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Hello I purchased the theme about 4 months ago to use as an online portfolio. I am wanting to create a page that features a number of projects. I want a page that has a number of galleries on them, where users are able to click the feature images(the projects) to open up more images. I am having a lot of trouble uploading multiple galleries, or even a single gallery. I constantly get things like this on my webpage [gallery link=”file” ids=”38,39,42,43,41,40,44,45”]

If you could give me a step by step on how to achieve this, that would be great as this theme is exactly what I am looking for in terms of colour scheme and layout. Thank you

yep, I got it working thank you :)

Thank you for that! That was very helpful :)

I have another enquiry… I am wanting to build an online portfolio in the portfolio page on my website. I came across this awesome website when I was looking through the comments. It was built using the Selfy Theme.

I want something similar to this but don’t know If I’d have to download a plugin or not to achieve this grid (window, tile) system.

Here is my website If it helps you in anyway.

thank you for your help! :)

Hi, the portfolio featured on is made with the Selfy theme. In short you create a page using the Gallery page template (notice: not the Galleries page template), set the Gallery style to “Full Width” and “Clicking Image” to “Opens Post” – then include the categories of the posts you want to display in your portfolio. Hope this helps. If you need more help – feel free to send us an email through the email form on our profile page – that is where we prefer to do support :)

Hi there

I got the theme as part of the ThemeForest bundle a while back and I’ll be buying shortly. In the CSS file of the copy I have it says version 1.0, so would that be the same as 09 July 2013 release? It’s difficult to tell as there are no version numbers in the changelog on the main item page


Hi TeeDev, the release for the bundle would coincide with the “October 11, 2013” change log.

Hello. Like a couple of other users, I seem to having trouble with the menu. If I don’t assign the menu, the background colors and everything else works fine. When I assign the menu (which I need to in order to reorder the tabs), the link background color of the menu disappears. Thanks!

Just as a follow up, is it possible to make just the active link menu item (the page you are on) have a background color like it is on the live preview? I have tried the options in the “Color Settings” in the Appearance Settings but haven’t found one that applies yet. Thank you in advance.

Hi Ryan, I am not sure I follow, as the active link in the menu already has a background color that can be customised from the appearence panel under button color.

I see now that it had applied to all the internal pages except one, the one I was testing – our About page. When we were on that page, the background color did not appear behind the About menu item. But it did for all the other pages. I see now that the menu item was from an old version of that page that was in the trash. Once I replaced the correct version of the page in the menu, it now works. Thank you for the replies!

Hi – I’ve been using your theme for a while now but would like to reduce the size of the slider on the homepage.

Can you help with this please?

Excellent, thanks!

Nope, nothing’s changed?

My bad – sorry! All sorted, thanks again :)

I’ve been using this theme for a couple months, and recently certain text portions aren’t loading in Chrome.

The homepage masthead text and parts of other pages. Seems to work fine in firefox. Any ideas?

 photo Untitled-1.jpg

 photo Untitled-2.jpg

Isolated each plugin. No effect. Deactivated all plugins. Still no effect.

Hi, please write us a mail through the email form on our profile page. Please let us know if you have made any customizations to the theme code and also let us know if you are on any kind of special hosting service.:)

Just a quick follow-up to this question if other users are experiencing the same: After some research we discovered that this issue is caused by a known bug in Chrome/Safari with rendering of @font-face fonts on some server setups. We have worked out a very easy fix for this so if others are experiencing this same issue don’t hesitate to contact us (using the email form on our profile page) and we can walk you through the fix. Depending on how many users are affected by this bug we will consider adding the fix permanently to a future update. :)

Hi, I got this template with a bundle and I’m having problems with the gallery. I’ve already setup full-page gallery, make some categories and assigned gallery posts. All is showing fine, however when going between categories and than click on “Show all” than all thumbnails is disappearing. No image are shown. The same if reload page and click at first time on “Show all” all images gone.

Could you please advice ?

Hi, this bug was fixed some time back. Re-download the updated version for the fix, cheers.

Not often I find a theme that stands out enough for me to want to use it for my own portfolio. Personally as I’m the most photogenic I changed the homepage to a custom page here

Thanks for the theme, Dean

thanks Dean, always good to see how people utilize our themes. cheers.

Is it possible to include the social links somewhere in the header. Either above or below the menu?

This would involve some customization of the theme. We have seen other users of Selfy do this.

Pre Sales Question: I got this theme as part of the bundle awhile ago and it appears there is no support offered for that. So now before I buy it again, as of WP 3.9 The selfy styles is missing from the post editor. Has this been fixed?

yes this has been fixed for WP 3.9

Great Theme. I wanted to install it new with the demo content. But the files were not included. Robert

Hi Robert, just double check the download package “” and it does in fact contain the file. Can you please try your download again from the downloads tab of Theme Forest.

Hi, i tried both downloads. All Files and only installable Wordpess. Both Zip Files have the same size 1,66 MB. Robert

Hi, your are right. There has been a mix up with Theme Forest using the theme only file as the main package. I have submitted an update just waiting for TF to accept.

Hi, i have a problem with the category Blog Style: i choose a blog layout to use for my category page TIPPS and images are not showing. Thumbnails are set. What that cause the error? Take a look at: Robert

Just to let you know, that i solved the Problem. It was caused by a Plugin calles WP CleanFix.

thanks for the update

Hi, i like your theme and your fast support. i am going to rate with 5 Stars. Two last things:

As i am testing your theme for my Site i saw an Error, when using the Search Box. Call to undefined function lcfirst() in …../themes/selfy/inc/functions/functions_custom.php on line 115

Second: Could you please include Pinterest as a spcial link with your next update. Thanx Robert

Hi, glad you enjoy our theme :) The lcfirst() error happens if your server is running an old version of PHP. The lcfirst() function was added to PHP more than 4 years ago. You should contact the people responsible for your server setup and kindly ask them to upgrade PHP. Thank you for Pinterest suggestion – the more people who ask for certain additions the more likely it is to move up our todo lists :)

Great. This was it. Thanx a lot. Robert

Hi Thank you for the great theme. I bought the full version after having it in one of envato’s bundles… After deinstalling the version out of the bundle and installing the full version, I used the Setting-Import-Data. Now there ist a Fatal-Error-Message when I want to enter the General Settings… Fatal error: Call to undefined function array_replace() in /.../wp-content/themes/selfy/inc/options/options_general.php on line 49 How can I fix that?

Hi, glad to hear it! :) Seems you have the same problem as above! A lot of servers have been running the same old PHP for a lot of years. The lcfirst() and array_replace() functions were introduced in PHP 5.3 which is now more than 4 years old. You should contact the people responsible for your server and kindly ask them to upgrade. :)


I am amazed to see that a theme called ‘Selfy’ does not have a good Author box. Any idea when that is coming to the theme?

Hi, that is a good point. We will definitely take it under consideration. I can’t offer you any set date for this but the more people who request a certain function the more likely it is to move up our todo lists :)


Have you thought about splitting up the blog and portfolio. Giving the portfolio a separate taxonomy. The reason I ask is that when posting a portfolio I don’t want it to fed out to RSS however I do with the blog post. Also it makes customisation that much easier. I have customised the portfolio page on my site to only pop into lightbox rather than link to post here-

Thanks for the great theme!

What is the area on the posts at the bottom between the arrows?

< >

What goes there?

can you share a URL?

do you only have 1 post in the blog, if so then there will be no next or previous.

yes, ok makes sense, but best code would be to only display something if its going to be used, not everyone has more than 1 post for a personal web blog :D thanks!

yes, ok makes sense, but best code would be to only display something if its going to be used, not everyone has more than 1 post for a personal web blog :D thanks!

Hello there – I had emailed you to ask if it was possible to align text on the home page gallery closer to the header. You emailed back and said “yes it is possible,” so I purchsed the theme today. However, you did not provide any tip or how-to make the change. So I am asking here on this forum. Please advise where the edit is to bring the text (i.e. “You Idiots”) closer to the line that separates the header and body, allowing more room for text. Thanks in advance.

What file is this in?

I edited the superslides.css with no luck. Thanks.

As mentioned above, please put the code snippet into the “Final Call CSS” field in the appearance tab. This is used to override any theme CSS.

I made a homepage using Selfy last year. it worked perfectly. but now it has some problem at displaying menu with IE9. Chrome browser can perfectly shows menu but IE9 can’t. What is the cause of this problem? My site address is

Hi, we have tested both your site and our theme in IE and can not recreate the problem you have shown. What is the specific version of IE your using?

This is my IE9 version

Hi, I have tested again and still can not recreate this issue, and no one else has reported an IE9 issue also. Does this happen on our preview site also? or just your website?

I want to update the social link icons. I found a newer version of the font you are using Socialico. The new version is Socialico plus. I created web font versions of this font, got the code and added to the @fontfamily in the theme .css. I also change the .ul for social links in the footer section of the theme .css to reference the socialico_plusregular style. But the all the new icons don’t show up in the select list in the General Settings menu. Thoughts.

I added this: @font-face { font-family: ‘socialico_plusregular’; src: url(‘socialico_plus-webfont.eot’); src: url(‘socialico_plus-webfont.eot?#iefix’) format(‘embedded-opentype’), url(‘socialico_plus-webfont.woff’) format(‘woff’), url(‘socialico_plus-webfont.ttf’) format(‘truetype’), url(‘socialico_plus-webfont.svg#socialico_plusregular’) format(‘svg’); font-weight: normal; font-style: normal;

Changed this: } .tweet:before, aside .tweet .meta:before, .tweets blockquote:before, .foot-widgets ul li.tweet:before{ content: “L”; font-family: ‘socialico_plusregular’; color: #cad2d7; position: absolute; left: 0; top: 10px; font-size: 70px;

Changed this: } a{ font-family: ‘socialico_plusregular’; font-size: 44px; -webkit-transition: all 250ms ease-in-out; -moz-transition: all 250ms ease-in-out; -ms-transition: all 250ms ease-in-out; -o-transition: all 250ms ease-in-out; transition: all 250ms ease-in-out; opacity: .35; }

I also uploaded all the fonts into the folder with the the original fonts.

What am I missing?



P.S. I love this theme!

Sounds like you need to also update the backend.css file also, this is found in the CSS folder.


no probs