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Hi, For some reason i don’t get an answer to my reply so here it goes again (regarding the press page): Hi, thx for the detailed answer – very helpful. Is there a smarter way to add some text (excerpt) next to each logo in the gallery (other than creating a logo with the text in it)? you can see what i mean in our current website which i’m trying to switch to WP so it would be easier to update) –

Hi, we don’t have an option to add text next to the images in galleries – so you would have to customize the code to make that work. If you would like something similar to what you have on your old site I would instead suggest that you make your press coverage posts – give them same category like “press” and then add that category to your menu as “Press coverage”. Finally go to Selfy settings > Pages & Post > Category > Category Pages Style – select Blog Full Width Neat. Now you have all your press coverage posts lined up with text to the left (you can manually assign an excerpt) and press photos (featured images) to the right. :)

I’m having the same twitter feed issue just before launching a site – could you send me details of the fix asap pls

Hi, sure could you send us mail through the email form on our profile page and I will send you the file you need to replace :)

Hey there! Is possible to insert YouTube videos in the home slider?

HI, yes you can insert youtube, vimeo and html5 videos into the home slider.

Ok, this is strange, I added some text to the homepage, now my main image in the static slider is gone. It shows there inside the theme, but it is not there when I view the site. Has this happened before?

Can you send us your URL and login?

And no this hasn’t happened before

I Tried to find a solution in the prior comments.

Without the Statistics, how do you remove the big space between the slider and the page text: on the home page?

Thank you!

Hi, can you please post your URL.

It looks like your issue is not so much additional space from no statistics, however probably more to do with your image in the slider.

i have a problem with the slider..

i select one slider, it becomes yellow.. but.. on saving return on grey.. so i can’t see in homepage.

how to fix?

Hi Zelatech, the colors should have no impact on whether your slider shows up in homepage or not. Could you be more specific? Are you sure that you have selected slider to be shown on homepage (Settings > Homepage > Masthead style – Slider) and that you have put images in each slide? :)

Hello, I have such problem – I don’t know word press). I can’t attach the photo to gallery. Everything made according to documentation – there is a page, is in the menu. But at addition of a photo I don’t know that to make that it was displayed in galleries. Please help me)

Hi Vlaznevbro, just logged into your site and got you sorted. Just a few simple setup mistakes you made. Do try to read the documentation as all your issues were covered in there.

Big tnx! That is I so understood that it is possible to add the picture in gallery only on one, which in a post? I am sorry for the first time I work with wp

Yes, the galleries will display images from posts you have created.

Hello. Is to easy to change the fonts a google webfont or even use my own that I have purchased the rights to? Thank you.

Hi Robyn, we can help to change to your personal font if need be.


How can i remove the white line on slider? and


Hi Legolas26, have you purchased this theme? Theme Forest is indicating you haven’t?

Add the following to your Final Call CSS field in Selfy Appearance.

.header-container header .wrapper{
    border: none;

Hi this a great theme, thanks , How I can add or remove the fields on the comments form in the post? Also how I can change the size of H1 for only one page?

thanks so much for your help.

I need to remove the website filed under the comments form, thanks

Hi Paulo, Sorry for the late reply. I would suggest instead of editing the theme files, it is easier to hide the field, as to not interfer with future theme updates.

Add the following to your Final Call CSS in the selfy appearence tab.

#commentform #url{
    display: none;

In regards to H1 styles per page, you need to identify the page id class or post id class in body tag, and then do something similar to the following:

.page-id-7 h1{
    font-size: 2em;

This will only affect H1 tags on the page with page-id-7.

Thanks so much , all works great, one last thing, in the homepage I use a big image, I need the menu color (white) but went we go to another page where the page is white the menu disappear because is white too , how I can change the menu color just to the homepage only. thanks so much great theme love it .

how does one add setup a gallery I followed the instructions from the documentation but none of my images show up, where do you add images and set a category for them

Hi Aromis,

  1. Set up a Category for gallery posts
  2. Create post with feature image and assign to category, make sure Soap post settings show show in gallery.
  3. Create page with gallery page template, choose gallery style and which categories to display.

Thats it, each post with image you create will go into your gallery.

ahhh I see, very clear thank you

Looks like a nice theme. Congratulations on being included in the bundle! Gotta love the Envato bundles! :)

Thanks Jamie


Is anyone getting the same issue as me when you try and add lightbox images into a page / post there is a thick white top border?

Hi James, The issue is not a white border rather it is extra padding caused by an rouge

tag that you have inserted into the lightbox snippet, See screenshot of your site code:

I have responded to your email with the remedy.

Editor styles / selfy styles don’t show up in visual mode? On your screen shot it shows a second bar where you can insert short codes. That doesn’t show on my screen? Any ideas? I got this via the bundle package.

The Selfy styles generator is located in the “Kitchen Sink” – open that up to access the select :)


May I know where could I get the updated version of the theme? Thanks

you can donwload the any updated files through the downloads tab on your theme forest account.

Why does it not viewing properly on iphone or ipad? I think the images wont load or css. Does it have configuration for it? Here is the website .

Thanks. Great theme.! :)

HI, this is the first time we have seen this. Can you email your URL and login details so we can check out your back end.

Is there a way to increase my media upload limit of 8mb? Is this controlled by my host or through php?

Love this theme.

Hi, the upload limit is set by the server configuration – I suggest you contact the people responsible for your server :)

Great theme! Bought it with the bundle today and haven’t played much with it yet.

I am having an issue with the masthead and will try and explain it correctly.

If I have it set to slider, I get 2 masthead sections and neither show any slides (the text is there but no images) If I have it set to static, I just get text.

I have tried reinstalling the theme and had no luck.

Thanks for any help.

ok…its showing the image…they are just HUGE

Hi! We are very happy that you like our theme. Unfortunately items bought through the bundle are not subject to support or future updates as also noted on the bundle items page. We hope you will consider updating to a regular license to get access to full support and future theme updates :)

In general I would suggest that you check out our installation video: Also try do disable plugins as these might cause conflicts that will introduce strange behaviour (like HUGE images) :)

This Theme is great! Thanks very much :D

Phil..holysmokes dude, your right, you have the bigest slider I ever seen! lolol thats so wierd, perhaps a plug in conflict? I installed his xml first and everything is perfect. good luck with that. :)

Hi, glad you like our theme and that it is working for you “out of the box” :)

Hi! I bought the Blogger Bundle and I liked your theme a lot. But, I didn’t see any Ad spaces. Is it harder to implement it? I am not a real programmer.

Hi! We are very happy that you like our theme. Unfortunately items bought through the bundle are not subject to support or future updates as also noted on the bundle items page. We hope you will consider updating to a regular license to get access to full support and future theme updates :)

In general you can easily put adds in the widget areas using the standard Wordpress text widget. If you want ads appearing other places on your site (and if you upgrade to a regular license) we can point you to the right places in the code to put your ad-codes :)

Another pre-purchase question: I see in your blog you have a Tweet post type? Does that mean you have functionality that will pull a tweet from my feed and post it on my blog in that format?

Thank you.

Hi! With our quote post type you manually have to put in a quote and you then have the option to have it styled like a tweet. It is not automated. However the twitter feeds in the sidebar/footer and on the homepage are fully automatic and you simply have to put in your Twitter embed code and the theme takes care of the rest :)