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Loving the theme so far. Two questions:

I can’t get the tweets to show up in the footer using the Selfy design. It only shows up in the Twitter widget format.

Despite me setting the homepage to show latest posts, I cannot get it to show my blog posts.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Hi, first you should make sure you have the latest version of Selfy. Twitter made some changes recently that meant we also had to make some changes to how our Twitter tweets work. If you are still having trouble please send us a mail through the email form on our profile page containing your url and a login to your wp-admin so we can have a closer look :)

Hi, do you heave mayby PSD files on this theme ?

HI, the PSD is included in the download package

Great site I really like it.

I got this with a bundle and I’m having problems with the gallery, Where do I post the images? Do I add media on the page its self? or do I need to do it in post ?

I had a read of the instructions, whihc it tells you how to do everything apart from where to add the images to make them show up in the gallery ( and I dont mean in media )

any help with these would be greay

thanks Chris

Hi Chris, We have updated the documentation since then, however you can find a how to on our Support FAQ page:

hi. i have a problem, to set up a gallery with selfy. instead of my gallery only a html code appears. e.g.: [gallery ids=”260,263,264,262,258,261”] can you give an advice? thx.

no idea, whats wrong??

Have you purchased this theme? We only provide support to Theme Forest customers sorry.

List of changes in the latest update?

Just an update to documentation and admin panel css to cater for WP 3.8.

Hello, love the theme. But could you give me some guidance with the .psd’s ? What is the best way to put my own screenshots in or over the blue layer? Sorry, bit of a noob with this ;-)

Sorry, this was meant for the Kodax theme.

Hi there,wondering why in your live preview slider the image resolution looks great. My images look great in my builder but when I get them in the slider the resolution is terrible. Is there a setting? Or what can I do to make this work? Thanks.

Hi, I have also answered your support mail. Probably you need to use larger images (we suggest at least 1920×1080px). If this does not solve your problem please write us a mail. :)


I’m very interested on purchasing the theme. It looks great!

However, I’d love to know if it supports multilingual plugins. I’d like to have the same site displayed in several languages.

Additionally, would a plugin like Language Bar Flags ( work with the theme?


Hi, we haven’t tested Selfy with any multilingual plugins – however one of our other themes – Kodax which is similar in structure has been made multilingual using the plugins Multisite Language Switcher and/or Multilingual Press set up as a multisite. :)

Using Wordpress 3.8 with a fresh install there seems to be a problem with the responisve menu. It does not show the responsive menu – only the normal menu buttons. Any ideas?

Sorry – that was my fault. I didn’t setup the correct menu position.

I need support to make this theme working. Can you please leave a link where I can contact them?

You can either contact us here or use our contact Author form on our profile page.

Hi I love your theme yet have a few questions and will post them one at a time.

How do I put images into posts? I understand there is a featured image but how do I put it inside the post?

Featured images are inserted by using the standard Featured Image widget on all wordpress post. Any other images are inserted by using the Add Media button above the WYSIWYG editor.

Great theme, I’m loving it so far. Almost have my site completely setup ( ) but have a few issues.

1. When viewing site on mobile device (iphone) there’s no padding below the text logo and the menu box. How do I fix this? Your demo has the padding.

2. When adding my own images to the statistics, the png’s are getting the white border that all images get. Is there a way to disable this for this once section? Also as you’ll see on my site I’m putting text in this area and it doesn’t format perfectly for mobile. How can I correct this?

Hi, Please add the following to your Final Call CSS field in Selfy Appearence to fix the menu issue.

The second style is for the statistics image. In our tests there should not be a border around these images anyway, however if your having this issue include the second style to force no border.

@media only screen and (max-width: 480px) {
        padding-bottom: 20px;

.main-content .statistics img{
   border: none!important;


Thanks, that fixed both issues. Great theme, loving it.

Loving the theme, loving the great support, too :) One more question, I made a category for quotes, and a dedicated page for them, but I want people to have the ability to comment on the quotes and also share them. The quotes’ blogroll doesn’t have an option to “read more” or open the post itself. Is there a way around that? Thanks :)

Hi, you will have to customize the code to achieve this. Please send us a mail through the email form on our profile page and we will try to point you in the right direction. Remember to include URL and which blog layout you are using :)

Hi there.. Is it possible to show the full content of a post in the blogroll? I want it to show the maps and photos that you can see if you click read more ( but I want them to be shown in the blogroll

If you only want full content for some posts you could simply copy/paste all your content into the “excerpt” box in the Selfy Post Settings. If you want to replace excerpts with full content permanently this can be achieved by changing the code – send us a mail through the email form on our profile page and we can point you in the right direction to achieve this. Please include URL and which blog layout you are using. :)

Hi, the blog summary seems to remove all formatting, although the formatting works when the individual post is viewed. How can the formatting the retained in the summary view?

Hope this makes sense as I cannot attach screen shots.

Thank you!

I am probably having a blond moment but I cannot find it. Where is it located?

The Selfy Post Settings are located at Posts > All posts > Your post – under the editor window you should see a coloured box titled Selfy Post Settings if you don’t try and go toScreen Options (top right hand corner) and make sure Selfy Post Settings is checked :)

How about compatibility with Wordpress 3.8?

Yes, Selfy is compatible with Wordpress 3.8

I am trying different shopping cart plugins (woocommerce etc.) with the selfy theme and find that they ‘break’ e.g. the supposed product/checkout pages are blank or displayed incorrectly.

Is this something Selfy does? And if so, how can I overcome it?

Hi, Selfy is compatible with WooCommerce as of November 5, 2013. If you have the updated version of Selfy, the checkout page should look like this:

If your theme is up to date, can you elaborate on what you mean by “break”? Email us your URL ;)

Hello, I bought the Theme and when I was trying to install it I got the following message: “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

Hi, you should have a look at the FAQ located under the Support tab at the top of this page :)

Hey thinking of purchasing your theme, but before I do does it support multiple galleries?

I need three or four different galleries?

thanks mjon

Hi mjon, yes Selfy does support multiple galleries. It has 3 different gallery styes to choose from and a master Galleries template that can showcase all chosen galleries.

I just bought Envato package and get this theme.

I try to add portfolio with this behance feed plugin to Homepage text field ( I get it to work inside blog posts but in homepage it shows only [behance] shortcode tag. Can I use other than selfy shortcodes on homepage? Do you know where is the problem?

Hi, items bought through the Blogger Bundle are not subject to support or future updates as stated on the Blogger Bundle items page.