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I am having issues with the size of the featured image that is shown in the gallery. Before I could use any image and it owuld create a thumb at exactly the same size but my most recent ones are not sizing the same in the gallery. Can you explain.


The latest 2 are not exactly same size as the rest???


Hi Jbarrs101, I had a look at your site and it appears to be the WordPress version you have installed, this is the html version. You can find the WordPress version here: . They will be able to help you. Thanks

Hi Kenny, Are there any known plugins that would cause the slider to disappear?

The handles (Arrows) are still visible.

Sorry what was your URL, your last message was just a period

Sorry –

Your site is the WordPress theme version of Selfy right? This comment feed is for the HTML template. But I have a feeling one of your scripts in conflicting with the slider script.

Hi Kenny: LOVE this code! Super job. Thank you. i do have a question for you. I’ve been trying to get the CONTACT form to work and not having much luck. I don’t know a lot about PHP. Is there a quick way to get this working. When I test it, it says that its sent, but nothing comes to the addressed email account. Thanks!

Sorry for the late reply, did you get this working?

Thanks for your reply. Nope. Still trying to get the contact form to forward messages. Any pointers greatly appreciated.

Can you use the support tab to email your site URL?

Hey Kenny, does the theme support multilanguage? Tnx

hi, this is a html template, so you can update for any language. It does not have support for RTL.

Hi Kenny: Sure. I’ve loaded it up to:

Best Regards, Steve

Hi Steve, I can see the font end looks to be working, I need to check your files. Can you share your email with me and I will send you a test file to try and get this working.

Im struggling to upload the theme on my wordpress site.

Hi, this is the HTML template listing, so naturally it won’t be installed into WordPress. The WordPress theme can be found here:

Can the gallery take videos from youTube?

Bought it now anyway.

Any chance of a social icon for Instagram please ?


Yes the gallery can have video’s, you can paste your youtube video in pace of the image. In regards to new icons, if you need icons that aren’t included in the icon font, you can add this manually as images.

Cant get portrait images to show in the gallery properly, it always shows the full size image. Landscape is fine, it shows a small version, then click for a large version.

Any ideas?

For now I have cropped the portrait image for a small version and made 2 images for each one (small and full-size), this seems to work and looks fine.

Hi, im trying to install this theme in my wordpress, but it says that the package cant be unziped because the theme dont have the style sheet style.css.

Can you help me?

Sorry for the late reply, this is not a WordPress theme, this is the HTML template. If you ant the Wordpress version you need to go here:

I’m trying to get an image of myself where you have the designated spot on the index page. I cant seem to find where to place it.

Hey Kenny,

Thanks for the theme. Quick question – how do we change the link text in css? right now it only changes color of text links when I hover. I need the text links to always be the feature color.



Just want to confirm that Selfy works with WordPress 4.5 before I update.

Any info?


Hi, this is the HTML version of selfy your commenting on. You need to go to the WordPress version.

Hello, I need to create sub-menu for the template could you please indicate me the code. thank you

Hi, just nest an unorderred list under an existing menu item like this:

<li class="nav-parent"><a href="about.html">About</a>
        <li><a href="styles.html">Styles</a></li>
        <li><a href="404.html">404 Page</a></li>
        <li><a href="results.html">Search Results</a></li>

hi, I have tried this: <nav>

  • Interests
    • State-building
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Academic
    • Legal Practice
  • Media
  • Blog
  • Contact
  • </nav>
    but the result is not as expect:

    ... could you please advise.

    thank you

    Hi Kenny, could you please look at the submenu issue since I can not advance without them. thanks

    Kenny, It has been 4 days I have asked a question that is still not answered…. this is not what I call support!

    Hi Zendata, My apologies I have been away, and it has only been 2 days since you followed up from my answer. I will update the template download to include a dropdown menu, this will be the easiest way.

    Or if you don’t want to wait and you can share your email with me I can email it to your directly (will be faster).

    thank you very much.


    i have tried to upload this theme to my wordpress site 3 times now and each time is says ” failed – missing the style.css stylesheet”


    I have just purchased the wordpress theme on the link you sent me and when uploading the theme to my site it still fails.

    “Installing Theme from uploaded file:

    Unpacking the package…

    Installing the theme…

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    Theme install failed.”

    Hi, the WordPress theme is from another author, you need to be commenting on their product, not here on the HTML template.

    And looking at your error message I would say you need to unzip the file first as you are trying to upload a complete package file, as opposed to just the WordPress theme, often there are other files included in the package file, like documentation, content etc.

    hi, if this isnt fixed i need a refund as you have sold a product that does not work. please advise.

    Sorry for the late reply over Christmas, this won’t upload to WordPress as it is NOT a WordPress theme, this is the HTML version. If you need the WordPress theme version, you need to go download this:

    Dear author, I just bought this Selfi themes, and i tried to install. I keep getting error missing css style

    Cheers Henry

    You haver purchased the HTML template, not the WordPress version. Submit a refund request and then go get the WordPress version.


    I just brought the theme but I should have really asked this first, I see several comments some from 4 years ago and some from 8 months ago. Both say that a drop down nav will be added in the next update – has this happened? I can’t see it on the demo is all.

    I also noticed a comment about the mobile menu and you implementing the bootstrap menu in the next update – has this been done?

    Just asking before I start setting it up.



    Hi, Dropdown nav was added some time ago. I think the preview site didn’t receive this update, but it is part of the download. Bootstrap has never been implemented.

    Hi, Dropdown nav was added some time ago. I think the preview site didn’t receive this update, but it is part of the download. Bootstrap has never been implemented.

    Hi, Dropdown nav was added some time ago. I think the preview site didn’t receive this update, but it is part of the download. Bootstrap has never been implemented.

    Hello Kenny. I have purchased Selfy and the theme will not upload into Wordpress. I have troubleshooted 2 things people suggest on line, alas to no avail! 1. Making sure I zip up the actual theme file and upload this 2. Checking for a file inside the theme called style.css- this is missing from the download.

    Please rectify this. Many thank Gary Tucker Item ID: 4523867 Item Purchase Code: f70c430e-1f57-4eb5-8c80-4d47ce51d043 Purchase Date: 2018-02-05 19:10:55 UT

    Yeah you purchased the HTML only version of this design. Submit a refund request and then go to the WordPress version here:

    Hi Kenny

    I recently bought the Selfy template and it’s just what I needed. One question please regarding the menu system. It works fine on all devices that I’ve tested it on, apart from my ipad mini where the menu starts in expanded mode when the ipad is is portrait mode. Is there any way I can control the menu so that it always starts in collapsed mode?

    Thanks….Dick Smith