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Hi, first off great theme, I’m loving it!

I’ve got a few questions: 1) When I turn off the skills and the Blog section disappears too. Why does that happen??

2) how do I delete all the skills categories and just use that section as a text box (like the pricing one)

3) Can I add another link to the nav, so another whole section?

4)how can I replace the icons on the nav. I see they are images / nav.png but I can’t seem to find those files anywhere. I’ve looked in the media library as well as the original PSD. Can you please advise?

5) can I change the order of the pages.

Sorry there are so many questions. :( Can you please help? Thanks!!

Hey kat! Yes I received your email and will review it tomorrow.

Thanks! - Shorti

Hi Shorti, I’m still having those skills, blog issues, I’m really hoping to go live this week, can you please help me get that resolved?

Hey kat662, yes I will hopefully get working on these asap today .. I will keep you posted.

is this theme mobile compatible?

Yes it sure is!

The site seems to react a bit strangely when viewed on an iPhone. Curious whether this is a problem on my end?

Hello craigdehut .. what is the problem that you are experiencing?

It seems that when I try to view my site (which is still very much in progress) on an iPhone, it tells me that the mobile version of the site is not available. When I chose to view it in it’s standard mode, it sizes nicely, but the background image seems to shift around every time I click on one of the menu buttons and the on/off slider to choose to view the site in standard mode is now stuck at the top of my page. (

That is strange .. do you have a location on the web where I can view this site on my iphone? If so, email me through my profile with the URL and I will take a look.


- Shorti

Am I able to use video/music players in posts with this theme?

I also need to setup an ftp

Sounds good, send me FTP via email and I will take a look! :)

- Shorti

Hey parodifiar, I haven’t received FTP yet. Let me know when you can send it over.

Thanks, - Shorti

Thinking of purchasing your theme. It looks great. I would love it to be Retina ready though. Will it be updated to Retina soon?

It’s really just the icons and the “JOHNDOE” that look fuzzy on my Retina display….

Hey TruncatedPictures!

I can make this theme retina ready easily .. send me your FTP login if you purchase the theme and I will add this in for you!

Thanks! - Shorti

can you change the text in the vcard button at all? i tried to change it from DOWNLOAD to CLICK HERE but it wont change for me?

Hey Matt! Can you provide me a WP login via email? I will take a look at this in the morning.

Thanks! - Shorti

Hi there, I’m still trying to resolve the problem with my blog and the works page. I deleted the works categories as all I wanted to use that section for was text and now the blog doesn’t work, all the posts have disappeared. I’ve already sent you my WP admin and login, can you please help me???? Thanks

Once I receive FTP information from you, I will fix this problem asap!

Thanks! :)

- Shorti

Thanks Shorti, I sent that to you on Friday, are you able to have a look sometime in the next day or two??? Please let me know. I’ve tried a few different things and still can’t seem to get it sorted. Thanks

Yes, thank you for sending that information, I will look into this.

Thanks! - Shorti

Great Theme

Thanks! :)

Bought the theme, amazing support and love everything about it but have the following questions.

1) What is the maximum width of the main logo – mine appears cut-off and quite narrow

2) If I don’t add a sub title in the theme options the site shows ’ ” ’ under the logo :(

3) If I updated the navigation titles, logos, text etc and other settings what happen to these when a theme update is released? Are my adjustments overwritten or are they safe somewhere in an XML file?



Thanks Sanch!

1) The maximum width for the logo is 240px

2) Yes, this is a slight glitch that can easily be fixed. Locate this code in “sidebar.php”

<h4 class="sub">"<?php bloginfo("description"); ?></h4>

Delete the ” to the right of <h4 class="sub" />

3) You shouldn’t lose your settings after uploading the new files. You will lose your settings if you uninstall the theme and reinstall the new version.

- Shorti

Nice one Shorti. sorted!

For anyone else, if you want your site to work perfectly on an ios device make sure the logo is 240px wide as any larger causes a problem when the page re formats…

once again excellent support. Shorti please build more themes as I would happily just purchase yours as your help and flexibility is second to none.

Thank you sanch3z! I really appreciate the excellent comments. ;)

- Shorti

1-How do I change the text on the download link – need it to say click here or view – I changed it in the text box in theme options but it still says download on the website.

2-Also how do I get some of the links in the main menu to go to a different page – I will be adding a few pages and I don’t want to have to put the links for all of them in the bottom sub-menu – I am not using some of the main menu items like skills or prices – I would like to be able to us the links for those to lead to new pages. If this can’t be done can you have the bottom sub-menu (the one you can add through wordpress) extend downward so it looks like it is still part of the main menu?

3-How can I change the works section so that it displays works in blog layout – one column – full text without the need for a picture. I am also using the blog section for something different – so I can’t just ignore the works section and use blog only.

4-Ideally I would like to have blog posts for a particular category on a new page and the skills or prices link to lead to that page – can this be done?

5-I found the font sizes in the css style sheet for most text sizes – how do I increase the default size of the text in paragraphs – I was able to increase it on all of the headers but can’t find the place to increase it on all the pages in normal content paragraph areas

6-I would like the ability to add single column text under the 2 columns in the contact section – so the left column has address – the right column has the form and the full width column under those has google map and more information. If this can’t be done can I link the contact link to a new page where I can control the columns a bit more?

Sorry I know these are probably outside of the possibilities on your theme – but if you can add more flexibility in the sections – like adding different columns etc – I may not need to add as many new pages.

Thanks for your time – and I still love your theme

For anyone else who is considering this theme – it is awesome – just the fact that it works in android, on ipads, in firefox, and ie7 – look around on themeforest – most themes do not support ie7 – this is a great theme!!!

Thanks for your positive compliments imagu! Yes I will create FAQs and let you know when I’m finished.

- Shorti

Hey imagu, I posted answers in the FAQ section. Contact me if you need any assistance! :)

- Shorti

Hey Shorti,

Love this theme, just one query – any plans to add a touch screen slider to enable gallery posts in work and blog sections? Wil buy today if so.

Best wises and good luck with sales :)

Ei8ght, I can add this as a post option for the work and blog sections, but I would need to charge extra for this as it will take me 6 – 8 hours to build.

Email me through my profile if you’re still interested!

Thanks, - Shorti

hey still working on the site but 1. i cant get the download button to say Click Here. 2. Also is there any way i can get the vcard and vcard button to be down right above my contact info? 3. When i post a blog it isnt placed underneath the mnain blog section.

thats all for now thanks

Hey Matt, I sent you a reply via email. :)

- Shorti

hey one more thing is there any way i can get another section of the menu called Specials? im not sure how to do that,i want it under services offered if possible??


Hey Matt, I sent you a reply via email. :)

- Shorti

i swear this is the last thing, i cant get my facebook like button to show up on the site anywhere

Hey Matt, I sent you a reply via email. :)

- Shorti

Hey there. I’m loving the theme. One thing I noticed is that I am unable to get the “Send Message” button to work on Mac. It works fine on my PC in a variety of browsers. Also, I had the same question as kat662 about adding custom pages. Thanks a lot!

Hey TheNexulo!

I can help with these. Send me FTP login via my profile and I will take care of these beginning of next week.

Thanks! - Shorti

Awesome theme! I’m loving it so far =P

Curious if I can force the page to not scroll. So that one has to use the buttons on the left to go to the separate pages.



Glad you like it Goshawk2!

Yes this definitely possible. Add this style to the style.css file:

html, body {
overflow: hidden;

Hope this helps!

- Shorti

Hi Shorti,

Got the following issues:

1) Contact Form fails to send on Chrome (24.0.1312.57), just click the send button and nothing happens. Tested on FF and it works fine

2) On some versions of IE one of the button icons wraps round to the line below.


PM FTP details and info on these two points, everything else seems cool and has been done ;)

Did you send over FTP? :)

oh never mind that, I got it. ;)

When I write a new post it doesn’t appear at ‘Blog’ zone. Have I to configure any special category? Thanks

Can you provide an FTP login so I can take a look?

Thanks, - Shorti

Hi Shorti,

First of all great theme! I do have one question though, how do I completely get rid of the “NO MORE, WHERE ARE YOU GOING? GO BACK TO TOP OR USE THE MENU TO YOUR LEFT TO NAVIGATE.” at the end of the blog? Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Hello everesiu!

Open the “index.php” file and delete panel 7>

<!-- BEGIN #nomore (panel 7) -->
<div id="nomore" class="panel box">

    <div class="in center">

        <h2><?php _e("No more, where are you going?", "shorti"); ?></h2>

        <h5><a href="#profile"><?php _e("Go back to top", "shorti"); ?></a> <?php _e("or use the menu to your left to navigate.", "shorti"); ?></h5>


<!-- END #nomore (panel 7) -->

Thanks for purchasing .. glad you like it!

- Shorti

Thank you very much for your swift reply, Shorti. I really appreciate it.

No problem, my pleasure!

awesome theme! just bought it and it looks super sharp. Im new to word press. I dont know where the documentation is? I need to learn where everything is and how to use it.

This informational video shows that there is a “fresh panel” on the left after installing a theme, should i have that? help please!

Hello josepheubanks, glad you like it!

The documentation is a PDF called “help” in the main download file.

- Shorti