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Thanks Tom, Fixed that menu issue. cheers

excellent, cheers!

Neat and selfish! Good luck with sales.

Welcome. Although the list of Shortcodes is impressive, yet Tabs and Toggles/Accordions are distinctly missing.

Any reason for not including? Plans to include later?


Hey ThemeSwitcher,

We have just ported the original HTML template to Wordpress. I am considering including them in an update.

Thanks. Bookmarked for a project.

Just noticed that the menu in vertical view on the iPad expands and doesn’t disappear. Also, the slideshow slides move under the header in horizontal view. Better check that out ;)

Love it, probably gonna purchase this one soon! :)

One request, that would help me – and I suspect many others – a great deal: Custom CSS and Google analytics.

Do you think you could add that?

Hi! Very glad you decided to purchase the theme! :)

If you go to Selfy Settings > General > Footer – you can insert your Google Analytics code here :)

There are several ways you can edit the css – if you don’t want to open up the style.css file and edit the css there you can go to Appearance > Editor and from there you are able to change the css directly from the back-end. Also more and more people are using Child themes to alter the original css – the great thing about this method is that your custom css changes will remain even after you/we update the theme. You can read more here:

If you had something else in mind we would love to hear the details as we are always looking for ways to improve our theme :)

Thanks! OVERLOOKED that field! :) I’ll be not lazy then and create a child theme ;)

Great work!

Welcome to Themeforest Community. Goodluck for this awesome Theme.

Thanks Themewaves

This Theme looks amazing, simple and professional.

Thanks Vicky

Hi. Thanks for the WP site. I have a quick question. I have designed a site based on the old Selfy site but was waiting for the WP site to go live. The Homepage layout is now different. Is it quite straight forward to re-cerate the homepage with the 3 columns under main header image i.e. About me. | What I do. | Get in touch?


Hey jbarrs101,

Too easy, I have an included option of the original home page for cases just like yours: Look at the preview site under skins / original:

Original Home Page Layout

Silly me :) I should have just looked a bit longer eh!!


Great theme!

I’d like to use the blog as the homepage and your homepage layout as my about page. Possible?

Darn. That About page is much better than your actual About page.

Thanks for taking the time to answer. Good luck with sales! :)

It looks like I could reconstruct that home page layout, yeah? Looking at the styles page, it looks like all the homepage elements are there except the icons/stats section. Can I add the icons/stats to a page via shortcode?

Can I put that giant slider on a page?

Hi Daniel, Sorry the giant slider and stats are not a shortcodes. They are part and parcel of the Home page design. Whilst the stats could be manually implemented on another page without to much trouble, there is a deal of work to get the giant slider onto another page.

Congratulations Great work , Good Luck With Sales :)

Thanks a lot :)

Does the theme use featured images? And how about with image-only-posts in the blog-full-width-view: does they use the full width like the gallery post type?

Hi, yes this theme uses featured images! The blog usually displays a post’s featured image – but you can also choose to replace this image with an embeddable code (Vimeo video, Youtube video, Soudcloud widget etc.) then this embeddable media will be displayed instead of the featured image if you choose. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by the full width question – could you try and explain in more detail? :)

In your demo I see full width gallery, soundcloud and full width video posts, but the standard post shows image and text in two columns. When I have a post with no text, only a featured image – is this one also shown in full width? Or is this also shown with the post-title in two columns?

It would be nice, if you can add an image only post to your theme demo.

Thanks and regard,


When you create your post you can select a post format (standard, quote, gallery, video, audio) and this determines how you post will appear on the blog. If you have a post with no content but with a featured image you can select the Gallery post type. This way your post will appear on the blog with a full width featured image. If attach more images to your post you will get a full width slider on the blog – but if you only have a featured image only this image will appear :)

I couldn’t find any info on the slider. What are the details on the slider you include?

Thanks so much for the reply. It all worked. It would be great to have the menu color option different from the headings tags as now my headings don’t show up against a white background. The only other thing is having seo options for the homepage. Because the homepage isn’t built like a normal page, there are no plugins for seo that will work with it.

Thanks so much for the reply. It all worked. It would be great to have the menu color option different from the headings tags as now my headings don’t show up against a white background. The only other thing is having seo options for the homepage. Because the homepage isn’t built like a normal page, there are no plugins for seo that will work with it.

Thanks Wonderist, we are trying to keep customisation of styles simple for users by nesting elements that use the same colours/styles. There is obviously loads more elements that we could potentially provide individual style options for, but thought best to draw the line where we did.

You can manually override the colours of the menu by adding new styles to the bottom of the styles.css file. A basic example below, will allow different background colours to the menu from that of normal buttons.

.nav li.current-menu-item a:hover, .nav-parent.hover a, #nav ul.sub-menu, #nav ul.sub-menu a, .nav-parent.hover a, nav a:hover{
    background-color: #ff6666!important;
#nav li.current-menu-parent a, #nav li.current-menu-item a{
    background-color: #ccc;
#nav li ul.sub-menu li a{
    background-color: transparent!important;

As you are overiding the native styles, it is important to keep the !important suffix on your new styles.

How would I create a gallery page using the theme that simply displays photos uploaded to the WP Media manager? In other words, I don’t necessarily want to add a WP Post for images to add to a gallery (a head shot gallery for an actor website). I’d like to use posts for news updates, etc. instead.


Hi, you do have to create a post to make it appear on the Selfy gallery pages. If you have already uploaded your image to the Media Library you can easily insert it as a featured image. Then when creating your gallery you simply select what post categories you want to include in your gallery. You can also choose whether clicking the image will open it up in a lightbox or link to your post. And finally you have the option to hide your post from the blog if you don’t want it to show up there.

It is not possible to add images as isolated images from the Media Library and directly to the Selfy gallery. However if enough people request this feature we might think about it for a future update :)

However we believe that basing our galleries around the wordpress post system is the more versatile approach. A lot of people will use the galleries as portfolios to show off projects or work and in this way have the option to link each image through to a post containing detailed information. For those who merely want a gallery with images you can simply choose to open images in a lightbox and hide gallery posts from the blog :)

OK, thanks for the info. I suppose I’ll just create hidden posts for now such that every headshot doesn’t end up as a “news” item as you suggested. The isolated/static gallery feature would certainly get my vote, but I understand your reasoning as well. Actaully, the WP post system makes a lot of sense for the actor’s “production photos” section. Great suggestion.

Hi… Really cool site… Can the text in the slider be adjusted to show properly on iPhone? Right now it is cut off on home page.

Hi, The masthead will always try to fill out the entire viewport, anything outside the viewport is hidden. We will address this text issue in the next update. thanks

Great theme! Good luck :)

I believe I may have found a minor issue with the theme.

Embedded blog post hyperlinks are not active in the loop, specifically in the template “Blog Full Width”. When you proceed to the individual posts’ pages, however, links do function as expected.

I haven’t tried to see if the issue is still present with other blog page template styles.

Feel free to take a look at the first post, ‘abstract nude’, at to see what I mean.

Hey Elliot, just responded via email. thanks

Hi Elliot,

To elaborate on the hyperlink issue in excerpt, this is not a bug.

Automatically generated excerpts will cut out any html. Reason for this is that if you have a tag that starts within the excerpt but ends somewhere in the content that is not included in the automatic excerpt you will only get starting tags in excerpt and this will break your site. There should be no restrictions on manual excerpts though, where users are responsible themselves for the content.


Putting the link in the manual excerpt did the trick. Thanks!

Love the theme. Is it possible to simply update the content in the demo layout site and update that with new content?


What is your mail?

You can send us an email using the email form on our profile page :)

Already did. Thank you.

Does this theme support RTL langauges and WPML?

Hi, this theme is translation ready using the native Wordpress localization features (.po file is included). We don’t have support for multilingual plugins but if enough people request this we will consider adding it in a future update :)

Questions. I am not able to view my blogs. I receive an effort message. I am not sure what it means.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function lcfirst() in /home/content/27/7546327/html/clients/melendezed/wp-content/themes/selfy/inc/functions/functions_custom.php on line 52

Hi, sounds like your serverhost is running an older version of PHP, you should contact the people responsible and ask them to upgrade to at least version 5.3.0 (current stable release is version 5.5) :)

Awesome thanks!

I am wondering if you could add some other snippets to the list? I am missing carrousel, tabs and message boxes, for example.

And fullwidth sections, that would be awesome!

Thanks in advance! Tom

okay, thanks! Will it only be tabs, or other snippets as well?

accordion, message box’s also.

Cool! :)

Hi, Just purchased the theme. Very nice BTW.

I am trying to create a contact form. I have downloaded the relevant plugin as suggested. All seems well until I try and add a new filed to the form e.g. a ‘tel’ field. It appears but does not have the Selfy styling. How do I go about giving it the right styling as per your example contact form?


Hi Jbarrs, Sorry I missed this, will fix in the next update.

For the meanwhile if you want to fix yourself, you will need to add “input[type=tel]” to the styles.css style sheet. Around line 953, add it with the other input[type=] classes.

thanks. Seems to have worked :)