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awesome theme – great customer support – thanks for the FAQs – I just gave you a 5 star rating (first one I have given on themeforest and I have purchased over 40 themes this year)

Thanks imagu! :)

Hi Shorti! I have a problem with the skills section. I have publish 4 but the site only shows 2 of them. Also, wordpress show me this message in “theme options” page: “Warning: Illegal string offset ‘Name’ in /homepages/8/d453130439/htdocs/wp-content/themes/selfless_wordpress-1.3/selfless/admin/options-interface.php on line 14” Could you please help me?

I have one more trouble… I don’t where or how get the vcard url… sorry :) pd. the theme is very cool

Great! :) Let me know if there is anything else!

Shorti, sorry, last cuestion, It’s possible to exclude some category in “works” section? Thanks in advance! Nona

I’m putting together an update 1.4 that separates blog categories from work categories. If you send me FTP I can make this update for you. Send me info via my profile.

Thanks! - Shorti

Hey, First of all thanks so much. This is a beautiful theme and you’ve done excellent work.

I have a question about the sections for the site. How can I change the links for the sections so that they are not #skills, #works, etc? I want to use the template but not as a vcard and I’d like to rename the sections differently.

Is there any way that you can make the section names variables in the next update? This way anyone can change the sections to whatever they want them to be called.

Also, is there a way to disable the vcard, if I don’t want it showing up at all?


Hey jaboutboul!

Yes, I am considering making the option to change the variables in the theme options in the next update.

For now, to get rid of the vcard box, you need to open profile.php and delete the “vcard” div plus everything inside:

<div id="vcard" class="box">

I will update you when version 1.4 is available with the variable change.

Thanks for your interest!

- Shorti

Hi Shorti, Thanks so much. I did that already myself. Is there any way you could please make that an option as well in the next update?


Yep I sure can!

Hi, Is there a service charge of $20 if paid by credit card in addition to the $35 for the theme?

Hello kittbw!

No, ThemeForest will only deduct $35 from your account to purchase this theme.

Sorry to bother again. It asked for PREPAID CREDIT or PAY PAL. The PREPAID CREDIT is available in increments of $20, $30, $40…etc. The theme is $35. How does this work?

No bother at all! :)

Yes you will need to deposit $40 into your account, and then you can purchase the theme for $35. You will have an extra $5 in your account that can go towards your next purchase on the marketplace.

Will the $5 be refunded if I don’t need to buy anything else.

I don’t think you can be refunded. You will have $5 credit in your account. If you have more questions about this, you can contact support:

Thanks! - Shorti

Hey Shorti, really like the look of the theme! just had one question before I decide to purchase it. Is it possible with the portfolio section to have more area to write a description for each work..or the option to go to another page instead of having the lightbox for each image. an example of what im talking about is this: let me know if this is possible, Thanks!

Yep this is definitely possible! ;)

Hey Shorti, bought the theme :) just wondering if you could help me with my issues – I sent you an email, thanks :)

Yep I sure can, checking now. :)

The variable change in #skills, #works, etc, will be great update. Let me know when is ready :)

Yes, indeed! I will be uploading the new update (1.4) this week. :)

wow, this theme is great! enough customization to make the theme fit my business and possible to get everything working without that much knowledge. only thing I had to research a bit to get working, was the vcard linking, but working like a charm right now. totally happy with everything man (and thats a first, i’ve bought and gave up on some themes before) I have no questions by the way, just wanted to thank you for the great work. my site: (still working on it, so lacking content)

Thanks imaazje, enjoy! ;)

Hi! I have a bug in my wordpress backoffice; I can’t access to the contact configuration in the theme options… Can you help me with that? ( Th’ank’s!

Hey mlegoueff! Can you send me WP login via my profile? I can help you with this.

Hi there, I love this theme! However, at first, I thought this was a “page” plugin theme. I was hoping I could add this in addition to the theme I already have. This way, I could create some individuals and customize their own “about”/”bio” page(s)... Is this possible do? Or would I have to replace my existing theme with this one?

Hello FyrodTodd!

This is a fully functional WordPress theme that requires its own separate WordPress installation. What you can do is something like:

Just create a directory via FTP called “about” in the root folder and install WordPress and intall this theme. You can still use your other theme for the main website (, and /about will be this theme.

Does that make sense?

- Shorti

WOW! First off, Thanks for the speedy reply!

Yep, I believe it does make sense… I do have another question though… would I have to create another mysql db and use that specifically for this one? Or can I use my existing mysql db?

Also, is this theme made specifically for a “one” person profile only? Or can I create as many pages as I would like, and have each page with different individual profiles?

No problem! ;)

You need to create a new mysql table for each site/profile you make. For each profile you need to create a separate directory with separate WordPress installations. The theme wasn’t built to have multiple profiles in one installation.

- Shorti

Great theme! One question though -

How can I rearrange the “works” categories once I have them set up? I have everything loaded in an how I want it visually, except I want certain aspects of my portfolio to show up in a certain order. Thanks!

Thanks for buying the theme Mekkakat!

You need to install a simple plugin for this:

You can also install this plugin to reorder each work item under each heading:

Enjoy! :)

literally exactly what I needed! Thanks!

No problem! ;)

In his provided help file there are some links to free plugins that you install in worpdress. Now you just drag and reorder to your liking

Thanks imaazje!

Here are the two plugins that I recommend for order the categories as well as the items within each category:

- Shorti

Hi Shorti

Great theme first of all. I’ve already purchased it. I have few questions about possible changes.

1) In the Works category if I don’t put any feature image then the text “No Image Defined” appears. Can I turn it off somewhere if I don’t want any feature image but still want to write some content? 2) I’m a musician and your theme fits as my portfolio but I could use one more Works tab with the same features. I use one to present my self (videos, music, photos) and second one I would like to use for band projects that I’ve played/will play. If I provide you my login would it be possible to add one more or maybe take out Skills tab and replace it with one more Works tab? 3) If I put few pages under categories in the “Works” tab and they are automatically divided in 2 columns, which works great with photos and videos. However is it possible to make it to a one column? I’ve embedded some music from SoundCloud in a third category – music – and I would like to have the player full size (full wide) rather than squeezed in to one half. And also make it longer?

ad 1) oh wait I found the answer to number one. In editor under works.php I deleted the line

<?php _e("- No Image Defined -", "shorti"); ?>

. Worked perfectly. I hope it doesn’t affect any other parts though. :)

But for 2nd and 3rd I can send you my login or just give me instructions what to change/add in the .php files when it’s possible


Hello Peteblack, I’m glad you like the theme!

2. Yes I can add a new works tab.

3. Yes I can make an option to make a work full width.

Send me an email with FTP through my profile, and I will jump right on this.

Thanks! - Shorti

Hi, I installed the taxonomy-terms-order plugin. When I did that, all categories disappeared. If I uninstall the plugin, all the categories come back. I can’t even make new ones, if I make one they’ll just disappear. I have the Swedish version of Wordpress, can it have something to do with that?


Hello Erika! That is strange, did you try saving changes again in the plugin options?

If you send me WordPress login, I can take a look at the problem. I don’t think it’s language related.

Thanks for purchasing! - Shorti

Hi Shorti, thank you for your respond. I have e-mailed you my wp-login.


Thank you Erika, I responded back requesting a link to the site. :)


I’m interessted in your theme, but before I will buy it I have a question:

Why does the theme jerk if I scroll down or using the menu-buttons ? Do you fix the “Bug” ? (i’m using the Safari-Browser )

:) – A very nice Theme :)

Hey I have no link to a website but I have stream my desktop – – this is the video file—> I hope you can see what I mean ;)

mysterious! in google chrome it woks

Ah, I missed the part about “interested in your theme”, sorry about that. :)

I’m not able to replicate the problem in Safari. Did you try restarting your browser and opening it back up to view it again?

Hi Shorti,

I’m trying to add a blog, but my blog ads my skills instead. And the ‘sub’menu doest work when you click one it for the first time, you wil be redirected to the home page.

Can you please help me. Thanks

Just found out, that when i turn ‘works’ on. De blog does work right. But this is not an option to me.

Hello, can you please help me? My client want to go live

Yes, thank you for the email. I had a long weekend, hence the slight delay. :)

Quite simply nothing is working on the site, even when I reset to default.. Can’t click any of the menus on the left even though there is content there ?

Hello brandonjfuller, can you send me a WP login? I can take a look at this problem. This is definitely a first. :)

i sent you an email via the site’s message system, please respond and i will email you the info.

Thanks brandonjfuller! I received the email .. replying now after a packed weekend. :) I hope you had a good weekend too!

Shorti – your site looks great, and your customer service and support is second to none. Excellent excellent first website buying experience from me – thanks for all of your help!

You are welcome Drysdale77! :)