Discussion on Seiko - eCommerce HTML Template

Discussion on Seiko - eCommerce HTML Template

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Dear clients! Unfortunately, we will be able to answer your questions intermittently, since our team is from Ukraine, and military operations are taking place right now. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

I mean, when i Use Ajax, the Script JS dont working on Menu… your template have this problem. Normally working.. but some times dont… You can see your side. No happend always but dont work some times.. In my side happens when i use ajax,.. Just check

Hi. You need to check JS compilation and you will be able to find what breaks the JS compilation after ajax success event on the site.

Hi, the header menu hovering is not working on Chrome. Hovering over the header menu, its child menu dropdown but it faded away when your mouse hover to child context. very frustrated.

Hi. Unfortunately, we don’t provide technical support here. Write a ticket in our ticket system http://help.big-skins.com/ please and our support team will answer you.

Hi, I’m afraid many of the features in your theme, do not work. I don’t see for example why you include language drop-down list in the header although it does not work. Please, we chosed to buy this theme based on the features it offers. I’m so disappointed when i find out later, most of the features do not work. basically, we buy a theme instead of using a free one just to find all features available in the theme core instead of installing paid apps for each and every particular feature. so please I’m waiting for you to fix the broken features.

Hi! We made language selector but you can see on demo that it does not work because Shopify does not have such functionality. But we made it for the ability of app using. Unfortunately, the theme has limited functionality. We would like to make it, but such functions are absent, we can not influence on the Shopify cloud store.

Hi, thank you for the reply, but it would be fair to add that in your theme page to let people know what work and what not

NEW TICKET SYSTEM LINK http://big-skins.com/help

I submit a ticket over a week ago and still no answer #252282

Hi! Sorry for inconvenience! We wrote the solution in the ticket.

Will not be updated swiper to version 4.XX?

Hi! We have customized swiper.js specially for our slider.

Hi i have integrated in Angular 1 & facing issues with almost all links stopped working.

Current Link : “http://localhost:8084/app/client/product.html#/dress”

Eg. Below stopped working but then the URL was http://localhost:8084/app/client/product.html it is working fine. 1. class=”icon icon-arrow-down” 2. class=”icon icon-arrow-up”

Hi! Write please ticket here http://help.big-skins.com/open.php?topicId=15 Our developers will help you asap with detailed answers. Unfortunately, we don’t provide here technical support.

Is there plans to update to Bootstrap 4 in the near future?

Hi! Truth be told, we will not update Seiko on bootstrap 4.0

Do you plan on any new templates similar to Seiko with BS4? I really like this template and would love to have it on BS4

Hi! In the nearest future, we will update cool HTML project, but it will have BS3 with responsive features from BS4

Is the downloaded version fixed with the quick view bug not working? I tried to access the ticket but I can’t. Happy Holidays and Thanks

Hi! Sorry for late response. We can’t recreate bug with a quick view. Write please ticket to our developers http://help.big-skins.com/open.php?topicId=15 , attach screen with bug

Do you have the update for BootStrap 4+ thanks

Hi! We did not plan to use Bootstrap 4.

Hello. Seiko Template Header drop-down menus do not work properly in Firefox application. Google Chrome works only with clicking on it. Works fine on Microsoft Edge.

Hi! Write please ticket here http://help.big-skins.com/open.php?topicId=15 Our developers will help you asap with detailed answers. Unfortunately, we dont provide here technical support.

Hello There ,The Template looks great the only thing is there any default alert provided like if there is no product and we try to add to cart to show alert or if we add any alert it cause any mess up in design and another major thing i noticed from other comments is there is any issue if we loaded huge no products are there is any limitation ?

Hi! There no limitation for products. About popup for no products – we have popup alert for products with inventorization

Please Can You Tell Me Which Page Does Have The Error pop ups

Hi! This product http://joxi.net/p27RWokt07y73m https://seikostore-default.myshopify.com/collections/electronics has 1 qty, first ‘add to cart’ click adds product to cart, second click shows popup error

Hello there, i have a issue on my page i tried to load more products with Ajax call, but when i do it mess up with Design can you please check and let me know ? or do this theme has LOAD MORE functionality inbuilt ? so i can use it..

Hi! Write please ticket here http://help.big-skins.com/open.php?topicId=13 Our developers will help you asap with detailed answers. Unfortunately, we dont provide here technical support.

Did you check the updates, seemly someone broke the quick view now? Thanks

Hi! Sorry for late responce. Write ticket please here http://help.big-skins.com/open.php?topicId=15 and our developer will check your site, because we did break our quick view.


Beautiful template, but I think it is not completed.

I do no see customer account overview pages, with informations, name, addresses book, shipping infos, orders history and tracking …

And other pages that we generally find on ecommerce websites, like register page, search page, account/password edit page, reviews page, etc.

For example: http://demo.smartaddons.com/templates/html/destino/my-account.html

This template is superb, but I do not see how to use it for my project if these page pages are missing, like another users I think.

So how to get these pages?

Thanks a lot!


Hi! We will add some pages next update. Also we have not released checkout page. Write us directly here bigstepscenter@gmail.com and we will sent it to you.

Hello, @bigsteps. Also bought this theme, and can’t find the checkout page template either. Could you please provide me with it/them? Thanks!

Hi! Write please your mail. This page is ready. We will soon update theme on TF. But we can send ready theme directly on your mail before release.

Thanks for the quick reply! Please send it to themeforest at abstratt (.com).

HI! We need your personal mail. Write us to bigstepscenter@gmail.com and we will replay with zip attached.

Hi, Am reviewing the pages. Having tough time finding the checkout page. Can you direct me to it please

Hi! Demo version has no checkout page. Checkout page similar for all shopify stores. Theme doesn’t allow to edit checkout view file.

Hey have purchased this theme now still don’t see the checkout version in the html files? I have bought the html version

Hi! write please your mail. We will re-send package to you,

I like the template, with a few tweaks I think it will be really great. Do you have support for the masonry script for product layout? i.e. Using this plugin http://masonry.desandro.com or same function. Sample idea http://flatsome3.uxthemes.com/product-category/women/?masonry_layout

Hi! We have no such script. This feature we can discuss as custom work.

Hello, I sent an email on this a few months back, no response, can you please advise?

Hi! We really havent received mail from you. Have you sent mail to bigstepscenter@gmail.com Repeat please you request. We wait it.

Hi, Great work!!! Is there an add-on compatible with the Pay pal add-on? I’m looking to get the check out option set-up.

Hi! Pagination is missing…

Can I use this theme in ASP .Net ??

Hi! Unfortunatelly, no.

But I can convert it to one ….. right ?

Yes, you can apply html to any core, this is just clean html / css / js files


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