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Hello I bought your theme, amazing, great works thanks for that. But I have an issue on tablet, I don’t know if you can help me, in the homnepage slider, there are some images showing, and another ones not, just a grey background, any idea ? Really only on tablet (iPad retina)

Oh ok really ! Sorry for that. I bought your theme finally ;) So please can you explain the difference (because they have the same resolution) between those two : (working) (not working) The only difference I see is that they were not taken by the same camera. Thanks in advance.

The limitation that Apple sets is not only physical size (pixels), but also file size (bites).

Try re-saving your images with more compression.

Okay good thanks

Hey there, can click on a gallery thumb go to a post or page instead of a enlarged photo?

yes, you sure can. There is an option in page settings for this.

Hi ThemeCanon,

I know this is out of scope, but do you know how to show the post name over the gallery thumbnails instead of the ‘link’ icon? Is it possible?

Hi muggz, sure that is possible but it will require quite a bit of work if nothing else then just for the sheer amount of places in the code that you would have to make changes because the hover effect is present on most of the images throughout the site :)

Thanks for the reply, I’ll leave that one I think!

I’m currently tweaking a few things, I would like to remove ‘posted on’ text from the blog, I have found it in the code for Single Post, but I can find it for the blog main view. Do you know where i could remove ‘posted on’ for that sections

Hi muggz, please send us a mail through the email form on our profile page and we will try to point you in the right direction. :)

Hi ThemeCanon. My company purchased a Selfy license and we are in the middle of building our site.

I love the theme and especially love the homepage. Is there a simple way to use the homepage layout for my employee’s bio pages? I would like to use the masthead concept on internal pages. Unfortunately, so far as I can tell, that is only allowed on the homepage.

Hi, you are right the homepage layout can only be used on the homepage :)

Is there any way to turn off the slider on all the pages?

how do I embed videos? I read the documentation, but I don’t see it.

Hi, items bought through Blogger Bundle is not subject to support. Please consider updating to a regular license to get access to support and updates. :)

Hi, I am considering selfy for my personal blog but need some modifications. I hope you can at least guide me in right direction. First I’d like to change the typography, make font size just a ‘little’ bigger and also change typefaces. I’d prefer a serif font in post body and sans for headings. Next thing, can you make the ‘single post’ page a single column without sidebar ? I think I can remove the sidebar in admin panel but that would look awkward, I want post body to be centered and about 100~120 characters wide only. I am not going to use featured image a lot.

Hi Gufran, we build themes but customizations/modifications are not part of our service. We recommend you contact a freelancer if you need help in this area. Usually we don’t mind pointing out how or even helping out with small changes – but the changes you have in mind are too big for the intended scope of our support :)

hi there, !’ve not bought the theme yet maybe close to to place money on it. In these days I checking your theme going trough your demo and the sites of the buyers….

just few questions… - mobile version (view): ok for a vertical view of your demo but the horizontal one crop the picture and the text is not visible …. why? - the Woocommerce shop, is it allready included in the theme package or need I buy it separatelly? - in some buyer’s site….. i found a fine method to show their portfolio trough their categories…


I’ don’t see this in the demo version.

is this included in the theme or is just a additional pluging?


.... another point; sorry but I see differences and need to know whay…..

in this link pictures point to a post or page, and it makes sense….

your link: it’s no like the link before and i can’t understand the sense of that gallery.


For each gallery you have the option to either link to posts or to open up images in a lightbox. In our preview we have the lightbox option turned on – you can easily change this to link to posts as in the example site you are linking to. This system gives great flexibility – some people want galleries to display images (in lightbox) and other people want to use galleries as portfolios to display their work and have users click through to posts with more detailed information. :)

Oh, overlooked your other questions – here you go: 1) Yes all posts (with featured images) within a category that you assign to your gallery will be displayed. If you only want a subset of those posts displayed you will have to create a new category and add to the posts you want displayed. 2) Native WP gallery works fully in post/page content 3) We offer no guarantees regarding 3rd party plugins, also all support regarding 3rd party plugins must be directed at the plugin authors. :)

Hey – Are you aware of an issue with the blog when you install NextGen Gallery? Sure its somthing really simple: Error message is:

Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object in /home/lamcreat/public_html/wp-includes/query.php

You know of a simple solution?



Hi, we don’t use the get() function anywhere in our themes so this error is introduced by your plugin. You should contact the plugin authors. :)

NextGen Gallery is probably the largest Gallery plugin out there with tens of millions of downloads. I don’t think they are going amend their code to accommodate for errors it has caused on one theme. Ill figure it out. I just thought this may have come up before is all, and you would have a very simple solution.

You are assuming that their plugin only conflicts with our theme – which is quite a big assumption. As other theme developers we are often contacted by plugin authors to work together on solving conflicts which is unfortunately one of the most common issues on the WordPress platform and any open source platform in general.

Hi ThemeCannon nice Theme I’m loving it. So some Pre- questions Most Important : -Is it possible to “filter”, to split, to divide in some ways the post categories? I’m almost sure to need 2 pages setted as ‘blog’ but only one would be a real blog, the second just update to a Single matter. SO I wouldn’t to have all the articles in Both the blog ‘pages’ , just separated in proper one.

Less important: -Also what about the colors, the 3-4 sets apart, is there any way to change All the colors globally/like your sets (sephia-girly-default etc etc) without having to get crazy with the css?

Thanks for reply


Hi, sure you can have “multiple blogs”. The standard blog has 3 different layouts (full width, full width neat and sidebar) and will always show all posts from all categories (although you can hide individual posts from blogroll if you need). You can also display category pages which look exactly like the blog but only display posts from a certain category. So you can make a category like “My Single Topic” and add this to specific posts and have a specific blogroll for this category. You can choose from the 3 same layout types as the blog for your category pages: and the layout doesn’t have to be the same as your main blog. You can have as many of these category pages (alternative blogrolls) as you want.

For colours we have more than 18 different colour settings each which you can change to fit your exact need: :)

Hi. Before I buy this beautiful themee… Is it possible to change the title (at the top to the left: “Selfy”) with a JPG-Logo?

Thanks for reply and regards Roland

Hi, yes you add any logo image to the header: The logo doesn’t have to be a specific size as you can simply resize the header to fit your specific logo. You also have the option to compress/resize your logo (to make it HD friendly) and to position logo and menu as you like :)


I’d like to know where to edit the behaviour of the flexslider, can’t find the options. Thank you

Hi, flexsliders are controlled from options in the Selfy settings > Appearance section :)

Oh, must have been blind. :) Thank you! This leads to another question: These settings are general, is there a way to make it individual in post&pages?

The flexslider options control all flexsliders throughout the site. You will have to customize the code if you need to set individual flexsliders differently :)

Hi, wondering if you could help me.. I’m having a problem with the masthead on the homepage slider. With the images I want to use, it is difficult to read the text. Is it in any way possible to add a background colour to the text, (like I have done with the menu webpage: ), so it will be easier to read?

I tried changing this in the .css: } #masthead{ background: #a4aeb0!important; /* Home Page Masthead Background Color – Match to image/


} #masthead{ background: #a4aeb0!important; / Home Page Masthead Background Color – fe8512*/

But that didnt seem to work, with !importnat aswell.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You need a “purchased” label to be eligible for support :) I have also responded to your support mail.

Hi there, the text in the slider gets cut off if you resize the window, the call to action gets hidden too.

Is the slider text not fully responsive? I tried in Chrome and Safari on Mac

Hi Muggz, The slides will take up the entire viewport, and as the text/content is within the slide anything outside of the view port will be hidden. This is not ideal, however it is the only option for achieving the full screen slider with content inside each slide. We suggest you cater your content around this fact or I can help you to decrease the size of your content in order to fit more on screen on smaller screens.

Just to be clear…I bookmarked the Selfy theme a while ago for a future purchase. But when I saw the Envato bundle, I thought it was a no-brainer and purchased it…and then realized no support or updates for your theme are included.

Does this mean in order to get support that I need I muse purchase Selfy on its own?

Meaning I’m now paying ANOTHER $40 on top of the bundle price; (because nothing else in the bundle really appealed to me.) Is that the way this works?


Hi, yes that’s the way it works. The terms was clearly stated on the bundle items page when you bought the bundle so I think you are going to have a hard time convincing Envato otherwise.

Ok thanks. But I mentioned nothing about trying to “convince” anyone of anything, though..

UKGal and others,

I too bought the Blogger Bundle for the Selfy Theme. I had no idea that updates and support were not included until after I bought and couldn’t find the files in my download section.

I went back to the Blogger bundle page and in fact the terms weren’t clear at all on the main sales page (I took a screenshot too). When I clicked through and landed on the standard Envato page I clicked purchase without reading anything else.

However, I wrote a polite email to Envato support explaining the issue and they kindly refunded my money.

After this experience, I won’t even consider buying another bundle from Envato.

This is not ThemeCanon’s fault though. They didn’t make the rules. As soon as I get past this busy time of year for work, I will be buying the Selfy WP theme for my personal blog.

Get your money back from Envato, come back and buy the theme proper. Looks like a great theme and ThemeCanon’s service also looks great.

Cheers! :D

Thanks Daniel, we appreciate your understanding and your post to others about to Envato’s bundle terms and rules.

Hey! I’ve tried to understand how to change the speed of the slider. I’ve located the Superslides.js-section in scripts.js, but I am such a n00b and don’t understand how to change it. Logically, I understand it, I need to write in milliseconds, but where? And how? I’m not a programmer so please be as exact as you can be.

The theme is awesome btw! Thanks for any feedback.



// Superslides.js         
       var canonAnimSlider = (extData.canonOptionsAppearance['anim_slider'] == 'checked') ? true : false;
           play: canonAnimSlider,
           slide_easing: 'easeInOutCubic',
           hashchange: true,
           scrollable: true,
           delay: parseInt(extData.canonOptionsAppearance['anim_slider_delay']),
           slide_speed: parseInt(extData.canonOptionsAppearance['anim_slider_anim_duration']),
           pagination: true

Hi, there is actually an option for this in the Selfy settings. Go to Selfy settings > Appearance > Animation: Homepage slider. Here you can change the milliseconds etc. Glad you like our theme! :)

Gah! How could I miss it! Superthx. =)

Hello very nice theme indeed. Pls let me know if the slider height can be reduced and also is there a documentation that provides all the short codes and tips and etc. Thanks

Hi, the slider height is designed to fill the entire viewport, this can be over written to a specific height. All styles can be found on the styles page, html snippets rather than shortcodes:

Stunning and beautiful theme! One question though, is it possible under the gallery templates, to have “projects” vs individual images? So each image under the gallery for example, would be a link to a specific project’s page which could contain project description, images, links, etc?

I am guessing you can just make a page that has images that link to a gallery, but I am curious if there is anything built in for this to make managing it more seamless?


Hi, yes we have that option to link through to the post or to display in a light box. It’s simple setting on each gallery page.

Hi – I have purchased this theme and was wondering what the name of the font was that is being used. Also, if we want to change it is there an option within the theme? I can’t seem to find it.

Thanks! :)

Hi, we use a couple of different fonts around the site. One is called “robotoregular”. There is no option to change the fonts from backend – if you want to use different fonts you will have to edit the css :)

Perfect, thank you so much! Will be buying the theme soon directly from this page, didn’t realize you couldn’t get updates and full support with the Blogger bundle. It rocks! If you want to see what I did with it check out – thanks again! :)

Thanks for the kind words! And thank you for your support. Great looking site already :)