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hello shorti, how to remove the mobile template? I don’t need it.

Kind regards Nico

Hello Nico!

To disable the mobile in the theme you need to do the following:

1. Remove this line of code on line 12:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, minimum-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, initial-scale=1.0" />

2. Remove “responsive.css” from being called into the head section by opening “functions.php” and deleting two lines of code:

wp_register_style('si_respond_css', get_template_directory_uri() . '/css/responsive.css');

Hope this helps!

Hi. Love the design. Have the following issues. Tried for days now I give up. So, No posts are showing – Blog page shows items I’ve updated/created in Skills!? Works don’t show any updates at all. Skills show up randomly. I can add Text to all of these sections – no problem. The problem starts when physically adding posts, works, skills. Thanks Jana

Hello Jana, if you send me FTP and WP login via my profile, I can make these fixes for you. These are just a couple slight bugs that will be fixed in the next update. ;)


Shorti! I need some help. I am trying to figure out how to upload entire PDFs and PPt projects to the works section of my site. I am trying to get it so that when you click on the image of the work the entire project then shows up. Please help. Thanks

If I understand you correctly, you want to link the work image to the PDF? Let me know via email through my profile.


Hi Shorti. I just bought your theme today and I cannot get the skills to work. For some reason when I add a new one and set it all up it shows up as blank. I enabled categories and the category headings appear however the skills bars and titles will not appear


Edit – Fixed the problem just had to shut off the tab and turn it back on

Glad you fixed it! Don’t forget to the rate the theme 5 stars! ;)

Hey! Loving my purchase so far :)

I have sort of an unfair question though – I was wondering if there’s any way to get Selfless to work with Lightbox Plus Colorbox? It seems to be working, but I guess that the code for the link transition is creating issues with it. I suppose that I would rather have Lightbox for portfolio viewing rather than the normal link transition if that’s an option.

Thanks in advance!

I saw your recent comment .. glad you figured it out! :)

Nevermind, figured it out! It wouldnt let me edit my old comment for some reason, sorry about the extra one

Great! Don’t forget to rate this theme 5stars! ;)

Hey Shorti. I’ve sent you the details you’ve requested above yesterday via your profile email. Can you please confirm you’ve received these ok? Many thanks, Jana

Yes, thank you for the email, I will respond next week as I have a busy weekend ahead of me. :) Thanks for your patience!

Hello fellow buyers!

Due to the large amount of support requests and messages and a wedding that I going to attend this weekend, I will respond to your messages starting next Tuesday (March 5th) as soon as I get back to work.

Thank you for your understanding and patience! I hope you all have a great weekend!

- Shorti

hi shorti

like your theme, really cool! but the widgets i add are not shown on the iphone. can i also add them there?

thx, jojo

Hey jojo! Yes, I can fix that. Send me FTP and WP login and I will fix this. Thanks for purchasing .. don’t forget to rate it 5 stars! ;)

Hi Shorti, another question I hope can easily be sorted.

On the first page… “profile” on your demo template. Is it possible to make the image (one of the guy on demo) clickable? I’d like the viewer to be able to click this and it take them to another page. I’ve tried all the usual html code in the theme options admin panel but it isn’t working. Any ideas?

Thank you! :)


Hey Eddie! It looks like you got this working, am I right? :)

I fixed the other issues you were having last week, email me if there is anything else.

Thanks! - Shorti

Hi Shorti… yep we got it working and thanks for sorting the other issue. Much appreciated!

No problem! :)

Forgive me if this was posted elsewhere, but I am trying to download the v 1.4 files to update and it’s saying the file isn’t available?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

So sorry about this, here is the new link:


shorty why is my skills not showing up when I add them

Did you add a percentage? If so, the percentages need to be by 10s, .. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100.

Hey Shorti,

The link for the 1.4 upgrade files isn’t working. Can you please fix it?

Thank You

So sorry about this, here is the new link:


Hey Shorti,

First off, THANK YOU for this theme!!!

Secondly, I sent you an message with some issues, wondering if you got it.

Thanks, Chad

Thanks Chad! :)

Sent you an email for a couple things

Yep! Getting to that now, thanks! :)

Hello, I am adding some simple html buttons to the the sidebar page and I can’t get to target the links to a blank page. It fades to black and then navigates out of my website. I was wondering if you could tell me how to disable the fade to black and activate to open my links to a new browser window. Thanks.

Hello Eli!

Feel free to send me FTP and I will fix this.

Thanks! - Shorti

Hi There

Thanks for a awesome theme, I find the Theme options layout to be the best and most user friendly I have ever used : ) .

I would like to know if it is possible to set a URL to one of the work items so that when the thumbnail is clicked it takes you to the specific url. Now the catch is I need the url to take you to the contact section of the theme. Is it possible? If type the url under Project URL in the work item menu it doesn’t work. If I click the thumbnail it only takes me to a black page and not to the contact section.

Any help is appreciated

Thanks Kristian

Hey Kristian!

Feel free to send me FTP and WP login and I will test this out next week on Monday. :)

Hey there

Thanks, but i figured it out, I wasnt meant to put the full url in the Project URL field for the spesific work item.

(That should only be done for an external link)

To make it go to one of the side navigation areas i.e

Profile, Skills, Works, Contact ect

You only nee to put in the “Href” of where you need it to go to so in my case only the #contact bit from the entire url ;

Hope that helps for anyone else that would like to do this.

Thanks again for a great theme

Thanks Kristian!

how does the “menu url” function in the theme settings? if i change the label to a sidebar nav from skills to “abilities” – how would I change the url to #abilities? thank you

You need to edit two files: sidebar.php and skills.php.

In sidebar.php, you need to edit two lines:

<?php if ($nav2_on == "on") : ?><li class="nav_2"><a href="<?php if ($nav2_url == "") : ?>#skills<?php else : ?><?php echo $nav2_url; ?><?php endif; ?>"><?php echo $nav2; ?><span></span></a></li><?php endif; ?>


<?php if ($nav2_on == "on") : ?><li class="nav_2"><a href="<?php if ($nav2_url == "") : ?>#skills<?php else : ?><?php echo $nav2_url; ?><?php endif; ?>"><span></span></a></li><?php endif; ?>

You need to change ”#skills” to ”#abilities” on both lines.

In skills.php, you need to edit this line:

<div id="skills" class="panel box">

Again, change “skills” to “abilities”, but this line don’t add the # symbol like the other two lines.

If you need me to do this, I would be more than happy to change for you. Just send me FTP and I will make take care of it.

Thanks! - Shorti

Hi Shorti,

Great theme.

One question/request. How do I make a link in the sidebar open in a new window?

<?php if ($nav6_on == "on") : ?><li class="nav_6"><a href="<?php if ($nav6_url == " :="">#kontakt<?php else : ?><?php echo $nav6_url; ?><?php endif; ?>"><?php echo $nav6; ?><span /></a></li><?php endif; ?>

Edit; found out myself. Just had to add target=”_blank” before closing the a-tag.

<?php if ($nav6_on == "on") : ?><li class="nav_6"><a href="<?php if ($nav6_url == " :="">#kontakt<?php else : ?><?php echo $nav6_url; ?><?php endif; ?>" target="_blank"><?php echo $nav6; ?><span /></a></li><?php endif; ?>

Again; great theme.

Glad you figured it out! ;) Don’t forget to rate the theme 5 stars!

shorti how do you add the works section im a bit confused email me at

what is your direct email I have it turned on but its not showing up like how your demo is

Feel free to send me a message through my profile on the bottom right:


i did u never help man wtf

Hi there

Loving the theme. So easy to navigate and edit… bar this: cant seem to crack getting hyperlinks to open in a new tab. have tried including various

Hello jmstoneuk! Can you send me FTP? I will take care of this for you. :)

I managed to sort it by defining a class….thanks for your speedy response all the same.