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Hi there, trying to get the gallery page to work but when I add a gallery just random numbers show up. I’m trying to edit the gallery page that was posted also but can’t even see where one can get the images that are posted. I also tried reading through a lot of the comments on here but nothing seems to be doing the trick. Help?

Hi! We are very happy that you like our theme. Unfortunately items bought through the bundle are not subject to support or future updates as also noted on the bundle items page. We hope you will consider updating to a regular license to get access to full support and future theme updates.

In general, the gallery pages display posts so you have to create posts that have featured images and a category and then choose to display that category on your gallery page :)

I’m tried to “Generate settings” from the General tab, and then import those settings and now I get this error when I visit the General tab of the Selfy Panel:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function array_replace() in .../wp-content/themes/selfy/inc/options/options_general.php on line 49

I’ve tried cycling through other themes and the error persists. How can I start from scratch?

Gotcha. I updated by placing this into my .htaccess file:

<FilesMatch \.php$> SetHandler php54-cgi </FilesMatch>

And that solved it. Thanks for the tip!

OK but now I’m getting an “Import failed” error when I try to import settings via the button on the General tab. Should I be pasting something into that field first? If so, where would that come from? Thanks.

Hi, did you see this message?

Hi Guys, I purchased this theme about a month ago and have been quite happy with it. However, today I am trying to add a new gallery item and it’s not showing up in my gallery. I’m wondering if you could provide any suggestions as to what the issue could be?

This is the page/gallery I’m attempting to add to:

I am using the gallery full width option. I am using Wordpress 3.7. (I have not updated to 3.7.1 yet.) I want to use a featured image and then embed a video into the post. I have pasted my video embed code into the post instead of the embed code area because I don’t want the embedded media to replace the featured image. I have selected Gallery as the post type.

Any ideas of why this post is not showing up in the Full Width Gallery? Your help would be much appreciated! Thanks so much.

Hi, great looking gallery! Could you send us a mail through the email form on our profile page with a login to your wp-admin so that we can have a closer look? :)

Thank you!

I figured it out. The new portfolio item I was adding was for a new category. I had forgotten to add the new category to the Portfolio page. Thanks for getting back to me. :)

Oh, and I apologize… I sent you an email and posted here. I didn’t see the email thing until after I had already posted to comments. You can ignore the email from emailsarahs. Thanks!

can we update to 3.7?

Sure no problem! :)

Hi, I see bundle purchase does not offer support but I hope you might answer me anyway.

When I view my site on a smartphone a grey overlay is added onto the slider. Is there a way to disable this?

I solved it. Remove .slide-img{ opacity: .2; from superslides.css under @media only screen and (max-width: 600px) section.

Glad you got it fixed. And glad that you are using our theme for your site! :)

Hi, I have a problem with the size of the slider images. Please kindly help me. I have sent you a message regarding my log-in details. Thanks.

HI, we have checked your site: and can not see an issue with the slider. Can you ellaborate?

Yes that’s my site. If viewed, the text in the slider can’t be read. I wanted to make it exactly as in the demo? and is there a way that I can change the font color to black? (the slider text) thank you.

Yes, in the Selfy Appearance Tab, you have options for “Masthead text color” and “Masthead secondary text color”. change these to suit.

Hi, I recently bought a bundle with your theme in. I started using it and I think it’s great. One thing I can’t figure out. In a blog post is a large picture on top. This is the picture I used in the post. Is it possible to disable the picture on top? Thnx

Hi, in post settings select Hide from post slider

Thanks for your quick response. I found this solution in the manual, but can’t find it in the settings. Is it possible I have an older version of selfy? Under selfy-settings I see Pages & Posts, but can’t find the “Hide from post slider” option. A tab post settings seems to be missing. I have version 1.0 of selfy.

It is in your bundle version, at the bottom of each post.

Hi, the theme is beautiful. And very well done! Only one note: there is no style guide in the help section…

I’ve just see in the live preview a lot of style that could help me during the creation of my own site. But I don’t know the css property or the shortcode to use.

Consider to add a style guide in the help section on next release! It could be very helpful.

Good suggestion, we will take this on board

hi, I created an article (that goes to my Blog) but when I go to my Blog Page (a page on my menu), I see the preview and then there’s “Read more”.

When I click Read More, the page links to another page (Contacts). Where can I edit this link? If I click Read more, I expect residing the whole article, not linking to another page!

Another question:

In my contact page I put some icon, such as Facebook Icon, Twitter icon and so on. Every icon is linked to my social profile. I’d like it to open in a different page, I mean, another tab, but I cannot find any options like these.

I can open a link in another tab only if I write the word “Facebook”, for example, and I link it.

But I would like to link the icon (an image) to a different tab.

Thank you for the collaboration.


Hi Silvia,

Can you email us through your URL and login details?

In regards to your wanting your links to open in a new tab, make sure you select “Open link in a new window/tab” from the create link modal if you are using the create link button in the editor. Otherwise add the following to your links manually.


Hello, How do you remove the “home” button or menu from the site? I’m using these theme for a 1 page layout.


Bundle items are not entitled to support or updates.

So just quickly, in Selfy general settings, turn off the Show widgetized footer and Show social footer. Goto menu’s and remove menu items you don’t want.

Wow. I didn’t realize that. I won’t make that mistake again. I’m a beginner so support is really important.

Thanks for the information regardless. I still can’t figure out how to get rid of the home button. I have zero menu items so that didn’t work.

I’d be happy to pay for support if thats possible.


Buying a regular license will give you access to support and future updates :) In a couple of days we will be releasing our next update which will add WooCommerce compatibility (free plugin that lets you add your own webshop), options for custom homepage icons and smart footer that resizes to the number of active footer widget areas. We believe that buying a regular license is well worth the price – plus you get loads of good karma for supporting our work! :)


this looks very good, before buying I have three little questions. does this theme support:

-customizable background to let you set different background images. -is the shop included or is this the free pluginn. -on a mobile phone: is it possible to give the main button a different look (example “pages”. Now it looks like an normal button, but thers is no link.)

thanks for an answer. Joep

Hi, this theme is full width so there is no customizable background. In a few days we are releasing an update that adds WooCommerce compatibility (WooCommerce is a free eCommerce plugin that let’s you add a webshop to your site). I’m not exactly sure I understand about the button. The pages menu item does not have a link – this is done on purpose – but if you want it is easy to add a link in the menu :)

Thanks for the reply About the button, I know there is no link but the looks of the button with or without link is the same. This is confusing.

if i understand it right,

I have Buy a Bundle Edition of this Theme and will not get any Updates in the Future?

Hi, you are right – any item bought through the Blogger bundle is not subject to support or future updates as also stated on the bundle item page. We hope you will consider updating to a regular license :)

This is not cool,

You tell people that they can have the Template, but what if the Template is Broken and needs to be Updated in the Future? This is really Unfair.

In Germany we call this “Irreführung” (misleading)

Im so disapointed now.

These are not our rules. These are Envato’s rules and they clearly outline them when purchasing a bundle.

It must be something really simple.. But I cant get an image I set as featured to appear as part of the blog slider..It would be great if you could help..

The steps I did:

Created a post with a featured image.. I have also used the regenerate plugin.. I do see the featured image in the selfy slider page but it does not appear on the home page.. I get “No image” as the background in the home slider..

Hi, the slider needs at least 2 images to work. If you only want 1 image for your homepage your should use the “static” masthead option instead :)

Hi everybody, we have just updated Selfy with cool new features!

Selfy now supports the popular and free eCommerce plugin – WooCommerce – that easily lets you add a webshop to your site.Have a look at our preview site to see our cool new webshop feature :)

Also in this update is a smart footer that lets you change the number of widgetized areas in the footer area by detecting what widget areas are in use and automatically resizing the footer widget areas to accomodate.

Also we have included on popular demand the ability to upload and use your own cusom icons for statistics on the homepage.

Go ahead and download the new update! Hope you enjoy and thank you for supporting our work! :)

Hello. Its me again. I’m experiencing a problem with the slider. On my dashboard I have 4 image sliders…but on the website there’s an extra blank grey slider showing. How do I get rid of it? Here’s the link to my site and see what I mean. Thanks.

I added another slide and it somehow disappeared. Funny! But wont mind if you diagnosed what the problem might have been. And would you also offer comments on how the website looks? Thanks.

Hi, your account doesn’t show the “purchased” label. Only people who have this label are eligible for support :)


Quick questions before I purchase please

‘Does the homepage full screen slider. have to be fullscreen’?

Have you tested this theme on IE7 and if so does it work or is it completely broken?

Cheers Rich


the homepage slider is full screen only. We haven’t tested the theme on IE7 and on small device the slider is dimmed down and becomes more of a background than a feature image. You will have to customize the theme to change this behaviour :)

Brilliant, thanks, one last question are these self taken pictures? Or are they stock type images? :-) (purchased theme by the way)

Hi Rich, Answered you by email.

My home page scrolling Twitter feed stopped working a month or more ago for no good reason (no changes to the site). Any ideas?

Well, the upgrade fixed the Twitter issue but it also blew away all of my footer widgets. I even tried restoring the previous footer.php and they were still gone. Thanks a lot… I don’t even remember what was there, but now they are all GONE.

Any way to get them back? This definitely was NOT a seamless upgrade.

Hi Chris, on update all your footer widgets should have been moved to the “Inactive widgets” section with all your custom changes intact. You should be able to move them from there and back to your footer widget areas and you should have the exact same footer widgets as before :)

Thank you. They were listed as “Inactive Sidebar” but I’m glad they’re back!

HI Again,

I’m struggling to find the HTML shortcodes tab, it doesn’t appear on any post or page, is there something I need to activate or do so I can see this please?


Hi, make sure your editor is in the Visual mode (not text) and that you have turned “kitchen sink” on (second line of options) – hover menu buttons if you are unsure which one turns the kitchen sink on :)

hi i have a few questions on this theme. 1. is it possible to add links on the home slider? 2. is it possible to change skin to any colour combination?

many thanks

Hi, 1) the text on the each slider can be any HTML including links.2)Yes, you can have any colour combination you want, the skins on our preview site are just examples of what you can do. There are more than 18 colour groups you can change ranging from main color to statistics value color etc. :)

Perhaps I’m missing something, but for the life of me, I can’t see how to change the site info at the top of the browser window. More specifically, I can see how to change tag line and all that good stuff. But When viewing the homepage it shows the title of the latest blog.

Is there an easy way to make that not show?

One final question, sorry. What is the best way to install updates? Download the file through ThemeForest and go through the install process again, or is there an easier way?

Still a little new to Wordpress.

Hi, yes that is the way to go. Unfortunately theme updating has yet to be streamlined by WordPress. Remember to export your settings (General > Export/Import) before update. Download theme, delete old theme, install new and activate. It’s always a good idea after an update to click the “Reset” button (General > Reset) to initialize new options and then you can import your old settings. Notice that with the latest update you might have to set up your footer widget areas again. Don’t worry your old footer widgets are stored for you in the “inactive widgets” section. From here you can easily drag and drop them back to the new footer widget areas. :)

Hey, so. after doing this, the theme is not showing up for me to import my settings back in. Any tips?