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Great theme … really love the simplicity of it it but am having problems with the skills showing … i can put photoshop 100 in or any even number in the text area but no bar show up for me like i am seeing on other sites from this theme. also i wanted to add a gallery of pictures under works but it just has a spot for text … not sure what i have done wrong but any help would be appreciated. thanks

Hello helphinstine!

Did you figure this out yet? If not, feel free to email me through my profile for support.

Thanks, Shorti

I’m an idiot i see how now. thanks

Ah, I just saw this after I replied. :)

Dear Shorti!

your theme it’s awesome!Just a question…I would like to have it in 2 language…english and Italian…it’s possible? can you help me?

Hello gianni07!

The theme comes with a .po language file so you need to edit that using a program like poedit – you can view more on how to do this here:

How do I add a video?

Hello splurt! To add a video to a project, you paste the video embed code into the “Project Video Embed” box.

Need support for customizing it a bit to my needs, so far it’s been weeks and two emails with no answer. Support is not great on my end. Theme looks amazing though.

Replying to your emails now. Sorry for the wait, I’ve been busy.

for Jalfort

Have a look on “support page” and FaQ !


Thanks Chantal! :)

Hi Shorti,

Thank you so much for the theme, its really great. We’ve been using it on our site for 3 months.

2 quick questions. First, how can we change the icons for certain sections/pages? In the help you listed that you used icons from Icon Sweets and Picons. Which are used for the nav? How do we change them out? Just make a new nav.png with the changed icons from the appropriate set?

Second, what is the best way to go about changing the links for sections/pages? For example, if I rename “Profile” to “Bio” the link in the address bar will show up as #profile. How can we change this to be #bio. This is important to us.

Thanks so much for all your awesome work.

Thanks for purchasing, I’m glad the theme has been put to good use!

1. Yes, I used Icon Sweets and Picons. You will need to upload a new nav.png with different icons and then edit the CSS file to change the background positions of the menu items.

2. For the section links, you need to first edit the the sidebar.php file and change the links in both the “regular” (line 72) and “mobile” (line84) menus. Second, you need to edit the id of the main div for the section that you are editing the link for. For example, to change the link of the “Profile” section to #bio, you need to open the file pages/profile.php and change id="profile" to id="bio".

I hope that makes sense. :)

- Shorti

I’m not seeing any “works” on the mainpage after I “add new work” on the wordpress panel. Can anyone help me out?

Hello paigebattcher, did you add a category to the new work that you created? That will make it display on the mainpage.

Fellow Themeforesters,

You may have noticed I’ve been absent for the past 2 weeks in the comments section. This is because my work load has been extremely heavy. Now that my work schedule has lightened up a bit, I’m back answering support emails and comments. However please keep in mind that I prefer giving support directly through email rather than the comments section on ThemeForest. Please use the support form here:

I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused for any of you waiting these last couple weeks for support/answers.

- Shorti

Great theme! Just bought it :)

Just a few questions:

1. As I will have a lot of blog posts, is there a way to switch through them or will all be displayed?

2. Is there a way to define wallpaper for mobile/desktop devices to limit mobile bandwidth?

3. Can I have a separate page for each “link” instead of “one for all”?

4. Someone asked about an improved work section (e.g. thumbnail images…) are there any plans for this?

5. Are there still plans to add a touch screen slider to enable gallery posts in work and blog sections?

I really like your theme and want to contribute if I can (I would also pay for extras) or may be also other are interested in funding an “enhanced” version?!

Hey rugwarrior,

1. You can limit the posts displayed on the blog page by going to Settings > Reading and set the number posts in the “Blog pages show at most” box.

2. Unfortunately, this is not possible.

3. The theme was designed for a one-page layout. However if you want to have them as separate pages, the links would be at the bottom, which allow for default WordPress pages. The menu with the icons is only for the one-page sections. If you want to have the menu where the main menu is, send me an email with FTP and I will do this for you.

4. What exactly are you referring to?

5. At this point, I don’t plan on adding a touch screen slider.

Email me with your response so I can keep track of your questions easier. :)

Thanks for purchasing!

Hi there,

LOVE the theme, and have it working almost perfectly. Only problem I’m having is with the Contact Form.

When an email is sent, I’m not seeing the confirmation “Message Sent” text appear. I’ve double checked the theme and everything seems to be where it should be, and I don’t want to mess around with the CSS too much and cause any damage.

Can you help? Here’s my site btw:

Many thanks, Ben

Oh ok. Feel free to email me through my profile with an FTP login and I will fix this for you.

Thanks, Shorti

Hi Shorti – did you receive the email?

Problem solved!


I’m interested in purchasing your theme. I just want to make sure I can install plug-ins? I have to use paypal on my client’s site. Specifically, I have to install the contact form that leads to paypal.

I just need to make sure that I can install plugins.


Hello TheBeFit! Yes you can install plugins.

Thank you! The theme is working great – happy client! However, I can’t get the blog posts to show up. After adding a new post using the standard Wordpress way, is there something I need to do under the blog tab in theme options for it to show? It is enabled, but nothing shows up. thanks!

Replied to email on this one.

Hey Shorti,

Just a quick question for now (although I’m sure there will be more :D). Which file is the background slider contained in? I just want a static bg color, can’t seem to find it.

Thanks, Dan

Hey Dan! If you upload only 1 photo in the theme options, the background won’t rotate. Let me know how that goes.

That worked out great (happened to figure it out on my own, but thanks anyway!). Really diggin the theme, so far it’s been easy to modify. Awesome work.

Glad to hear it Dan! Email me through my profile if you have any more questions. I usually answer support faster when I am emailed as opposed to the comment section. ;)


I really like the looks of your theme. I would like to transfer the same content from my current site into your format. I use Google Doc Embedder & WP LinkedIn for my resume an references. Are these able to work within your theme?


Hello Nathan,

I have not tried importing content using Google Doc Embedder or WP LinkedIn. I think you will need to manually input content.

Thanks, Shorti


I decided to take a chance and purchase the theme- works great.

I changed some of the menu names to match the content on my site however the permalinks are still showing the default menu name. How can I change the permalink to match the menu title- example is the achievements or references pages.


Hello nathanaugst, thanks for purchasing!

If you send me FTP via email, I will add this option to easily change hash.


Hi there, Is there a way to change the main image to a slider that fades in and out similar to “Royal slider”?

Thanks in advance.

Hello gishbeers, I can add a royal slider option for a price. Email me and I will give you a price. Thanks!

Hi Shorti, I sent you an email through your Support website yesterday. Looking forward to having the issues with my site solved. Thanks! -Jeryl

Sounds great, I will respond as soon as I’m able. Thanks Jeryl!

Hey Shorti, thanks for the comment back! I am excited to continue working on my site. But, of course, I know you’re a busy person. Do you happen to have an idea as to when you’ll be able? I just want to have a better picture of how to plan the rest of this out.


Hello Jeryl, responding to your emails now.

Hii Shorti,

What the page blog indexed/possible read by search engine/google?

Hello muhammadsubhan,

Can you email me through my profile further explaining your question, I’m not quire sure I understand it completely.


Hi Shorti,

I just posted a project with some text underneath, and each time I use a link, the text jumps to the next line.

Hello TheNexulo, is this problem still occurring?

Hi Shorti… I’ve sent you two message directly on different subjects. Try here on another matter. The date format on my blog posts is wrong.

Under General Settings I have: Custom: l, F j, Y (Tuesday, July 9, 2013) [Checked to be sure I was using a lower-case L]

My post dates show up as: Sunday 7, 2013

Is there another spot to set blog date formats?

Thanks in advance! m

I replied to your email, please respond and I will help with this.

Great theme. I just installed it for my girlfriend on I’ve got two questions:

1. When i try to put a hyperlink in one of her Works the theme automatically starts with a new sentence. It basically puts a
-tag into the text. Is there any way to prevent this from happening?

2. I got the hyperlinks to turn red on mouse-over. But when i remove the cursor they turn white instead of the default dark-grey. Is there any way to change this?

I can give you the login-data so you can help. Let me know what i should do.

Thanks again! Great theme!

Problems solved via email. :)