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Hi. Like the user wonderist I’ve a problem with the menu showing on the homepage. If I don’t assign the menu and let it add everything on it’s own, background colours and everything else works fine. When I assign the menu, the link background-colour of the menu is not shown…

What’s wrong? I am using Wordpress 3.8 and your latest Selfie-Release.

Hi Kaimling, can you please email your URL and login details, thanks.

Is it possible to make a sticky header when you scroll?

No, there is not an option to have a sticky header when you scroll. You will have to customize the theme for that to work :)

I just wanted to say two things: 1) beautiful looking, slick theme 2) great, prompt after sales support

Thank you!

Thanks Vedran, awesome feedback ;)

The theme is easy to work with and I needed some very specific support and the ThemeCanon team got me squared away very quickly. Extremely happy with the product and the support.

Thanks, much appreciated feedback

Hello! Just purchased the theme and beginning the setup. Love the appearence so far, but running into some simple structural issues that I can’t seem to find native solutions for.

1. Is there a way to set the blog roll to show entire posts instead of just excerpts? I saw on an earlier question you said, that manually changing code would be required. Since this is such a standard feature in other themes, I can’t imagine this would require coding. If so, any plays to change this in updates?

2. Any images embedded into my posts are double posted, as if it’s set as a featured image in addition to embedded into the body of the post. I checked for this and there is no featured image set. What is causing this?

Thank you!


1) We will definitely consider adding this as a feature to the theme, but it is not yet in the pipeline. If you need to add this feature soon please send us a mail through the email form on our profile page and we will point you in the right direction. Please include which blog layout you are using and preferably a URL.

2) All images that you attach to a post will get put in the Post slider. You can manually deselect which images you want to hide from the post slider in the Post settings box. Also you can include images in your posts but not attach them specifically to that post by first uploading your images to the media library and then insert them in your posts from the media library instead of uploading them directly to each post :)

Using an static image for the masthead. We want to use a fixed size image that is about 1100 pixels wide and centered on the page.

Is there a way to prevent the “backstretch” div from expanding out to 100% width of the browser? Perhaps some css we could add?


Hi David, Ultimatley your better off disbaling backstretch.js, but if you wish to do it through CSS you could try something like the following:

.backstretch img{
    width: 1100px!important;
    height: 700px!important;
    left: 50%!important;
    margin-left: -550px!important;
    top: 50%!important;
    matgin-top: -350px!important;

You are essentially trying to override JS and inline styles with this, No guarantee that it won’t cause cross browser issues.

Oh we would be up for disabling backstrech.js, is there a setting in the theme that I’m not seeing or how could we do that via ftp/theme edits?


Hi, please send us a mail through the email form on our profile page and we will walk you through how to disable backstretch :)

I just realized this is the WordPress version of Kodax so I guess the comment I made there applies here. Is there a sticky/fixed head option? I’ve just seen someone has already asked that. Maybe its an option you would consider adding as its so popular? ;-)

Thanks for your suggestion – we will definitely take it into consideration as you are not the only one who has asked about this :)

I just wanted to take the time to login again and reiterate how amazing the ThemeCanon support is. I have needed custom help with plugins that were not supported and they have very generously helped me with everything. Ten star theme, ten star service. I will definitely be purchasing more ThemeCanon products in the future.

thank you, always approciate great feedback.

Love the theme!

Quick question – can’t get the Selfy Twitter widget to show anything and I don’t see where the settings are for the Selfy widget. Do I just put the username in the body of the widget?

Hi rdallen21, In the Twitter widget please look to “Generate you own widget code here:”


Hi there,

I’m translating the theme into Portuguese. In which file do I translate “Posted on” and “Read more” for the main blog page? I was able to translate “Posted on” for the individual posts.


all static text should be translated through the selfy/lang/default.po file using a translation tool such as POEdit (free):

More info on how to translate WordPress themes can be found here: :)

Thanks for the tip, it worked marvelously.

Hi, first of all, the theme is just great!, Ive using it for a couple of weeks now, and is beatiful, and work perfect. I just have one question, is there a way to make the images on the top of the posts (the galleries) function in a lightbox way?, I mean, when you click on it to open in a fancy way and not go to the image file?

again, thanks :)

Wow, that was fast!, first of al thank you for the quick reply, and second, I was refering when the top images are a gallery (sorry for not explaining that earlier) i.e. (the website is in spanish)

again. thank you :)

Hi, when you have a post slider (gallery) at the top of your pages your images will also open up in a lightbox as you can see from our preview site: . You must have some customization in place or maybe a plugin that prevents this. :)

You were right :) it was the “photon” option that came with the jetpack plugin :)

How do I change my page titles to not have my site title before the page title I create? you will see on all pages after the homepage that it does that. Thanks.

Nevermind, got it…. It was my plugin. Thx


How can I remove the footer widget area?



Hi, In Selfy General Settings, untick the “Show widgetized footer” checkbox. ;)

Your theme is very nice and looks promising for my needs. I like to have a design, that does not require any external ressources like fonts (, images or social plugins (out of privacy reasons).

Selfy seems to fulfil those requirements by providing the fonts directly out of a “font” subfolder. Only the social buttons in the footer seem to trigger an external request, but that would be easy to change for me.

Do i miss anything or am i correct? Thanks alot :)

Hi Tarisg, yes you are correct.

Hey guys,

I’m trying to remove ‘posted on’ in blog-full-width-neat

Any ideas?


Look In the theme folder / inc / templates / template_blog_neat.php

How do I get the theme to look 100% like the demo, with the same main picture on the home page?

Got it, thanks!

How do I insert an image without any effects around it. I put an image but it has a border and a different color background? I just want the image like it looks in photoshop.

In your Final Call CSS, add the following:

.main img{ border: none!important; background: transparent!important; }


Great theme, thank you so much! I was just messing around with the colours and sets and i wanted to return to your set of Sepia but now the background is white (also with the default set). No matter what i do, i cannot return to the default coloursets. Can you give me codes you use for the background color for both default and sepia?

Thank you so much!

Hi djzwartveld, email us through our contact author form and I can send you the sepia values ;)


i use the plugin “Embed Plus” for youtube videos. Do you know a way to use this plug in the videopost?

Thx for the answer. Is this option only for a gallery, or is it for a blog post too?

Sorry if i ask again, but is it with a blog posting possiblie, too?

answered via email :)

Hi guys, absolutely love the theme but am having a few problems configuring the blog section of my site. The permalink for all of my posts connects back to my “about” page, and I am unsure how to change this. When you click on any of the posts under the blog section of the website, it brings you to my “about” page which is not what I want to happen. Any way that I can fix this?

Hi Please email us your URL and site details from the contact author form on our profile page.