer and just change what’s there. :)

Also, the slider itself needs to be set as a Standard Slider with a layout of Full Screen, which is what the base slider uses. For help with those settings, see: https://www.themepunch.com/revslider-doc/slider-setup/#slidelayout

Hi thnks for wonderfull theme. ? need to remove css and js to the footer.Is it possible?

Hi! Thanks for writing.

As far as I know, it’s not possible to move CSS link stylesheets to the footer. I googled it for a bit, and nothing came up, except that it’s not recommended, because it could mess with the rendering.

As for moving javascript tag, you can, but it’s tricky and depending on which javascript tag you move, could cause loading issues depending on how the author of the JS intended on having it loaded. Seele loads all it’s JS in the footer. Anything else in the header is put there either by WordPress, or individual vendors of plugins Seele uses (ie – Slider Revolution, VC, etc).

Basically, you’d have to install the Seele child theme, create a functions.php and setup a hook for wp_enqueue_scripts. Inside the function set to run when that hook fires, you’d use wp_dequeue_script() to deregister the script you want to remove based on it’s handle/id. Here is the tricky part, you’d have to use wp_enqueue_script() to enqueue the script again, and specific the in_footer parameter as true. BUT, you have to use the same handle/id and you have to know the location of the actual JS file, which is the tricky part. Hard coding the path isn’t recommended, since it can change at any time.

As far as I know, that’s the only way to accomplish this.

Good luck!

Beautiful theme! :-)

Thanks mate. I’ve been helping so many via Redux, I thought I’ve give it a go for myself. :)

Good Luck! Thanks for all the hard work into community!

Thank you much. It was a blast getting to this point, even if some of those days cost me three monitors, a new desk, and a head full of hair! :)

Can i use this theme for a travel agency , can i use seach widgets (flights, hotels, car, rental)

Well, the theme is WooCommerce ready. If what you want to do can be done through Woo, then I would imagine yes. If you had a more customized solution in mind, then it might not, to be honest.

very good work, i wish you lots of sales ;)

Thank you, kind sir. :)

Beautiful work, Looks great, GLWS :)

Thank you. Took a good while to get here. :)

Nice work gud luck

Thank you, kind sir (or ma’am) :)

Wow, this theme and the ton of design options looks amazing! Curious, can parallax sections and backgrounds be activated on mobile (like http://www.requitedesigns.com/seele/ultimate-vertical-parallax/ only buying themes these days w that option) Thnks for letting me know and BEST to sale$!

Yes, they can (or should). I tested every page with the Google Chrome responsive design tool, and each passed muster. If you like, load the demo page up in your browser, press CTRL+CTL+I, click the the responsive button on the toolbar, second button from the left and take a look-see.

Amazing dude. Good luck!

Could not have done it without Redux and the amazing library of extensions! Thanks Redux gurus!

Amazing Theme, GLWS :grin:

Thanks, mate. Those reviewers, they put me through the paces. They made a better dev/designer out of me.

Nice theme, GLWS :)

Thanks, mate. Those reviewers, they put me through the paces. They made a better dev/designer out of me.


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