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Hello. Love this Wordpress theme. Purchased in the bundle.

I cannot get the slider to appear even with the Settings <Homepage< Masthead <Slider selected.

In fact I cannot get the static image to appear either.



Hi Travis, Unfortunately items bought through the bundle are not subject to support or future updates as also noted on the bundle items page. We hope you will consider updating to a regular license to get access to full support and future theme updates :)

Quickly though, you may want to try turning off your plugins one by one to see if there is a plugin conflict.

Great looking theme!

Would it be possible to suppress the home page and use it as a regular blog? So, my home page just showing the recent posts? I know it may sound like a weird question but.. :)


Yes, you sure can. You can do this in the settings.

Hello. I was almost about to buy ‘the blogger bundle’ via Envato however stopped when I read your remark to TravisBrown. Are we talking about the same bundle? I might be mistaken cause it seems crazy that your theme would be sold on your behalf with no support or future updates.. and there’s no mention of this here:



Hi Jamie, please see the actual Bundle Buy page:

“Due to the exclusive nature of the Blogger Bundle, the Bundle items are purchased ‘as-is’, meaning no Bundle files are eligible for item support or updates. “

These are Envato’s rules not ours.

Hi, I’m having an issue with the twitter feed, saw you need to send some files to update? please help.

Hi, we have included a fix for the twitter feed in our last update. Please redownload the files to access the update. thanks

Hi,how to add some new icons for this part of homepage?

See this for details:

No, I have not bought.

Hi mravmrav, Here is a preview of the included icons:

Tnx, it’s so simple to edit. :)

Hello, I bought this theme and like it a lot. One issue: There seems to be a process/widget/anything which is eating up all of the 1GB memory on my server it’s hosted on. I have to restart it every couple of hours to flush the memory… Any idea what this could be? It’s the only site I’m hosting on this particular server. Thanks for help.

Hi, glad you like the theme! We have never heard of that kind of server issue before. I doubt that it is caused by the theme as there really is no heavy server usage in the programming (just standard WordPress coding). Troubleshooting: maybe examine your server log to find out what is going on, examine server setup (caching), try to turn off all your plugins, try to switch to standard WP themes, double check any embed code (iframes) that you have in place. Let us know what turns up. Feel free to write us a mail through the email form on our profile page :)

Thanks for the fast reply. I will try to switch to the standard theme during the night. I have no iframes embedded or additional plugins running. Will let you know the results :)

What size should my pictures be when they go onto the slider they are huge and fuzzy. What should I do. I am trying to do the theme the same way it looks on the template

Sounds like your trying to upscale small images which is why they are looking fuzzy. You really need to start with large quality images.

Having trouble uploading the pics in a size that makes them legible.

What is the general size of the images your trying to upload? I assume your uploading them for the slider?

Hello, I purchased the bundle but failed to read the part about updates, etc. I would like to upgrade my license. Do I get stuck with the bundle now or am I able to return? I really only bought it because I thought I was saving on “Selfy” theme. Either way could you let me know how to upgrade to reg license? Thanks!

Hi atrialnode, The “Purchased As-Is” is an Enavto rule not ours. Also in regards to purchases we have no control over refunds/upgrades etc. Again this is Envato and you need to contact Envato Support regarding an upgrade.

Hello, i got the theme through the bundle but really cannot figure out how to display the main page as a blog and not as default.. You (tried) to answer someone above with the same questions but i think you did not specify exactly where in the “Settings”.. Thanks!

Hi! We are very happy that you like our theme. Unfortunately items bought through the bundle are not subject to support or future updates as also noted on the bundle items page. We hope you will consider updating to a regular license to get access to full support and future theme updates :)

Very quickly though, have a look in WordPress Settings > Reading > Front page displays > A Static Page > Front Page: set to you blog page. :)

Is it possible to deactiveate the slider completely?

yes, we have a static home page option aswell

Hi I love this theme , thank you for making it:) but I noticed that in firefox, and my google chrome the words under the quote of the (demo content) slider is covered up slightly and not showing completely where in my other browsers it shows perfectly fine ? I even reinstalled the theme to see if it was a download error but I get the same issue. Any tips ?

First off, great theme. Love it. On the Homepage text, the left hand side-I’m adding an image next to the text, but no matter what size I set the image to, it always remains the same large image. Any idea how to fix this?

Hi, the slider will interpret any inline image in the slider div to be the slide image and re-size accordingly. This doesn’t apply to background images though, so if you want an image for a button or something you need to set it as a background image.

Hi there,

I’m trying to turn on Automatic Twitter Feed in the Quotes section but it’s not working. I have the widget code inserted but it’s not displaying anything. Any suggestions?


Could I email someone regarding this? It’s still not working.

Hi David, you can email us through the “Email ThemeCanon” form on our profile page and we can take a look.


Hello. I’m one of the new users of this theme and I really love it to bits. Quick question. Does the site allow one to attach a link on the slider images using href tags without causing errors?

Hi Iamkabue, the slider images are touch enabled, so making the whole slide image a link would disable the swipe function. This is possible with some minor customization but not advised.

Thank you for your timely response. Another quick one though. What if in the slider image…the part where we have the text. Can I add a link text which upon clicked redirects someone to another site without causing errors? I’m thinking of using my slider as an advertising platform where we have people redirected to other websites once clicking on href texts. Thanks.

Hi, yes that is easy and part of the existing slider already.

Just tested this theme using Safari and another browser on an iPhone. It crashes both. If there’s no support if I buy this bundle, what’s the point?

Hi arthaust, We have tested Selfy across both Safari and Safari IOS and both work fine. Your problem may be a local one.

In regards to purchasing the Bundle Support:, these are Envato’s rules for gaining Bundle resources at such a considerable discount. Their point is to make it fair for both Authors and Purchasers.

As a rule, it’s important for people to test before they buy. Caveat emptor.

Hi and thanks for a beautiful theme!

I want to let you know about an issue (even if I have read that there is no support for bundle purchasers…)

If you use text instead of a logo on the front page, on small (iPhone) screens the bottom margin of the text is insufficient and so is partially covered by the menu.


Purchased as part of the bundle, really love it, excellent documentation and very easy to setup. Thank you! if I could rate It would get 5 stars!

Thanks Eddie, we love hearing this feedback.

HI firstly i want to mention its a love theme with a great backend.

I was wondering how i can make the side show shorter in height on the selfy theme.

if you could guide me I will be much obliged.

Hi! We are very happy that you like our theme. Unfortunately items bought through the bundle are not subject to support or future updates as also noted on the bundle items page. We hope you will consider updating to a regular license to get access to full support and future theme updates.

Very quickly though, the slider is set to fill out the entire viewport and this can not be changed unless you reprogramme the slider :)

Thank you for your help.. I do understand i did not see the terms of bundle buy therefore my apologies. However i did manage to change the slider but it still need some work :D

Hi, Great work. But one question I have: How can I import more icons for the homepage. I need flippers and a bicycle :-) Regards Mike

Hi Mike, responded to your support mail :)